Kaepernick Ad Has Cost Nike Over $3 Billion So Far

Since announcing their new advertising campaign will be led by Colin Kaepernick, the social media backlash has dominated the virtue-signaling efforts we presume they hoped for.

With images of Nike apparel and footwear being burned and real sacrifice being discussed, it appears investors are growing disillusioned as NFL fans as Nike shares are down over 3% in the pre-market.

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On a side note, it appears Twitter has decided that snowflakes are just not prepared to see a pair of sneakers on fire and have attached a warning note to the previous tweet…

That is a loss of over $4 billion in market capitalization since the market close on Friday

Nike may have “just done it” but was it worth it?

If the public backlash against other corporate brand names who have taken a vocal political stance is any indication, Nike faces considerably more pressure: companies from Dick’s (which saw a sharp decline in sales after it stopped selling guns), to ESPN, to Papa John’s, to Twitter and Facebook, to In-N-Out burger, have all seen an angry customer backlash – from either the left or the right – once these corporations entered the political arena, resulting in a hit to the top line, and ultimately, the shareholders’ pocket.

And this could be a problem – #BoycottNike is now the number 1 trending topic on Twitter in the US...


via www.zerohedge.com

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  1. Are those soccer balls I see rolling down the halls of Nike? No, it’s just the heads of the CEO, the person in charge of advertising and the Board of directors! Hell hath no fury like disappointed share holders.

    1. I love it the a bunch of anti American liberials at Nike desided to distory Nike what a bunch of idiots! Everyone burn your Nike crap and never waste a dime on there crap in the future screw that company !! Anti American bastards

      1. Will never
        have anything
        Nike again. Will never buy gifts for people from Nike. It’s over for me and my family with Nike. Who could be that stupid and run a major company !!!

      2. Dc, I’m with you 100%! Too bad the weak minded followers of today’s society aren’t on the same page. They are as guilty as kaperdick for not standing up for Our Country and Our Veterans who some have sacrificed their lives so these scum bags can earn millions of dollars playing a game. SCREW nike the nfl and all their followers. Thank You to all who have served and are serving to keep Our Country FREE!!!

      1. You are kneeling in support of the criminal element that runs rough shod over the peaceful members of your community and the instances of black on black crime.

      1. I’m with you on that. I never much liked Nike shoes anyway, but now will never give a thought about buying any of their products. As for the NFL, college football is every bit as exciting as pro football. I’m with true patriots like Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan U. team, who play their hearts out and stand for the flag!

  2. All of these anti-American companies should move to Venezuela – TODAY! And take all of the overpaid, don’t-contribute-much-to-society “entertainers” (ie: Hollywood, NFL kneelers, etc…) with you!

    1. What happened to all the people in the entertainment field and pundits who said they were going to move to other countries? Why do we still hear from them?

  3. When you see NIKE going downhill fast, getting hooked up with the most unpopular name in the history of Sports. soon the only people that are going to wear Nike products will be ONLY those that still support the N!&&@ Felon League and those Idiotic Kneelers. There is also a Boycott campaign against all the other Sponsors. Nike will most likely change its brand name, then pay Billions in Promotions…

  4. I have sons and grandsons and my gift purchases consist mostly of sports wear. From now on I will by New Balance exclusively.
    I am so sick of these leftists businesses politicizing everything. I can’t stop them, but I can most certainly spend my money elsewhere. I will sit back and enjoy watching Nike’s profits decline.

  5. Who cares? when life is defined by a vendors products, then there is little hope for the individuals in this state of mind to be other than followers of whatever fad catches attention. I hope the guy on the ad cover saved some of his money

  6. I don’t know why a business would give the middle finger to half the country, if not more, like Nike, but there’s lots of them. I see ads all the time on tv I don’t like, like commercials with white women with red hair who act like goofs, or a guy blow drying his sac under his towel in a locker room, an ad for a new razor, I guess they only want gays to buy their product? There’s tons of’em, and I just make a mental note never to buy the product again or in the first place. Decades ago, when I was a college student, there was a book defining how to draw people into an ad to pitch a product, the cover of the book was an apple dangling from a fish hook. You wanted to get as many people to buy a company’s product as possible. Now, I guess the deal is NOT to get as many people as possible to buy what a company’s selling. Boy, have times changed.

  7. Why don’t these companies support the country that gave them the most part of their wealth? I would not care if they all went belly-up! Too much wasted money in sports anyway.

  8. NIKE is DISGUSTING! I will NEVER buy another one of the their products! What ungrateful, unpatriotic hypocrites! They suck up their wealth from American patriots and then bash them using this good-for-nothing socialist has-been football player. Kaepernick is a spoiled child who never did ANYTHING for his country except bash it! He belongs in Venezuela or North Korea!

    My Nike shoes will be returned that I purchased for 2 of my wonder boys who happen to love the United States. They told me they would not wear them now or in the future. PLUS YOU FOOLS, KAEPERNICK WAS AND IS A HORRIBLE FOOTBALL PLAYER ANYWAY!! GOOD LUCK LOOSING YOUR ASS OVER A STUPID FOOL ON YOUR NEW AD…………………….ANYONE THAT WORKS FOR NIKE BETTER START LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB!!!

