Trump Lawyer Raid: Bank Records, Taxes And Deals With Women Sought

In perhaps the world’s biggest case of mission creep, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has gone from Russian collusion to whether Donald Trump was shaken down allegedly paid past mistresses to keep quiet about his marital indiscretions from over a decade ago, reports ABC.

Sources told ABC News that, according to the warrant, investigators sought records related to Cohen’s interactions with adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who claims she had a one-night stand with Trump in 2006, and playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims they had a 10-month affair from 2006 to 2007. Both women said they had consensual relationships with Trump long before he was elected president. Trump has denied their accusations.

Investigators also sought records related to Cohen’s interactions with Trump campaign officials during the 2016 election cycle, according to the sources. Cohen never held an official role with the campaign, but he became deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee after the election. –ABC

The New York Times also reports that investigators were interested in records tied to the “Access Hollywood” tape in which Trump can be heard bragging to host Billy Bush in 2005 that women let men “grab them by the pussy” when you’re “a star.”

It’s a broad swath of documents and records with those categories and it means that those categories were approved by the Judge as that there is probable cause of a crime in each of those categories,” said Matt Olsen, a former prosecutor and ABC News contributor. “The thrust of it appears to be about potential campaign finance violations…but it’s surprisingly a broad request of documents.”

On Tuesday night, President Trump dined with famed law professor and pundit Alan Dershowitz, who told Slate‘s Isaac Chotiner:


I know they went after bank records, for example. Bank records could be gotten from banks. I am told they went after tax records. Tax records could be gotten from the tax authorities. –Alan Dershowitz via Slate

Perhaps most saliently put in a 13-part Tuesday Twitter thread, New Yorker staff writer Adam Davidson explains exactly why the raid on Cohen’s office is such a watershed moment in Mueller’s probe.

The upshot, is that, other than Don Jr. or Ivanka turning states’ witness against their father, Cohen is the former Trump Organization dealmaker who is most likely to provide investigators with evidence of criminality.

(Thread can be found hereknitted together below for your convenience) 


Michael Cohen is the most important non-Trump in the Trump business world.

He oversaw nearly all the foreign deals as the Trump Org shifted its focus to sketchy third-tier overseas oligarchs.

He was not part of the Trump Org legal team in any real sense. Trump Org lawyers either set up contracts for deals others had brought or they handled litigation.

Cohen did neither. He was a deal maker. The only non-Trump deal maker doing all those international deals. 

He, Ivanka, and Don, Jr., were the entire global development team at a time when the company was exploring dozens of deals all over the world. 

If he were to flip, it would be Ivanka and Don, Jr. who should be most worried.

We know, of course, that the Trump Org did business with corrupt politicians, sanctions-violators, money launderers, etc. The only open question is how much they knew about their partners’ activity.

Cohen knows how much they knew. He knows what he told them. 

He is also the most obvious link between Trump and Russia. He oversaw the deal in Georgia which was, explicitly, a first attempt at a former Soviet deal with the goal of a ring of Trump properties all over the CIS.

Cohen flew to Kazakhstan and negotiated the failed deal there with Timur Kulibayev, a close ally of Putin’s.

Cohen then worked on the Trump Moscow deal in 2015/2016.

In none of these deals was he acting like a traditional lawyer–simply advising, writing contracts, etc. He was in the country, meeting with the partners, structuring the deal, going back to NY and explaining the deal to the big boss and his kids.

Other than the President, nobody knows as much as Cohen. (And Cohen does seem to have a good memory).

It was stunning that Trump made Cohen his sole personal attorney post-election. Cohen left the Trump Org to form a firm with one client: the President.

But Cohen had never acted as a regular attorney for Trump. He had always been the fixer/deal-maker. So, the move to his new private firm seems solely designed to provide attorney-client privilege. To get his documents out of the Trump Org and into a private office.

This moment is what Trump has been terrified of and trying to avoid since long before Comey was fired and Mueller appointed.

Short of Ivanka or Don, Jr. flipping, Cohen is the key witness.

He knows way, way more than Manafort or Gates.

Also key: it’s been a rough year-plus for Cohen. He lost his place in Trump’s inner-circle, didn’t get the big ticket to the WH.

