BOMBSHELL: Florida mass shooting was ALLOWED to happen: Four deputies stood down, led by egomaniacal sheriff exposed as an anti-gun Democrat operative seeking fame

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With each passing day, the official story of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting continues to unravel. In its place is emerging an increasingly horrifying conspiracy involving Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, whose four deputies appear to have been ordered to stand down and allow the shooting to unfold in order to achieve a higher body count (for political gain).

Astonishing, CNN is accidentally confirming a shocking revelation that adds additional evidence to this conspiracy. In a Feb. 23, 2018 story by the fake news propagandist known as Jake Tapper, CNN admits that four Broward County sheriff’s deputies stood by and watched the shooting take place, refusing to enter the building and stop the shooter. As Tapper writes:

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When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.

…Some Coral Springs police were stunned and upset that the four original Broward County Sheriff’s deputies who were first on the scene did not appear to join them as they entered the school, Coral Springs sources tell CNN.

Until this report, we were all aware that one deputy stood by and did nothing while the shooting took place, but this report from CNN raises that number to four, pointing to the likelihood that this was a coordinated stand down order.

Who gave the order? Most likely the deputies’ boss: An anti-gun sheriff, registered as a Democrat, who is said to be “best friends” with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the same Clintonista operative who helped engineer numerous election conspiracies of fraud, destruction of evidence and lying to the government.  Schultz, in case you didn’t remember, is that same Democrat operative who threatened the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” for refusing to turn over a laptop that contained incriminating evidence against Imran Awan, a foreign national widely outed for involvement in data theft and national security breaches. As The Daily Caller reports:

Imran Awan, his wife, his two brothers Abid and Jamal, and a friend all worked as IT aides for dozens of Democratic members of Congress. Shortly after WikiLeaks published the Democratic National Committee’s emails and during the lead up to the 2016 election, investigators discovered indications that they were using a server “for nefarious purposes” and “could be reading and/or removing information,” according to a briefing. They were banned from the House network in February 2017, but Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Florida, refused to fire Awan.

Sheriff Scott Israel, the sheriff of Broward County where the shooting took place, is widely known to be an anti-gun Democrat operative. For example, during a recent Sean Hannity broadcast entitled “Defending Our Schools,” aired Feb. 22, 2018, a caller outed Israel for colluding with Democrat anti-gun schemers, saying:

I graduated from Stoneman-Douglas in 2004, … the sheriff of my county down here Scott Israel is a politician. He’s a Leftist. He is best friends with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch. He’s not a sheriff. So when people look at our community now because it’s been thrust into the spotlight and they talk about the sheriff’s department, let’s just be real clear… he is not a sheriff, he’s a politician who masquerades behind a badge. The first thing out of his mouth last week… was gun control. (Unintelligible)… Didn’t say hi to our governor  at the press conference, and talked about defeating people who take money from the NRA.

Scott Israel, it turns out, was accused of public corruption long before this shooting. As reported by the Florida Sun Sentinel:

Since winning one of the most powerful elected posts in Broward, Sheriff Scott Israel has hired from the ranks of his political supporters, building a community outreach wing his critics say doubles as a re-election team… A log of employees hired by the sheriff shows 10 workers were hired since 2013 into “outreach” roles, their salaries totalling $634,479… Israel’s opponents say he’s built a publicly funded political machine, paying back supporters with jobs and using them to keep him in office. They say the money could be better spent, particularly after the sheriff complained about not having enough funding to secure the county courthouse, where a murder suspect recently escaped.

In other words, Sheriff Scott Israel uses taxpayer money to fund his own political re-election “outreach” scheme, shoring up his public image while failing to invest financial resources on stopping murderers.

And what better way to steal the limelight for a re-election than to order a “stand down” during a school shooting, then claim to be the savior?

“What have I done differently than Don Shula or Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Ghandi?” Israel asked critics, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Adding to the damning evidence against Sheriff Israel, his department had received 20 calls warning about Nikolas Cruz before he carried out the mass shooting. Yet Israel’s office did nothing. Were they ordered to stand down and let the massacre take place, then ordered to allow the shooting to be carried out, without interference?

“Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Friday that his office found that it had received approximately 20 calls related to Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old suspected of carrying out Florida’s deadliest high school shooting that left 17 people dead,” reports The Washington Examiner:

CNN reported that the sheriff’s department had been called to Cruz’s house more than 30 times since 2010. According to one incident report unearthed by the news network, professionals and officers wrote that Cruz suffers from mental illness and had mentioned he was interested in purchasing a gun.

Even more alarmingly, Israel’s office had been specifically warned that Cruz was poised to carry out a mass shooting. As reported by Zero Hedge:

…the most serious warning came on November 30, 2017, when a caller located in Massachusetts advised that Cruz was collecting knives and was likely to conduct a school shooting. The caller was concerned Cruz would kill himself and “be a school shooter in the making.” They believed that Cruz’s weapons were kept at a friend’s house.

