Trump Won’t Testify After Mueller Probe Reaches “A Level Of Bad Faith”: DiGenova

President Trump will not be interviewed as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, according to former Trump lawyer and U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova, who told Fox News Sunday that the investigation is now in “bad faith.”

“The president will not sit down for an interview because this investigation has reached a level of bad faith,” said diGenova “This is no longer a good faith investigation.”

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 DiGenova suggested that the judge in Paul Manafort’s case, T.S. Ellis, “did something very important on Friday. He started a civics lesson about what the constitution is about, and about what the powers of a Special Counsel are,” adding that Mueller “should be ashamed of himself” over the way the FBI conducted the raid on Paul Manafort’s home – pulling him from his bed and handcuffing his wife at 3 a.m.

Yesterday we noted the intense courtroom battle which played out on Friday between Judge Ellis and Mueller attorney Michael Dreeben in which Ellis put the Special Counsel in its place six ways from Sunday during a motion-for-dismissal hearing – giving prosecutors two weeks to produce evidence that Manafort was colluding with the Russians.

President Trump has repeatedly expressed a willingness to testify in front of the Special Counsel, mentioning as recently as last week “I would love to speak… I would love to go through with it, if I thought it was fair to override my lawyers.

Both diGenova and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz have dinged Rudy Giuliani over comments made last week that Trump reimbursed his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

DiGenova says that Giuliani’s comments are a “nothing buger,” that serve “no useful purpose in terms of the facts.”

“If it is a purely personal matter, which this clearly has to be, it doesn’t matter what its relationship was to the timetable in a campaign,” –Joe diGenova

Giuliani has since been making the media rounds trying to smooth out and clarify his comments – with the grand takeway being that the payments to Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) were perfectly legal.

Alan Dershowitz, meanwhile, told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that Giuliani’s comments (whether intentional or not) “plays into the hands of Mueller’s tactic to try at any cost … to find technical violations against lower-ranking people so that they can be squeezed.”

The Harvard Law professor emeritus also said that Trump’s team is “admitting to enough that warrants scrutiny,” and that it’s been a “bad week for both sides.


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