Everybody Is Freaking Out Over A Photo Of Kellyanne Conway In the Oval Office

Twitter was set ablaze on Monday after photos of Kellyanne Conway casually kneeling on an Oval Office sofa surfaced on the Internet.

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The president’s adviser opted for this position while taking pictures on her smartphone of Donald Trump surrounded by representatives from historically black colleges and universities.

In some images, her high heels can be seen digging into the cream sofa.

The pictures have been widely shared on social media, prompting an array of mainly negative reactions.

One wrote on Twitter: “Would you let your daughter sit like that? Show some class every chance you get.

Another wrote: “Kellyanne Conway is the classiest 60-year-old – my God. Raised by wolves??

Others have been quick to point out, since Monday’s photo, how Barack Obama’s often propped his heels up on the office desk and table.

Ronald Reagan never entered the Oval Office without a jacket. Obama poses for crotch shots with foot on desk,” tweeted broadcaster Ezra Levant.

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