Listen the Sheriff Scott Israel regurgitate Democrat anti-gun talking points in this Laura Loomer video clip (note, the audio is very poor quality):

What does this all mean? Increasingly, it looks like the school shooting massacre was allowed to take place by Scott Israel, making sure the disturbed, deranged teen was never arrested or even detained for a mental health evaluation. They knew he would eventually pop off on a deadly rampage, and they did nothing to stop it.

Once the shooting began, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Israel’s deputies were ordered to stand down, making sure the shooter had sufficient time to achieve a high enough body count that would catapult Scott Israel into the national spotlight, gaining him political points while launching a new, nationwide anti-gun initiative that has always been the “end game” goal of Democrat operatives like Obama, Clinton and Schultz.

Consider: Who gains from this mass shooting? Who had the motive?

Clearly, the Democrats raked in huge gains. Not only did they immediately start fundraising off the tragedy, they are also exploiting the dead and traumatized children as weapons to target their political enemies (conservatives and the NRA). CNN also chalked up huge gains from the event, gaining a huge, nationwide audience for its 100% fake, staged “town hall” circus that looked more like an episode of Jerry Springer than anything resembling a serious news event.

Even more importantly, the school shooting shifted the news narrative away from the uncovering of criminal conspiracies involving FBI traitors James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and other deep state operatives who are being increasingly outed by congressional investigations.

None of this would have been possible of even one of Israel’s deputies had entered the school and engaged Nikolas Cruz with return fire. Such an action — for which these deputies are well trained, by the way — would have immediately halted the casualties and ended the bloodshed. Yet there wasn’t a single Broward County sheriff’s deputy who entered the building during the mass shooting. They literally stood by and did nothing while gunshots rang out and children were slaughtered.

That this happened is not in dispute. Even the Coral Springs police — who rushed to the scene, entered the building and ended the slaughter — are fully aware that Sheriff Israel and his deputies were deliberately engaged in what can only be called “dereliction of duty.” As reported by CNN, authored by none other than Jake Tapper:

The resentment among Coral Springs officials toward Broward County officials about what they perceived to be a dereliction of duty may have reached a boiling point at a vigil the night of February 15, where, in front of dozens of others, Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. A source familiar with the conversation tells CNN that Goodrum was upset that the Broward deputies had remained outside the school while kids inside could have been bleeding out, among other reasons.

“Instead of rushing in, several Broward sheriff’s deputies waited outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while a killer gunned down schoolchildren, according to other officers on the scene,” reports The Sun Sentinel. “In all, at least three deputies waited outside, including School Resource Officer Scot Peterson, police sources told the Sun Sentinel.”

In my assessment, none of this was an accident. There are no coincidences in the “no holds barred” bloodsport of politics and gun control. The Left learned very well from Sandy Hook that if enough children are murdered, Democrats can gain tremendous traction on their anti-Second Amendment narrative. Have no doubt that Democrats would easily sacrifice a few dozen children of it means winning the 2018 mid-terms and impeaching President Trump.

Here’s what I believe actually happened:

It’s clear to me that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is an anti-gun political hack, a Democrat operative, a schemer and a liar. One thing I’ve learned over all the years of working as an award-winning independent journalist and investigator is that Democrats will easily sacrifice children to achieve sufficient political gain. In exactly the same way that Eric Holder and Barack Obama ran Operation Fast & Furious to have Americans murdered in the quest for gun control, it looks like Sheriff Scott Israel oversaw the “allowed mass killing” of schoolchildren in Florida in order to elevate his own fame and fortune while furthering his political party’s gun control agenda, built on the dead bodies of innocent children who didn’t have to die that day… if only just one of Israel’s deputies would have entered the building and engaged the killer.

That’s why today, I call on President Trump to initiate a federal investigation into Sheriff Scott Israel’s department to determine why his deputies were ordered to stand down while this shooting was under way. There’s no question in my mind that any sufficiently rigorous investigation will turn up convincing evidence that Sheriff Israel was complicit in the deaths of those high school children and teachers who were killed.

And yes, for the record, I am claiming that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is complicit in the deaths of those children. The evidence is obvious, and the pattern is clear. This is the way Democrats routinely operate to achieve their political goals or cover their tracks. (Yes, Seth Rich was murdered by DNC operatives.)


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  1. I said this from the get-go. ALSO I would NOT be surprised if the weapons, ammo, “accessories” and “coaching” were ALL “provided” by the “deep State” FBI “handlers” that KNEW they had a “loose cannon” they could EXPLOIT to do their “dirty work” so they could push the “gun control narrative”. Where else would a “dollar store” employee get the MONEY for expensive weapons and all the “goodies” to go with it? And like some of you out there said , it DID NOT come from his mother’s “life insurance” because it has NOT been “paid out yet” according to the news ($800,00.00) I think this money should go the families of the VICTIMS! (when it is paid out) He can’t use it anyhow where HE is going. (and it should be HELL)

    1. Every cop who stood by while the children were killedf should be charged with murder. The FBI who refused to take action and do their jobs, should be charged with conspiricy to commit murder. We are supossed to be a nation of laws. We have become a nation ruled by outlaws. THIS HAS TO STOP!!

