“Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton” And Frame Trump Unraveling, Says Former Fed Prosecutor

A former Federal Prosecutor sat down with The Daily Caller to give perhaps the most comprehensive rundown of the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy.” 

In this highly recommended 30 minute interview with Joe diGenova, the former Special Counsel who went after both the Teamsters and former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, paints a very clear picture of collusion is painted between the Obama administration, the FBI, the Clinton campaign and opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

From the Daily Caller:

The FBI used to spy on Russians. This time they spied on us. what this story is about – a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton from a clear violation of the law with regard to the way she handled classified information with her classified server. Absolutely a crime, absolutely a felony. It’s about finding out why – as the Inspector General is doing at the department of justice – why Comey and the senior DOJ officials conducted a fake criminal investigation of Hillary ClintonFollowed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrant. That’s not an investigation, that’s a Potemkin village. It’s a farce. 

And everybody knew it was a farce. The problem was, she didn’t win. And because she didn’t wain, the farce became a very serious opera. It wasn’t a comic opera anymore, it was a tragic opera. And she was going to be the focus. 

What this is about, this is about a lavabo, a cleansing of FBI and the upper echelons of the Department of Justice. 

We’re going to discover that the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, her deputy Sally Yates, the head of the national security division John Carlin, Bruce Ohr and other senior DOJ officials, and regrettably, lying attorneys. People who were senior career civil servants violated the law, perhaps committed crimes, and covered up crimes by a presidential candidate – but more than that, they tried to frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy that never existed, and they knew it, and they plotted to ruin him as a candidate and then destroy him as a president. That’s why this is important. That’s why connecting the dots is important. 

DiGenova condemned the FBI for working so closely with the controversial Fusion GPS, a political hit squad paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign to create and spread the discredited Steele dossier about President Donald Trump. Without a justifiable law enforcement or national security reason, he says, the FBI “created false facts so that they could get surveillance warrants. Those are all crimes.” He adds, using official FISA-702 “queries” and surveillance was done “to create a false case against a candidate, and then a president.” –Daily Caller

During the interview, DiGenova holds up and references a previously unreported and heavily redacted 99-page FISA court opinion from April, 2017, which “describes systematic and on-going violations of the law [by the FBI and their contractors using unauthorized disclosures of raw intelligence on Americans]. This is stunning stuff.” 

NSA Admiral Mike Rodgers: An American Hero

diGenova also discusses the immense risks taken by retiring NSA director, Mike Rogers – who briefed Trump on Nov. 7, 2016 about the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump team. The next day, the Presidental transition team was moved out of Trump tower and into the president-elect’s Bedminster, NJ golf course until they could sweep for bugs. 

Uranium One and other matters

Also discussed in the interview are the Uranium One scandal, Mueller’s “tainted” probe, and the consequences of the Democrats regaining control in the November midterms – which would most certainly lead to an effort to impeach Trump. 

“It’s important for the House to complete its work now,” says diGenova. 

* * *

The 99-page FISA court opinion is below (link)


  1. What else do I expect from Hillary Clinton these days? So what else is new? As some of my friends from my former company would say, “same shit, different day”. I still believe in that saying especially when it comes to politics. I hope I don’t ever see the name Hillary Clinton in the spotlight in running for president in 2020. She needs to stay out of politics and enjoy being a grandmother. I know I can’t trust Hillary Clinton.

  2. With all of the Clinton’s friends in high places, its no wonder they have escaped from being found guilty for everything they have done that would be guilty of they weren’t politicians. But though they may get out of every problem they have faced, one of these days they will have to face an judge who knows everything.

  3. This is disgusting and just leaves one at a loss for words.
    These are the highest levels of the former administration and it reaches down to
    every American citizen. I pray that everyone involved gets indicted, tried, and punished
    to the fullest extent of the law. Start with Soros, his minions, Obama, and all of the people
    who had played in this farce, and hang them as traitors. Our President has been targeted
    by left-wing conspirators since he first began his campaign until now.

  4. And with all of this new info Hillary is still walking FREE and giving the world the ‘finger’. Same for Obama, Lynch, Comey and others. I wonder if anythying will be done to them like locking them up and bringing them up on TREASON charges? You know where you or I would be if was us.

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