Trump Cites Report That Russians Spread ‘Negative’ Info About Him

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to surface a report “that the Russians collected and spread negative information” about him during the election.

“One of the things that has been lost in the politics of this situation is that the Russians collected and spread negative information…..

…about then candidate Trump.” Catherine Herridge @FoxNews. So why doesn’t Fake News report this? Witch Hunt! Purposely phony reporting.

Trump in his tweet quoted nearly verbatim a report Thursday morning that Catherine Herridge did for Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program.

Herridge has been reporting ahead of Thursday’s testimony of Bill Browder before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia’s meddling in the election wasn’t just an attack on Hillary Clinton.

“One of the things that may have been lost in the politics of this discussion is that when you look back on 2016 there is an argument based on the testimony we heard yesterday that the objectives of the Russians was really just to damage the system so they collected and spread negative information not only about Hillary Clinton, but also about then-candidate Trump,” Herridge said in her report.

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