“He Has Her Blood On His Hands” – Father Of Florida Shooting Victim Viciously Attacked Online For Supporting Trump

Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com,

Leftist social media users have spent the day viciously attacking the father of one of the victims of the horrific Florida school mass shooting over the fact that he wore a Trump 2020 t-shirt during an interview with a local news outlet.

That’s right, in the new America it is apparently perfectly acceptable to attack and even blame the parent of a teenager who was murdered, all because his political beliefs do not line up with the leftist orthodoxy.

Both Andrew Pollack and his wife were interviewed outside of Broward Health North hospital, hoping to hear from their daughter hours after the attack that left 17 dead and over a dozen injured. During the interview, Pollack committed the thought crime of wearing a t-shirt for his preferred presidential candidate, a fact that apparently gave leftists on twitter the cover to viciously attack him.

The attacks ranged from actually blaming Pollack himself for his own daughters death, to disgustingly claiming that they did not feel sorry for him simply because he supports Trump and presumably the NRA. Keep in mind that the anti-gun left has spent BILLIONS of dollars to push their agenda while at the same time pretending that the NRA is this all powerful group that cannot be stopped.

One user even went as far as to claim that Trump, the NRA, and all Republicans themselves were actually RESPONSIBLE for the attack itself.

Make no mistake, the following tweets are representative of a large portion of the new left which openly hates all their political opposition to the point where they simply do not care if someone’s daughter was literally just murdered.

Actual responses to a man whose daughter was murdered in the Florida school massacre. Why? Because he voted for Trump. Some people are sick:

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) February 15, 2018

How does this father that lost his daughter in a school shooting wear a NRA backed Trump shirt?? How, how??? 

— Jeanette (@anti_trump_usa) February 16, 2018

Is that, no it can’t be….. no, it is…. blood on his hands.

— JohnT (@Mtbbmet) February 15, 2018

I’m unforgiveable, but it’s a little hard to feel sorry who supported this administration and its racist and its NRA supporting policies. I feel sorry for daughter,but not for him. He probably doesn’t make the connection behind his Party’s policies and what happened to his child

— Leonard James (@James36Leonard) February 15, 2018

Sorry for his daughter but wearing a shirt for a politician who will do absolutely nothing in response to his daughter’s death is very ironic.

— Mark Edwards (@MarkEdwardsATL) February 15, 2018

Trump did this. The NRA did this. Republicans did this.

— Jay Z(amora) (@Jay_MCMLXXXIX) February 16, 2018

Im glad she died. I feel bad for the others. That’s what he gets!

— Shady Jacob Facts (@ShadyJacobFact) February 15, 2018

I feel empathy for his daughter – but not him.

— Amoreena (@lilblondeduck) February 15, 2018

Additionally, the social media giants themselves (Facebook, Twitter, etc) seemingly support the vicious attacks on Pollack as they have allowed them to continue unimpeded while at the same time censoring dozens of conservatives for a variety of fake reasons.

As I noted above, this is the new America folks, where all it takes is wearing a Trump shirt to be attacked and even blamed for your own daughters murder.


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  1. How can the Democrat trash even think this crap. This kid had already fell through the cracks before Trump even became president. Every shooting so far has been Democrat connected! This kid had not regestered to vote yet. But both parents were regestered Democrats. Most generally the kids follow suit! But I guess in Democrats eyes do no wrong. My own daughter keeps coming up with shit against trump. He was a Pussy Grabber. That was sonething that never happened. But was supposly said in a locker room over 50 years ago, but not proven! none of the women the Democrats brought up said anything the party claimed. But Democrats have short memories. Blow Job Clinton messed around in the oval offices several other Democrats was said too. John F Kennedy who is the Greatest President about we ever had. Had women around all the time. Including Marilyn Monroe. Top actress at time. Your own 1/4 black Muslim Squatter in Our White House. Had gays visit him there. He had “Pizza Parties” regularly to me that is beyond low. The night of our Bengauhzi massacure They were having a Pizza Party. Even Hillary and Bill was there. She asked him what to do and said bury it. Suppose he was the one that came up with the Video excuse. But a guy wearing a Trump shirt is to blame for his daughters Death! Bull Shit!

    1. This all derives from hiring a bunch of psycho anti American nut cases to teach our children. fidel Castro said “Give me your children and I will take the country. We are now seeing this effect in the USA. If we do not stop this we are lost.
      We have to get rid of the loser profs, and re-educate our children. If we do not wake up and take action now, America as we know it is history.

