Kushner In Probe Crosshairs As Mueller Shifts From Russia To China

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his interest in Jared Kushner’s contacts with Russians to encompass the young real estate mogul’s efforts to secure financing from foreign investors for his troubled 666 Fifth Avenue property, CNN reports.

If true, it would mark a significant departure from Mueller’s mandate to investigate Russian influence in the 2016 election – as Kushner’s discussions with Chinese investors are now on the table.

Mueller’s team began asking questions over Kushner’s efforts to shore up troubled loans for the beleaguered 666 Fifth Avenue property – first profiled here all the way back in 2009 – and purchased by Kushner in December 2006 for $1.8 billion, financed entirely with debt.

In September 2017, the Washington Post reported “With one-fourth of its offices empty, lease revenue does not cover monthly interest payments, according to lending documents. A $1.2 billion mortgage, with escalating interest rates, comes due in 18 months. A ratings agency has classified a $115 million portion of the loan as ‘troubled,’ and company officials decline to say whether it will be fully repaid.”

Kushner divested from the 666 Fifth Avenue property in early 2017, with his interests sold to a family trust that Kushner does not benefit from – a spokesman said at the time. During the transition, however, Kushner reportedly met with Sergey Gorkov, chairman of Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank – which the Presidential son-in-law told Congress was for official US government purposes. The Russian bank, however, maintains that the meeting was part of their “roadshow of business meetings,” and that the sit-down was arranged due to Kushner’s role as the head of Kushner Companies. Mueller has reportedly been scrutinizing this meeting.

Kushner spoke with Mueller’s investigators in November for less than two hours, primarily about Michael Flynn, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

From China to Qatar

Of interest to Mueller’s probe are discussions between Kushner and Chinese investors during the transition, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

In particular, Kushner met with executives of troubled Chinese conglomerate Anbang Insurance which also owns the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City locate four blocks away from the 666 5th avenue property. Talks between Kushner and Anbang’s chairman, Wu Xiaohui, broke down in March 2017, according to the New York Times.

Also of interest to Mueller are Kushner’s dealings with a Qatari investor over the 666 property, for which Kusher reportedly sought financing from former Prime Minister Jassim Al Thani, according to The Intercept. The discussion apparently went nowhere, similar to the Anbang deal.

A devil of a time with 666

After Kushner bought the Fifth Avenue property in late 2006 for $1.8 billion – with zero skin in the game coming from Kushner, the building came under intense pressure during the financial crisis. Vornado Realty Trust stepped in with financing in exchange for a 49.5% stake in the building, which is now carring over $1.4 billion in debt according to a March release by Vornado.

In March 2017, Zaha Hadid Architects announced a $12 billion plan to build a 1,400 foot, 464,000 sqft. skyscraper for the Kushner organization to replace the current building, which will include retail space, eleven stories devoted to a hotel, and a new address – changed to 660 5th avenue in order to shed the building’s current and ominous 666 designation.

The new construction would be completed by 2025 at the earliest, and would face a park after razing an entire block of buildings.


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  1. I hear folks calling for Mueller to investigate the REAL Russian collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Bad idea. I would never trust him as far as I could throw him. This new branch of the “matter” now reaching into China is over the top for me. Mueller is finished.
    Mueller’s inditements have only followed up on what was in the works when he was the FBI Director.
    There’s nothing new here.
    Good try at making the investigation look like it was worth it. But no cigar!
    Forget Mueller. Time to move on and get things done. Investigate the Clintons and FBI. Once a few heads
    start rolling, things will fall into place. Mueller himself will be swept up in this and we can begin to Make America Great Again.

    1. “When he was the FBI Director”? You do realize that was many years ago, long before the trump campaign was aided by dozens of shadowy Russian oligarchs, intelligence agents (spies), hackers and troll farms. I know there is no way to educate the uneducated, but at least GOOGLE so you can have some basic level of fact.

  2. This Mueller is never going to stop spending our money. We must stop this nonsense of him going off into another direction. He will never probe Hillary and the DNC we need AG Sessions to step up and assign a special counsel to investigate Hillary’s crime family and the DNC and Uranium One deals with Russia and her involvement in the 2016 election process of evil doings she committed.
    Mueller investigation needs to be brought to and end, there was NO collusion found no Trump involvement period. It is time to put the stops to this hideous investigation.

  3. That Müeller is a puppet of the inner state, a virtual hit man of the obama,Hillary New World Order group trying to destroy America. I can tell you Mr. Mueller no American has no respect for you or any of your drones, wasting our money covering for a satanic witch. Your day is coming soon to an end as well as the Obama Soros threat of a Nov 4 coup. Traitors in America is a capital offense punishable by death. Guilty by association is the same as treason. Do you people think that legacy Americans are fools. We know what these people have done(obama,Clinton’s, and democrat leadership, as well as the traitor Republicans) We will not allow you to destroy the nation our legacy descendants have left us. Why haven’t you look at all the criminal deeds of Clintons and Obama?

    1. “LEGACY AMERICANS”?! Did you get that term from the NRA??

      Mueller is a lifelong Republican, with decades of military and public service. You, on the other hand, can barely even SPELL or put together a coherent sentence.

      I guess you think YOUR FAMILY has been here the longest and that entitles you to some kind of special rights?? My family came here in the 1600s so I guess by YOUR standards, I get to THROW YOU OUT.

  4. Actually, Mueller’s “investigation” has morphed into a permanent federally-funded position for him. All he needs to do is periodically give the corrupt MSM a tid-bit to chew on. Practically anything will do as long as the Trump name can somehow be confused into the “news tip.”

    1. You guys really need to buy a clue—Mueller has to give up an extremely lucrative law firm partnership to take on this role as Special Counsel. Government salaries are a pittance in comparison. He is a great PATRIOT, of the type you cannot even recognize, let alone ever BE.

  5. Robert Mueller was a bum as FBI Director, partisan and incompetent. Now he’s Special Prosecutor? Hey, Mueller, why not go after REAL criminals – Hillary, Obama, Comey et al.

    1. Amusing that you are calling MUELLER partisan, since he is a lifelong REPUBLICAN. And your post clearly outs YOU as partisan, not to mention ill-informed.

      Mueller is motivated by love of country only—unlike our so-called “president.”

  6. Meuller needs to be investigated himself for his part on the Uranimum One Deal when he was head of the FBI. At any rate, we need to stop funding this man — he has nothing and is just keeping it going to collect money he doesn’t deserve.

    1. If you don’t think Mueller would be earning TEN TIMES as much in the private sector, you are deluded. He is doing this for love of country, pure and simple. You should try it some time.

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