Democrats Plan Mass Nationwide Protests Over “Imminent” Mueller, Rosenstein Firing

Emails leaked to the Daily Caller’s Joe Simonson reveal that Democrats are currently coordinating a mass protest in anticipation of special counsel Robert Mueller’s firing.

Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jim Himes sent an email out to field organizers in Norwalk and other towns in his home state Friday outlining his concerns that the president will fire either Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Rod Rosenstein, or special counsel Robert Mueller, the Daily Caller reports.

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A source connected to the Himes campaign told TheDCNF that the Democrats need “contingency plans” set up in case Trump takes action. The same source said other Democrats nationwide are sending similar notices out to staff members as well. –

The email, sent directly from Himes, notes that the congressman believes “that in the next 48 hours, it is more likely than not that the President acts against Attorney General Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein, and/or Special Counsel Mueller. His intent will be to end Mueller’s investigation.”

Joe Gabriel Simonson, McCabe Pension Defender@SaysSimonson
 Groups like @MoveOn are working with congressional dems for nationwide protests. Dems are EXTREMELY concerned that trump will act soon and are rushing to create a response
 As Joe Simonson of the Daily Caller notes, it is unclear what information on which Himes is basing his assumption – however it should not be seen as an effort to drum up the base or as a fundraising effort.

Joe Gabriel Simonson, McCabe Pension Defender@SaysSimonson


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Joe Gabriel Simonson, McCabe Pension Defender@SaysSimonson
 Democrats in Congress began reaching out to organizers over the last day. This is not a fundraising push and this belief is shared by all members, according to my source.
 I have a hard time believing that Jim would send this out without being 85 percent certain” about the firings, the source told TheDCNF.

Joe Gabriel Simonson, McCabe Pension Defender@SaysSimonson

this is NOT a fundraising push. Rep. Jim Himes’ office confirmed to me the validity of the documents and his belief that Rosenstein, Sessions, or Mueller will be FIRED in the next 48 hours and that Trump will conduct Syrian strikes shortly.

Joe Gabriel Simonson, McCabe Pension Defender@SaysSimonson
 Note: These protests will *only* happen if Trump acts. 
quote my source: “I have a hard time believing that [Rep. Himes] would send this out without being 85 percent certain”
 Himes also writes that he thinks it’s “likely that the President will order an attack on Syria” this weekend. 

“In both cases, constitutional order and rule of law are at stake. As a consequence, it is important that we speak and act in a coordinated manner,” Himes wrote to Connecticut party officials, referencing the need for organizers to begin planning.

In the case of the president ending Mueller’s investigation, Himes told confidants that “Congress must act immediately to require the preservation of all documents and work product, and to re-establish the investigation via statue,” adding that “this must be the sole initial priority.”

As Congress acts, Himes calls for “organized, persistent and peaceful demonstrations with a clear demand must be the goal.” Democrats are organizing protests in small towns and cities, not just locations like Washington, D.C., and New York City, according to emails seen by TheDCNF. –DC

Considering reports that Rosenstein is out, we wonder what stage the “contingency plan” is in…

Charles Gasparino@CGasparino
 wall street trading desks AND GOP staffers telling me they’re hearing Rod Rosenstein is OUT as Deputy AG as @POTUS rages over Mueller inquiry as early as tonight. @WhiteHouse no immediate comment we discuss the mkt impl\ications at 340 edt @LizClaman @FoxBusiness

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