Deep State Drugging Trump Ahead of Coup, Sources Say

Deep state operatives are putting sedatives in President Trump’s food and drink to make him more pliable and disoriented, according to multiple White House sources.

Insiders close to Trump noticed his slurred speech and sleepiness over the past several months, which are strikingly similar to changes observed in former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, both of whom were sedated.

Prior to the presidency, Trump was known for his energetic 18+ hour days in the high-stress world of real estate development – and his reportedly sudden shifts in behavior mesh perfectly – too perfectly – with the establishment media’s prediction that the president would soon suffer cognitive issues.

“The president does not drink, the president most certainly does not do drugs. The president is a sharp as a tack,” according to Trump insider Roger Stone, who talked to his own sources in addition to the sources who spoke to Infowars. “…I have now heard, not from one but two different sources, that he seemed disoriented and was slurring his speech in conversations.”

“To me this is a tip-off that he may be medicated. Is [Chief of Staff] Gen. Kelly above this? No.”

Consequently, Kelly pressured Trump’s decades-long bodyguard, Keith Schiller, to resign from the White House, a troubling development given Schiller’s personal dedication to the president’s well-being.

“With a loyalist like Schiller no longer standing next to the president, incapacitating him would be relatively easy,” Stone pointed out.

For the past several months, the mainstream media has been pushing a narrative that Trump should face impeachment over “mental instability,” a media angle that was discussed in private meetings amongst anti-Trump reporters.

Similarly, the American Psychoanalytic Association is trying to do away with the long-standing Goldwater rule which stops psychologists from “diagnosing” public figures they have not examined in person, as Infowars reported on July 26.

“We don’t want to prohibit our members from using their knowledge responsibly… since Trump’s behavior is so different from anything we’ve seen before,” said Dr. Prudence Gourguechon, a psychiatrist in Chicago.

And in August, Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that would force the President to submit to a psychological evaluation.


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  1. This is such a shame…they’ll stop at nothing to get at this President. He is the People’s choice and the libs don’t want that…They want to rule the public and turn them in to
    “puppets” so that they can manipulate them at will…..Wake up Americans….Trump is the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY. STAND BY HIM AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…

  2. Lol! President Trump is NOT a robot! With his schedule, ANYONE that could keep it, would appear “sleepy & tired”!!! I’m so sick & tired of people looking for reasons to criticize OUR President!!! He’s OUR GODSEND! He deserves to rest, play golf, sleep, etc! The ONLY thing obama did was “play golf” & he wasn’t a very good one. either! IF OUR President needs rest, let him have it! GEEZ!!!

  3. I find it troubling Gen. Kelly would force a bodyguard who has President Trump’s wellbeing in mind to resign and that President Trump would allow that, but I do not know all the details. We need to hold him up in prayer.

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