He has been loudly/vocally loyal, But, in my experience, nobody in Trump-world is truly loyal. It’s all transactional and a grand performance. (People have actually told me: I don’t care how you make Trump look, just make me look like I am defending him.)

We’d guess the probability of a Cohen-pardon is high and the likelihood of Mueller being fired has grown.

We would also guess that there are NY state charges.

Mueller, of course, knows all this and much more and referred the raid anyway.

It’s on now.


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  1. Who doesn’t know about Trump’s past escapades?!!! So if our presidents were to be held at such high standards including no infidelity then they probably would have all been impeached and thrown out of office!!! Look at what that stooge Clinton did in the oval office, was impeached but not thrown out of office!!!

    1. Everybody in this country should be alarmed at what is happening with Mueller and R osenstein; not because it is President Trump they are doing it to but because they are doing it to ANYBODY in this country.

      Stormy and any other women that the President may have been associated with are not anything to do with a a so called Russia investigation. his is obviously just a way for the swamp dwellers to try to destroy a man that the American people voted into office. Period. That should tell all of us exactly what these varmints think of the citizens of this country.

      I hope that Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller and the head of the FBI, (His name fails me) get exactly what they deserve.

      You are absolutely right. There is no such thing as a clean person in Washington. They are al tainted by the time they get there. There is no room for piety in that camp.,

      1. His name is McRay and he is just as guilty as Mueller and Rodenstein. I hope President Trump FIRES Rodenstein today.

  2. This should tell ALL attorneys that you can’t hide behind your “attorney/client” shield if you do things that are illegal. Thank goodness that Mueller found something, not related to the Russia probe, and passed it to the Feds of the Southern District of New York. Cohen, being an attorney, should have known better. The real question now is: will be “loyal” to Trump and not say anything or “fall on his sword” and spill the beans to Mueller. I hope his conscious will lead him to the correct decision; give Mueller all the information he has on Trump.

    1. I hope Mueller is arrested for violating the Constitution of the United States. Mueller is a creep and a traitor. He is not interested in anything but saving his own ass for his part in the Uranium One treachery and his part in the Ukrainian deal. Mueller is not as innocent as you think. He is only reason for going after President Trump’s lawyer is to overthrow the Government of the United States. And you think he is marvelous. He is a traitor first and always.

  3. Who cares what happened before Trump was elected President. Out taxpayer money is being spent on Mueller and his rat pack that can find nothing on Trump. The democrats are just egging him on to probably file trumped up charges on our President who, by the way, is keeping his promises to make American Great Again. The far lefts are just crazy that they lost the election.

  4. All that is involve in this BS should be fired and charged for trying to tear down our country. We elected Mr. Trump, and I don’t care who he had an affair with, it wasn’t in the Oval office, and I don’t think any one else cares either except those that want to keep the Swamp growing, instead of cleaning it. That is their money laundering bed.

  5. How does ANY OF THIS have to do with collussion with Russia?
    He got a hooker….big deal so did probably a thousand OTHER guys …the same hooker!! and it was NOT on the oval office desk as SOME former President has been known to do…no cigars were “exchanged”. MUELLER NEEDS TO GO AND IF I WERE TRUMP…I’D fire him…I’d make EVERY SINGLE BUREAUCRAT LEADERSHIP, MILITARY LEADERSHIP,INTELLIGENCE AGENCY LEADER,take a polygraph and TRULY DRAIN THIS SWAMP WITHIN THE NEXT 18 MONTHS anyone who would NOT comply would be given an offer that would be tough to refuse.

  6. President Trump ought to fire them all. That is something that is within his rights to do. The Left is OUT OF CONTROL. Of course, we don’t want to see his dirty laundry. I think he ought to clear out EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT. If any of them even so much as make a face, they need to be fired. President Trump has been too easy-going. It’s time to kick the miscreants out and put a stop to this nonsense. Even IF his WORST offense happens to be that he actually paid some tramp to keep her filthy mouth closed, I don’t consider THAT to impact anything in the PRESENT. Let’s face the facts: Some fellas have been MORE successful with the Ladies, than others. It doesn’t matter, because it all occurred before he ran for office. Besides, at least he isn’t into little girls and boys, like someone else we have heard about.

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