Make No Mistake: “Tensions Are Heating Up” With North Korea

Unprecedented actions occurred over the last two weeks as the tensions between the United States and North Korea remain at an all-time high.  The North Koreans (as reported by Reuters and AP news) have been conducting mass evacuation drills for cities and towns.  These drills have been augmented with “blackout” drills, where lights are either cut or masked in homes and businesses to make them less readily visible.

U.S. Secretary of defense Mattis has announced that President Trump (who travels with the “football,” the apparatus with the nuclear launch codes) will not be limited by Congress and will act on his (the President’s) executive authority to conduct a first-strike against North Korea.  Mattis went on to say that such would occur if North Korea had either launched, or if a launch was imminent against the U.S.  Although these statements were not ambiguous, the latter is certainly subjective: after a nuclear war or strike, how would it be verified that a launch by North Korea had been imminent?

A new Cold War has taken shape and materialized over the course of the past several years.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) is quick to “paint” one side as the “hero/good guy” and the other as the “villain.”  In this case the villain in journalistic obfuscation (the piece is “journalistic” and not objective journalism) is the The Sun.   Here are two excerpts.  You make the call, with the underlined words being the “sticking point”:

“President Donald Trump sent a nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri on a long-range mission to the Pacific this weekend.”

Here’s number two:

“And the Russian Defence Ministry today announced that US and Japanese jets escorted Russia’s missile-carrying Tupolev-95MS strategic bombers during flights over the Sea of Japan and the Pacific.

The UK-paper reports the U.S. bomber as being “nuclear capable,” whereas the Russian bombers are listed as being “missile-carrying.” 

These statements do not mean that the U.S. B-2 is not carrying nukes, nor does it mean that the Russian bombers are.  Instead, it is an implication, as “nuclear-capable” does not indemnify that they have them onboard.  Subtly speaking regarding the Russian bombers, “missile-carrying” can also mean that the bombers have that capability and such a capacity, but it is veiled to make it seem as if they are actively carrying them.  Once again, the MSM crafts the narrative.  The MSM plays both sides of the fence.  They report on actions and make certain that everyone knows the President is the “aggressor/bully,” but at the same time heighten what is happening and make sure that North Korea is painted as the “Rogue State.”

What happens when the “Rogue State” will not become one of the “good guys”: A Western Consumer-marketing, Petrodollar-based vassal abandoning its missiles on the path to global governance?

There has been a cyberattack-hacking (according to the South Korean government) by North Korea against Daewoo Shipyards where more than 40,000 documents were stolen, to include the plans for all South Korea’s naval forces, to include ships and submarines.  The Russians are running bombing routes over the Sea of Japan, and the U.S. is resurrecting its B-52 fleet to be on 24-hour standby.  Make no mistake: tensions are heating up.

The flames of tension are being fueled by newsprint: the MSM “Neo-Speak,” adding fuel to the fire instead of providing objective reporting.  The MSM doesn’t cover what the populace needs to know…only what the liberal Marxists “deem” the populace is to know.  This means fanning the flames as well as fueling them, to simultaneously denigrate the President and the U.S. and foster a sense of shame and guilt among the population while maintaining a patriotic “prole-like” fervor among the “U.S.A. Good-Guys” of the average illiterates.  The MSM hates them, but realizes the proletariat is responsible for 75% of the economy with their pre-programmed holidays and lemming-like shopping migrations.

The barbarians are at the gates, but they’re on both sides: one side with a battering ram and the other with a “For Sale” document in hand with the keys.  What will stop all of this will probably be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and the unrelenting quest to save the 4th Quarter Earnings and fill those cash registers up with fiat stuffing.  Can’t have people preparing for war and spending for the holidays, now, can we?


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  1. We are on the verge of destroying this once mighty country. A civil war here, nuclear war there. God, am I ever glad I’m 73YO.. GOD HELP US AND OUR BELOVED COUNTRY! 😣☹😢

  2. Korea having blacout drills? Yeah right! The only places there that show up at night are the biggest population centers and what they want us to see, otherwise the whole country is in blackness at night. The People of NK are too hard up to even afford candles, malnutrition is rife and one dog can be dinner for a whole town! Start invading the place by feeding every soldier you see and save lives………Cute idea but it ain’t gonna happen. Be worth a try though…..

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