Deep State Coup Underway! Lawmakers Discussed Trump’s ‘Mental Health’ With Psychiatrist

Lawmakers have called in a psychiatrist to discuss president Donald Trump’s “mental health.” The psychiatry professor at Yale, who believes President Trump’s mental health is a mounting emergency, made her case to more than a dozen members of Congress last month.

This appears to be “Plan B” right out of the deep state’s playbook. Yesterday, SHTFPlan reported on an interview with Roger Stone, in which Stone details the lengths the deep state will go to in order to oust Trump.

But the deep state’s Plan B is to invoke the 25th Amendment.

“So we’ll see an uptick in all of this ‘Trump is mentally imbalanced, Trump is insane, Trump must be removed,’” Stone warned. “Now you have to examine the extent to which they can whip up that hysteria as a backdrop because, without that hysteria, such a political move on the president will fail.” And once Plan B fails, the globalists will move on to Plan C, which is simply an assassination. -SHTFPlan.

According to Axios, one Republican Senator was present at the meetings, along with a dozen or so Democrats. Dr. Bandy X. Lee, said Trump is “going to unravel,” and that “the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.” Politicoreports that Lee has been invited to speak again at Rep. Rose DeLauro’s house later this month with other lawmakers. These meetings lasted over 16 and took place over the course of two days back in December.

The Deep State’s “Plan A,” Stone said, is the imploding “investigation” into alleged “Russian collusion” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If and when that fails, which Stone suggested was likely, the establishment would move to “Plan B.” In essence, that plot would involve trying to get a majority of Trump’s cabinet to declare him unfit for office. This would allow Trump to be removed under the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment — another scheme Stone said would probably flop. Last but not least, though, if all else fails, Stone warned of “Plan C”: Killing the president.   –The New American

It certainly looks like we are being told exactly what’s going to take place, and it’s unfolding before our very eyes. According to AOL, Lee’s remarks were clear. “From a medical perspective, when we see someone unraveling like this, it’s an emergency,” Lee said. “We’ve never come so close in my career to this level of catastrophic violence that could be the end of humankind.” While Lee made it clear that psychiatrists are prohibited from diagnosing from afar, she pointed out that President Trump’s pattern of behavior was a worrying sign.

Plan B could very well be in full swing as another example of manufactured outrage made headlines. Take into account yesterday’s article by SHTFPlan in which Green Day’sBilly Joe demands the 25th amendment “be enforced.”

The latest example comes in the form of an Instagram rant in which Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong had a mini meltdown over the presidents latest tweet about North Korea, eventually going on to attack his own fans who support the president while joining with the deep state echo chamber in calling for the use of the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

“This isn’t funny. This is our president acting like a madman drunk on power THREATENING to kill innocent starving people by way of nuclear war. The 25th amendment needs to be enforced. This man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care if your liberal or conservative.. this has to stop . Please share #impeachtrump.” -SHTFPlan

For the deep state’s plan B to work, a hysteria must be whipped up to convince the easily manipulated that their very lives are in danger. And as we can plainly see, that’s exactly what’s happening. However, when Plan B fails, the deep state’s Plan C is to assassinate the president.


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  1. Trump,
    Analyzing months of newscasts of President Trump, it is clear that the effects of “fake media” from the left are convincing people that Trump is unsound, rather than the clear truth which is the main stream media is no longer reporting news but far left opinions and intentionally toxic democratic nonsense. The main stream media ‘could’ report on the positive effects that President Trump has created, but they won’t even report on that.
    In my humble opinion the following are clinically unstable: Schumer/Pelosi and other democrats; Mueller, Comey, Lynch, Holder, all 3 Clintons, Rice, and more; MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, The Washington Post, and Bannon.
    Examine why Trump Tweets. It gives America real insight, it bypasses the pundits, and it lets AMERICA see how intelligent a President we have. Didn’t they also call Einstein unstable?
    Evangelical Christian Minister
    Reverend Robert Basile

    Is the left desperate enough to assassinate him? That my friends will start our “Second Civil War”.

  2. No shortage of fruitcakes in the Democrat Party and ALSO plenty of them in the Republican Party. NOT ONE could do in FOUR years what President Trump has done in LESS than ONE year – yet they’re like jealous little jerks trying to pull the rug from out from under him. ALL are corrupt and ALL need to be fired.

    This booming economy [just starting] could never have been achieved by any of the 20+ fools [all candidates] yet they are STILL complaining about him. HE knows how to get things done and he’s NOT mired in party loyalty nonsense which works against the best interests of The People. Had Trump NOT had the media, the Democrats, the RINOs and the Deep State working against him imagine what he could have achieved for ALL of us – liberal, Democrat, Republican, conservative and independent alike. The two parties IS the problem. There is pretty much just ONE party – the elite who think they own us. Damned near did.

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