      1. I just can’t believe that officers would not go immediately to help the children. The answer can probably be found in the Sheriff Dept. procedures that these officers always follow. Has any so called journalist even bothered to look at those procedures? Do they really want to know what happened or just bash someone?

        1. Bash someone…you mean like bashing an organization and it’s members that promotes safety and protects Constitutional Rights for the citizens, and had never manufactured or sold any firearms or ammunition , promoted or participated in any violence nor have any of its members ever been involved in any of these shootings, yet they are subject to blatant lies and weak straw man fallacies to make others feel justified in their attacks…you mean that sort of bashing?

      2. The cops who stood by and did NOTHING are obviously liberal communist demoncrats who want to use the shooting as a way to disarm America!

    2. Amen…….The demorats will stop at nothing to attain their goals…..Everything about this shooting is suspicious……Must not give up instead dig deep until the truth is exposed……..The Truth is out there !!!

      1. Yes, and we still have a million questions about Vegas! Why so many questions? EVERYTIME something like this happens, you can feel and sense the cover up immediately! It’s disgusting and CRIMINAL!!!

    3. They had him questioned numerous times from the scum fbi down to the cowardly deputies/sheriff. I believe that this kid was brainwashed by the democrats, the fbi, on down to the other dirt bags. democrats are the “SCUM OF THIS EARTH” they must all be removed from their positions. I am starting a PETITION TO SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE democratic party that ALL THESE SCUM BAG CLOWNS come from. I will volunteer my time 4 hours “DAILY” to protect our children from these “EVIL democrats”

  2. What kind of people can do something like this? They should all be held accountable. We all know why the Dems want so called gun control. It’s not about guns, it’s about control. This is what would be in control. Think about it libtards

  3. This boy does NOT need to go to prison. It would be a gross waste of taxpayer money for his food and utilities. He needs to go directly from the courtroom to the execution chamber. It would be even more preferable if he could be publically flogged to death, and this televised for all to watch.

  4. A very sad situation…with way too many questions unanswered

    Allow I believe demented Democrats stoop to lowest common denominator to attain their goals…I-pray this article is not true

    1. I think that Sheriff Scott Israel should be arrested, and charged with complicity of 17 counts of murder along with the four deputies that stood by and let this tragedy happen. I usually don’t care what happens to Democrats, but were talking about 17 children that don’t have anything to do with politics. Try these non caring police officers, and give them life in prison with no possibility of parole, the other convicts in the prison will probably decide their fate.

  5. Of course the school shootings are allowed to happen because the liberal communist demoncrats want the people unarmed so we will be just like North Korea!!

  6. There has to be more to than than what is shown. If Israel did intend for it to happen, why would he be so obvious about it? Hard to believe that even a Democrat would be that stupid.

  7. I thought it was already understood it was allowed to happen, it’s the communist liberals MO, I thought the same thing with the massacre in that church shooting, these losers will kill anything or anyone to take control our country.

  8. Can anyone say Broward County is Florida’s “Little IZrael?” What is it about Debbie Wasserman Schultz that turns all American Patriots into “Anti-Semites?” If every White Christian in America who stands for the National Anthem is called by CNN/Antifa/Soros a: “White Racist Nazi Anti-Semite” — Then where do we sign up? Can anyone even dare whisper the word: JEW? I think the Swedes are figuring this out !! …”And we shall drive them before us like cattle, as Beasts of the Field we shall drive them before us!”… –Talmud, “The Mark of the Beast.”

    1. LISTEN UP
      This is what I know

      “THEY” are Desparate
      are Running Scared
      are Freaking Out

      Biggest Fear: TRANSPARENCY!!!
      DEMAND IT!!!

      Call your State Reps. & WA

      – Be Heard
      – Make it known
      ** We are Watching Them
      ** We See & Know ALL
      ** We will not Forget
      ** They DON’T Scare Us

      When we don’t hear about someone for a while, they are covering up.
      BE HEARD

      Don’t believe Anything you hear &
      Trust NO ONE!

      We need to ask:
      What’s going on with Debbie
      Wasserman & Awan Brother

      Why have we heard NOTHING
      about Hillary. Horowitz needs
      to follow up with us.

      26-27 Leakers
      Sessions needs to Prosecute!

      Why hasn’t Comey been
      Prosecuted. Why was he seen
      with the FBI after the Florida

      Why hasn’t Lynch been

      Mueller needs to step down!
      Rosenstein couldn’t provide
      the proof to justify the
      appointment of Mueller so
      it was based on illegal
      FISA to Surveil Trump.

      DEMAND a Special Counsel to
      Investigate Illegal FISAs used
      to Surveil Trump

  9. Sheriff Scott Israel should be prosecuted as a criminal – an accessory to murder. And he should be sued by the families of the victims of the Parkland school shooting.

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