Twitter Bans Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys After They Denounce White Supremacist Rally

Silicon Valley has claimed yet another conservative scalp after Twitter banned Gavin McInnes – the outspoken founder of the “Proud Boys” and co-founder of VICE magazine, along with several related accounts.

The timing of Mcinnes’s account suspension is suspect, has he was banned shortly after declaring that his organization is in no way associated with the “Unite the Right II” white supremacist rally taking place in Washington D.C. this weekend. The Proud Boys are a “pro-Western fraternal organization” which have made recent headlines following physical confrontations with leftists, particularly Antifa.

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“It goes without saying #ProudBoys have NOTHING to do with this and won’t go near it. We are a multi-racial group that eschews the Alt-Right and despise DNC operatives such as #OccupyWallStreet’s Jason Kessler.”

In 2017, as noted by journalist and pundit Ali Alexander, the Proud Boys disavowed the original Unite the Right rally:

In a rare decision, Gavin McInnes has officially announced that the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, scheduled on August 12th, has been disavowed. I personally am not surprised by this. The rally is not about “uniting the right,” it is an attempt to lump civic-nationalists in with ethno-nationalists in order to make them seem like the same thing.

Of course, this didn’t stop publications from linking the Proud Boys ban to support of Unite the Right II after McInnes was banned.

Variety ran with the headline, “Twitter Shuts Down Accounts of Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys Ahead of ‘Unite the Right’ Rally” and leftwing The Hill screamed, “Twitter suspends far-right “Proud Boys” accounts ahead of “Unite the Right” rally” atop of its coverage. Mashable tried linking the group with the rally exclaiming, “Twitter suspends Proud Boys before white supremacist rally.” –Ali Alexander