Trump’s 2020 Re-Election Campaign Already in Full Swing

President Donald Trump’s re-election efforts are already in hyper drive, with rallies planned throughout the fall, consultants on board, and attack efforts aimed at potential Democratic foes, Politico reported.

Trump travels to Arizona on Tuesday for the first of several rallies aimed at padding his re-election and the Republican National Committee’s coffers, efforts that also seemingly convey a message to other Republicans who may be considering mounting a primary bid at the hobbled president: Don’t.

“We’re already engaging voters and volunteers in key battleground states to defend our majorities in 2018 and to ensure we keep the White House in 2020,” RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told Politico.

The RNC, buoyed by a fundraiser Trump held in June, has raised nearly $87 million so far in 2017 and has deployed 100 staffers to key battleground states, Politico reported.

Fundraisers also are being planned for New York, Texas and Nevada later this year.

The RNC launched attack missives at a handful of potential Democratic opponents, and it plans to meet later this week in Nashville to hammer out re-election strategies for 2020 but also the midterms, Politico reported.

“We are wasting no time to prepare for the future,” Michael Glassner, heading up re-election efforts, told Politico.


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