  10. The Nike bunch have always been idiots. It does not come as a surprise that they would do something so stupid. They don’t care if teenage boys embroiled in poverty kill another teenager for their shoes. They don’t care if their profit line on a pair of Jordan’s is over 3,000 percent and parents and grandparents struggle to give their spoiled offspring such outlandish gifts. They don’t care. But I care. I have never succumbed to such stupidity and certainly will not start now. Let them burn along with their shoes. Swoosh.

    Jim Owen

  11. How have morons burning Nike shoes that they already paid for hurt Nike sales? These idiots are just giving Nike free publicity. I do not own anything Nike right now because their shoes don’t fit me well, and, in general, I am a bargain hunter, and Nike stuff is not cheap. But, I will now make an effort to buy Nike products because I admire them for taking this stand, and not being intimidated by the dumbass orange thing that lives in the White House! So, they will have one new customer as a result of this ad campaign! If you Trumptards are so outraged and concerned about the welfare of the troops and Vets, why don’t you send them your Nikes instead of burning them?

    1. Jill Grayson, you are as disrespectful as the no-name shoe company picked to be their sad little ball player. I wish you and all your ilk would move to California and build a BIG wall and stay out of this country!!! Maybe you don’t love this country but there are many of us who do…many of us who have lost people we love to give you the freedom to be such a disgrace. And like ALL of your kind you can never say anything without calling names…ignorance seems to abound in your little (and growing smaller I might add) group.

    2. Jill you are a democrat, therefore by default an idiot and a moron. So whats up with you doubling down on yourself? Jill please do us all a favor and move out of the USA.

  12. I guess these companies will never learn. The people have spoken and they want President Trump to do as he said he would. Going against this president is going against all who voted for him, that’s a lot of people!


    Let’s go on to, at the very least, a hundred fold! And then never ever go back!

  14. I love it – I hope they sink and go out of business as will all of the other brands that have to stick their political nose in it. So many young people who are in power, yet have no clue to think before they act or at least do some market survey to find out if it will affect the bottom line.

    sink, sink sink…..

  15. NIKE Nike, Inc. (“Victory” in Greek – Not an acronym) Business » Companies & Firms

    Nike, originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS), was founded by University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman, on January 25, 1964. The company initially operated as a distributor for Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger, making most sales at track meets out of Knight’s automobile.

    Nike=retribution for Nagasaki & Hiroshima=retribution for 7 Dec 41 Pearl Harbor=retribution for cancelling steel to Japan=retribution for Far East attacks on China and other Asian Countries=Empire of Japan expansion/German/Italy — The “Axis powers” formally took the name after the Tripartite Pact was signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan on 27 September 1940, in Berlin. The pact was subsequently joined by Hungary (20 November 1940), Romania (23 November 1940), Slovakia (24 November 1940), and Bulgaria (1 March 1941).

  16. What people don’t seem to understand is this is not about Colin Kaepernick, it is about money and money only. Nike is aware that there will be boycotts, but are counting on those who support his cause to buy more than ever. It is about getting their name in the news, and billions of dollars in free advertising. The majority of the factories are located in Asia, including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia where it is cheap to manufacture and wages are in the poverty levels. Their profits are huge because of this. They do not care about Kaepernick’s cause or what anyone thinks. The number one priority is cash, and lots of it.

  17. i hope nike goes broke, serves them right for using kapernick, who is loser, i would not buy any products by nike. their shoes are not worth the price you spend any way.

  18. If they had used Pat Tillman instead? I might have considered buying a Nike product again for the fist time since the Tiger scandal 😓

  19. Nike is catering to their minority purchasers since they are less concerned about the majority which seems like a strange business practice. However, the vast sums of money they pay for very popular minority athletes’ endorsements of their products has been a policy of theirs for years and they are free to pursue that policy. But part of the cost of every Nike product is recouping that endorsement cost. I refuse to buy Nike products because part of the product cost is used to pay those athletes, and those athletes make enough money without my contributions as well. As far as Kaepernick is concerned, his “protest” is worse than phony. It is inciting the ambushing and killing of police which has been at nearly epidemic proportions. His “protest” is helping to kill our law enforcement people and is therefore despicable. So I abandoned the NFL last year and will continue doing so.

  20. Why do you think the NFL would not touch the guy. So NIKE decides that they are bigger, better, and braver than the NFL. Good luck guys with your new positions, where ever that may be.

  21. Why WOULD a company give the middle finger to half the population? Very Good Question. Why WOULD a company want to see “democrats” in power? “Democrats” want to raise corporate and public taxes by 3 trillion dollars…”DEMOCRATS” want to change the government to socialism. “Democrats want to nationalize THEIR corporations giving the power of their decisions to the socialist government. Sounds like communism to me. Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize Everything | National …
    Aug 16, 2018 – Elizabeth Warren proposes to nationalize every major business in the … and businesses had faith in American law and the American dollar.

  22. Nike take a Hike… I refuse to purchase anything with the swoosh on it , or anything affiliated with this ANTI-AMERICAN ANTI MILITARY ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT Brand. BOYCOTT is the AMERICAN WAY to bring this Company to it’s KNEES. P.S. I suggest that colon changes his name to Neil.


  24. Just like the NFL siding with Colon Kraperneck, now we have Nike cutting their own throats through their abject stupidity. Fine by me, I’ll support them in their demise along with Dicks Sporting Goods and any others supporting this movement. I’ll get by just fine without any of their products and hope they all have a speedy time frame leading to their closing doors for good. They want to sacrifice everything? So let it be written, so let it be done!

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