Iran Threatened To Name Politicians Who Took Bribes To Pass Nuclear Deal

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President Trump announced early this week that the US will withdraw from the deceptive Iranian nuclear deal. President Trump made his position on the terrible Iran deal clear during his 2016 campaign.

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This didn’t stop former Secretary of State John Kerry from acting as a rogue government agent against the Trump administration, in order to redeem the lame deal with the oppressive Iranian regime.

Many have referred to this as “Shadow diplomacy,” we prefer to call it treason.

The President was quick to call Kerry out:

During his speech to the NRA, Trump criticized Kerry for his fundamental role in negotiating the Iran deal.

“We have the former administration as represented by John Kerry, not the best negotiator we’ve ever seen,” Trump stated.

“He never walked away from the table, except to be in that bicycle race where he fell and broke his leg.”

Naturally, the Iranian regime is extremely upset with President Trump and his decision to re-impose a great number of sanctions on Iran.

Here’s where it gets good…

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has just warned Western politicians that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all officials who accepted bribes to pass the disastrous deal in the first place!

Stay tuned, and grab the popcorn!



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  1. GO FOR IT!! I personally would LOVE to see the names of the “politicians” that accepted the BRIBES.
    HINT: It sure as HELL wasn’t President TRUMP!! (so COMMUNIST LIBERALS: don’t even GO THERE… I know you will TRY even though PRESIDENT TRUMP was even in office yet)

    1. I truly wish Iran listed US and European officials that took bribes. I would push to have them all up for treason . Nowwe know why Kerry is over there trying to coverhis screw-up.

  2. What will the lefties do once Iran outs their heros Obama, Hillary, Kerry, etc… for taking bribes for the Iran deal?!!!!! Come on Iran make our day, call these crooks out!!!!

  3. YES! Do it, Iran…shout from the rooftops or the mountains who the traitors are and show your proof. It won’t be OUR PRESIDENT who wasn’t a politician and not in any office then. #MAGA #TRUMP2020

  4. For Iran to roll-over on our traitors would be thee number 1 first most honorable thing I have seen Iran do since that Ayatollah went back there.
    I say Talk with a resolute loud prattle, Iran.

  5. Okay, so the people who apply pressure to re-enter that unconstitutional sham of a deal tell on themselves that they took bribes, and if they don’t apply pressure Iran will tell on them. Decisions decisions. Tell on themselves or have Iran tell on them.

  6. I would love to see the names of all the SS Democrats that Colluded with our enemies,and you can bet it started from the very Top with that Kenyan Immigrant ,along with the all SS Democrat Party.And IRAN should put the names out A.S.A.P.for these Corrupt and the most pathetic LYING people in the last 8 year called the Kenyan Administration that caused all of the probables against our country that commented Treason and are nothing but Traitors in our Country.

  7. Iran Threatened To Name Politicians Who Took Bribes To Pass Nuclear Deal

    I wish iran would just give President TRUMP this names list and submit to our US President TRUMP

    instead of whinning rambling, instead of whinning threatening

    only spoil rotten bitchy kids do such a thing!!!

  8. Don’t make threats that you don’t intend to keep! Have at it Iran; Name those names and back it all up with the details like the money and dates! We can’t wait!

  9. Cut off your nose to spite your face? There is NO WAY that Iran would name the politicians who they have “in their pocket.”

    The only country to surprise me by their absence at the ceremony is Australia. I thought the “Ozzies” had more balls.

  10. Americans want to know who the traitors are so go ahead and tell us, why wait? No need to wait because the crooked deal is over.

  11. Looking forward to hearing who they are as it is quite obvious bribes, payoffs took place. That’s how politics works lately.

    This is becoming the best movie than has ever come out of Hollywood-!!! Drain that swamp, Expose them All, Arrest them and send to Guantanamo Bay for life. Use their money to help those in need and share and party with anything left.

  12. Not news to me. I’ve said all along that the Iran deal was passed by the Obama regime because they were taking bribes from EU businesses, countries and Iran t screw the US and Israel. No brag, just fact. Kerry is fighting hard to preserve the fraud and his and Obama’s hundreds of millions of dollars that will be paid from the $1.5 Billions Cash sent in an unmarked aircraft to Iran.

  13. I’d dearly love to see just how many “boxes” of that cash Obama sent to IRAN was tax dollars and just how many went to the crooked politicians who handled the deal, including Obama himself. According to the GAO Obama went into the White House with about $500,000 but left with a little over $40,000,000 and Michelle left with just under $19,000,000. Darn good on the salary available don’tcha think???

  14. Don’t hold your breath. They won’t tell on themselves and Iran certainly would not tell on these ‘friends’ they have in the US.

    1. Unfortunately Jake you are 100% correct.
      All of those DEMS are the friends of the “Dick-taters” and the enemies of a FREE America, and good “Butt-ies” of the paying $$$$$ COMMIES!!!.
      Why would Russia ever help Trump??? Answer…THEY WOULD NOT!!!!

  15. Lets have it…give those names! I’m sure majority of the American citizens would like to know who were the traitors in this mess.

  16. IF Iran has a list, let’s see it. I guarantee there will be names of democrats that were part of the sham to pass this POS. Git ‘er done!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see the names.

  17. Kerry has probably been negotiating what names to release. Maybe where McCain got the $9 million he refuses to explain.

  18. That would be GREAT as long as they are truthful. I could just picture them naming Pres Trump as one of the monetary recipients!! We can prob guess some of the recipients, the same names who have always been corrupt ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!
    I Doubt Pres Trump takes kindly to threats, especially from the likes of Iran.
    It’s no wonder Kerry (lurch) is barking the loudest. I wonder if the daughter he married off to a middle easterners was part of his Iran debacle deal?

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