    2. democrats are the scourge of the land. They have no shame, or common sense, how dare they chastise this poor man and his family, do they have no compassion at all? remember:” there but for the grace of God go I”!

    3. Great comments and certainly right to the point. What a shame that the truth is ignored so often when it’s standing there in black and white for all the world to see. I’m sick and tired of having to be silent because some outlandish people have reverted to childhood and are too sensitive to recognize the truth!

    4. I agree 100%, you nailed it, those Demoncraps are the worst party in Thes United States of America. Get rid of the old and get new blood in our Government.

    5. Well stated! Liberals have a real problem with facts and truth and base their thought process on twisted illogic! They are so filled with hate they have lost all moral values and respect. Very sad indeed.

  2. I have come to realize that there is no way to explain, discuss, many of these hot-button subjects with these brainwashed Dems. Barry stoked the racial divide and the Dems embraced the radical left. I’m disappointed in this news cycle. All this talk spent on how the Russians have sowed the seeds of discontent among Americans.
    Let’s not take our eye off the ball. There was conspiracy in the highest levels of the FBI to thwart this presidential election. Are we to believe that that was a separate matter? That conspiracy was intended to favor one candidate over the other. NOT an across the board campaign of disinformation. Where is the justice? Pretty clever of the Dems to use the Russians ( or China or North Korea ) as participants in this conspiracy. Who’s going to go there and question them? Are they going to come before Congress and testify? I think not.
    Mueller has tagged 13 Russians. Will THEY EVER come to justice? Will the Clintons ever come to justice?

    As the sun comes up in the morning I could have predicted the news cycle coming from the left regarding the recent Florida school shooting. WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL!!!! What? In passing they mention the FBI dropping the ball. Then focus on how Congress needs to ban “assault weapons”.
    Here’s where I return to my opening statement. There is no discussing with the brainwashed minions that long guns ( let alone “assault weapons”) are responsible for but a fraction of all murders/assaults committed in America. Those numbers are from the FBI’s own website. Don’t take my word on it, look it up yourself. In this specific case ( Florida school shooting) , the tragedy should have been prevented. NO NEW GUN LAW would have changed that.
    Remember to vote!

    1. I have come to believe the sickness in our country is here because even may adults feel it is proper to immediately riot, speak, protest, and attempt to destroy whatever happens to be what they did not want. They cannot accept what is real. I, for instance, did not have my favorite football team at the Super Bowl because they had one bad game. But life goes on. I did not scream at anyone, protest, riot, or destroy anything. I was disappointed but I accepted the outcome. No, the game was not anything near accepting who is our President-just an example. Some people just need to grow up; there are peaceful, graceful ways to work toward what you want.

    2. They can’t do anything but blame someone else for their shortcomings. Democrat can’t admit they are the problem and to sick in the head to know it.

  3. I understand this father pain,I’m a parent and grandparent, too. But it’s unfair to trow all the blame on prersident Trump. Florida, is not the first school shooting.This is pure eval from the liberals.Better ask yourselfs.???? WHAT CLINTON, BUSH, OBMA , did in their 8 years as presidents? that is at leas in the past 25 years?I agree with the father, but who has the blood on their hands? For sure not president Trump. They should establishe a National data with all the gun buyers as they did with the child support. The gun control problem is staying for years on a Congress archive, as a piese of some day resolution.Between that time, until today, so manyinnocent children died! They are , those presidents and congress are quilty.NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP! In this days, no matter what the president is doing,anything happens it’s president Trump fault. Just point a finger on somebody, who really want the best of this country and because the establishment,the real enemy of the hard working american people, for their convenience.President Trump’s fault. Really? this people successfully hide their real intention where they want this country to end.

  4. What is wrong with these truly sick people? Have they no mercy?
    The man is grieving and they can show no emotion but hate?
    Every single one of them needs a mental health exam – to show
    the vitriol they did is to be void of any goodness.
    May God shower mercy on Mr. Pollock & his family.

  5. Ignorance is a total lack of
    It is scary that here in America
    these crazies cannot have empathy
    for a father who has just lost his
    daughter in a senseless tragedy.
    Blaming it on anyone but
    an Obama FBI who was warned
    and dropped the ball and could
    have prevented it as in
    pass tragedies whereas they
    dropped the ball. May God
    support these parents as they
    try and live though the worst
    moment in a parent’s life🇺🇸

  6. It seems the dumbocrats try to blame everything on President Trump but forget all about TREASONIST obama, hillary, comey, etc! They point their finger at Trump who wasn’t even close to running for President yet!!! FDR, Jack K, Billy bob C, obamer, etc. ALL had “sexual” misconducts in their background during their Administration!!!! Yet, they try to single out the ONE GREATEST President who is sincerely concerned & trying to do something about the mess these past dumbocrats have created!!! The “shooter” of the recent tragedy was a child of that generation!!! When are parents going o take responsibility for how they bring up their children????

