New Emails Reveal Steele Had “Extensive” 2016 Contacts With #4 DOJ Official While Compiling Dossier

The former British spy who used Kremlin sources to assemble a Clinton-funded anti-Trump dossier, which the Obama administration used to spy on the Trump campaign, had extensive contacts with the Department of Justice’s #4 official before and after the FBI opened its Trump-Russia probe in the summer of 2016, according to new emails recently turned over to Congressional investigators.

That official, Bruce Ohr, was demoted twice after the DOJ’s Inspector General discovered that he lied about his involvement with opposition research firm Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson – who employed Steele. Ohr’s CIA-linked wife, Nellie, was also  employed by Fusion as part of the firm’s anti-Trump efforts, and had ongoing communications with the ex-UK spy, Christopher Steele as well.

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In short, Steele was much closer to the Obama administration than previously disclosed, and his DOJ contact Bruce Ohr reported directly to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates – who approved at least one of the FISA warrants to surveil Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Steele and the Ohrs would have breakfast together on July 30 at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington D.C., while Steele turned in installments of his infamous “dossier” on July 19 and 26. The breakfast also occurred one day before the FBI formally launched operation “Crossfire Hurricane,” the agency’s counterintelligence operation into the Trump campaign.

“Great to see you and Nellie this morning Bruce,” Steele wrote shortly following their breakfast meeting. “Let’s keep in touch on the substantive issues/s (sic). Glenn is happy to speak to you on this if it would help.”

Calendar notations and handwritten notes indicate Ohr followed up on Steele’s offer and met with Simpson on Aug. 22, 2016. Ohr’s notes indicate Simpson identified several “possible intermediaries” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

One was identified as a “longtime associate of Trump” who “put together several real estate deals for Russian investigators to purchase Trump properties.” Another was a Russian apparently tied to Carter Page, Ohr’s note of his Simpson contact indicated.

Steele offered Ohr many other theories over their contacts, including a now widely discredited one that the Russian Alfa Bank had a computer server “as a link” to the Trump campaign, Ohr’s notes show.

In all, Ohr’s notes, emails and texts identify more than 60 contacts with Steele and/or Simpson, some dating to 2002 in London. But the vast majority occurred during the 2016-2017 timeframe that gave birth to one of the most controversial counterintelligence probes in recent American history. –The Hill

Bruce Ohr and wife Nellie, who Fusion GPS hired for anti-Trump effort

Disturbingly, Steele appears to have been lobbying for a Putin-linked Russian oligarch and Paul Manafort associate, Oleg Deripaska, while the former UK spy was also involved in the anti-Trump effort – asking Bruce Ohr to “monitor” Deripaska’s efforts to obtain a Visa to attend an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in the US.

[Perhaps this explains why the Obama administration granted Russian Trump-hating lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya – a Fusion GPS associate – a special visa under “extraordinary circumstances” to enter the US and participate in the Trump Tower meeting and a DOJ lawsuit against her Russian client, Denis Katsyv.]

With recent comments by President Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani suggesting there’s evidence the American public hasn’t seen, one has to wonder what we need to “stay tuned” for…


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  1. No surprise here. If you read Gregg Jarrett’s book “The Russia Hoax” this was discussed as well as the conflict of interest in Ohr’s wife working for the company paid as the conduit to Steele developing that dossier. There is little doubt that Brennan and Clappers’s fingerprints are all over this as well as others in the FBI and DOJ. There are people here that should have been indicted already and facing criminal prosecution for multiple felonies, yet this is still dragging out, being stonewalled, until another administration or Congress can squash it completely. We are seeing the biggest scandal in American history by far and those involved are trying to sweep it all under the rug. Don’t let them get away with it! Convene a Grand Jury now! Mueller is investigating the wrong stuff. It’s an intentional diversion from what the real scandal is.

  2. This whole fiasco was an ObamASS political attempt to bring down President Trump and rig the election in Killery’s favor.
    “[Perhaps this explains why the Obama administration granted Russian Trump-hating lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya – a Fusion GPS associate – a special visa under “extraordinary circumstances” to enter the US and participate in the Trump Tower meeting.”

  3. Why is this a one way street of the Russia, Russia, Russia fiasco trying to impeach and implicate President Trump, while on the other hand, Hillary in collusion with members of the DOJ, CIA, and FBI, were fabricating all these fake and false allegations to trap President Trump. Why isn’t that illegal? Why is the MSM not covering these illegalities….this collusion? Why is Hillary allowed to walk free knowing that she PAID for these trumped up charges? Why is McCabe, Comey, Brennan, etal. still walking free….here are your culprits with the Russian collusion accusations. ARREST them and PROSECUTE every one of them…they are all GUILTY!!!

  4. Nothing will happen cause they are democrats and congress, doj and any other government bureau has the balls to upset cozy Washington’s band of thieves, democrats and republicans.
    I could not be a politician, my parents taught me to stand by my words. I guess today’s politicians weren’t taught that.

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