Tillerson’s No. 2 Getting Things Done, Inspiring Hope at State Dept.

With a little praise and a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude, Rex Tillerson’s new deputy secretary of state has garnered the support of career staffers who have had little to cheer for thus far in the Trump presidency, Politico reported.

All of that despite the fact John Sullivan has no diplomatic experience.

But little, commonsense things — acknowledgment, praise and hard work — can make all the difference to a workforce 75,000-strong that feels isolated, confused and demoralized from Tillerson and his boss, President Donald Trump, Politico reported.

“Maybe what John Sullivan can do is to be a good cheerleader for these people and say now look, let’s put our shoulder to the wheel and show people our stuff,” former Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte told Politico.

And on Wednesday, Tillerson announced that Sullivan would lead the effort on how to restructure the State Department amid Trump’s budget cuts, Politico reported.

A big job for the former Supreme Court law clerk and deputy secretary of commerce who has given hope to staffers who have experienced little of it so far.

“We feel like we have an ally,” one told Politico.

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