  7. Yes, Irene
    When will the parents of today
    take responsibility for their
    children. Children are a product
    of their parents or like thereof.

  8. It seems to me the FBI and DOJ, may deliberately, ignored the warnings of possible attacks, at the cost of human lives, to further the Democratic cause to ban guns and the 2nd amendment! Therefore leading to Socialist government!

  9. This man, Andrew Pollack, lost a child. His politics has nothing to do with it. When are these mentally ill people going to be put somewhere that they can get treatment, or put somewhere to keep them from harming others?. It appears that long before the mentally ill young man who did this crime, there was attempts for him to get help. Yet, he didn’t get that help. So, please, stop trying to politicize this horrible act. Responsible people who own or do not own guns do not do these terrible acts. Also, stop trying to blame other for this young mans acts. We are each responsible for what WE do. NO ONE else is! So stop blaming others. It is the ones who try to say, oh the person came from a dysfunctional family, or he was poor, or he was picked on, bullied, etc, etc. We must learn to grow and DEAL with life, It is not a good world we live in. WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT. I am not making excuses for this kid that did the murders, HE is responsible. Each of us must learn to LOVE not hate. Get rid of that evil, push it out of you, and if you can’t then GET HELP!!!
    Mr. and Mrs. Pollack, Thank God, I have never lost a child. I cannot say I know what you are going through, no one can, not even others who have lost a child. And this doesn’t help you much, but my prayers and empathy are for you and all who have lost their child.

  10. I could not vote for a Democrat because of their policies and their hatred for anyone who is not a Democrat! How narrow minded can a human being become? God will judge us all one day soon! Be ye ready! God have Mercy on the USA!

  11. Is Trump to blame too for all of the shootings that took place previous to him taking office.These people are idiots.If they are hellbent on blaming perhaps they should look in a mirror and see where the problem lies.

  12. The insane shooter and those who did not react to reports of his crazy actions are who has blood on their hands. We don’t need any new laws, murder is already illegal, you can’t disarm the bad, guns can be made in the garage, the answer is to ARM the good.

  13. I don’t understand why democrats and even some republicans are blaming these senseless murders on our right to own guns. Guns are inanimate objects meaning they cannot get up and shoot people by themselves. It takes a seriously deranged person to do this. Taking away our right to bear arms would only cause pandemonium in our country. The other people would simply find their guns illegally which would lead to more and more violence. Honest citizens would have no way of trying to protect themselves or others.

  14. The Democrat party is responsible, they secretly crave this type of violence in order to further their agenda. To them it doesn’t matter how many die as collateral in order to get the media and news service to further their cause. Even the major news circuits jump on board, damn to anyone who dare to have freedom to express a different opinion.

  15. The first place to begin isn’t gun control, it’s Hollywood! Hollywood is outspoken, crass, and hypocritical. End the gun violence that has made Hollywood super wealthy! If Hollywood honestly gave a damn, they would stop the violent movies! Until they do, they are just bullshit Hypocrites! The citizens who buy guns lawfully, don’t murder people! The NRA is 5-million Members Strong, none have committed murder! The vetting the system required to buy guns is very scrutinized! Think outside the box for a minute, the NWO cannot happen in America, unless we are disarmed! We would have to be totally, vulnerable in order for it to work! So, the NWO aspirers, must have gun confiscation in The United States, they are the ones manipulating, weak minded people, troubled kids, troubled adults, with mind control! Do you think it’s too far fetched?
    Remember how our government bashed the skulls of innocent, American Indian children, adults, and elderly! Uprooteted them and put them on reservations! Our government has been murdering people from the beginning! The 2nd Amendment is a mechanism to allow the citizens to fight for freedom against tyrants! That’s it, end of story!

  16. Had the FBI, not been so engulfed, with attacking our lawfully, elected POTUS, they could have prevented this! I guess they have their priorities!

  17. Democrats are mean, sick assholes to blame a grieving father just because he voted for Trump. Trump had nothing to do with the sicko kid who did the shooting.

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