Kavanaugh Accuser: Delay Hearing Because I Don’t Like Flying

The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both minors is attempting to delay testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee until late next week because she says she doesn’t like flying in an airplane.

The Republicans on the committee have offered Christine Ford the chance to testify in a hearing on Wednesday, restrict the cameras in the room to one, and have her be questioned by outside legal counsel. She has until the end of today to accept or reject these terms, according to Politico.

But Ford has been pushing to delay the hearing until Thursday because she does not like to fly, according to CNN. Ford does not enjoy being in enclosed spaces, her friends told the network. They intimated to the news network that her dislike of small spaces and planes is due to trauma she has experienced.

Republicans on the committee have offered to fly out to California or anywhere else that is convenient for Ford — eliminating the need for her to fly. Thus it is not necessary for Ford to drive across the country to be heard by the committee, which raises questions about why she is requesting to delay the committee hearing.

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    1. I think SHE is just TRYING to delay the confirmation as long as she can so the DEMONrats might be able to eliminate Kavanaugh from becoming a Superior court judge.
      She can NOT give an good explanation for ALL of the thing she wants done before she will testify.
      Some of the simple requests are strictly against what is common and lawful like making Kavanaugh testify first and ONLY her lawyer to ask the questions and Kavanaugh will not be in the room with her when she testify.

    1. I for one can’t wrap my mind around this circus of Dumborats trying to derail Kavanaugh from being confirmed!!! Is this the party you Americans want to lead!!!Hell not me!!!!

    2. I’m not sure these are her demands – it makes more sense the demands are coming from a democratic think tank and voiced by Katz a rabble rousing democratic lawyer funded by Soros I believe they are only dreaming up delays – they have come up with some of the most ignorant requests IE: only one camera in the room – probably CNN – and from only one angle, the Judge must go first, scared to fly – to confining – bet she would agree to drive as it would take 4 or 5 days – being confined in a car is ok. It is nothing more than a stall tactic and Senator Grassley offered to fly there and hear her story in private and she turned that down, offered to have a woman ask the questions and that wasn’t acceptable either . The Democrate’s have taken this over Katz is being assisted with ideas from the Democrat think tank and there isn’t much doubt Soto’s is funding this circus just as his money paid for the activist during the hearings to disrupt the hearings along with Sparticas and his ignorant partners Bloomenthal and Kamela – every one of these devils will one day stand before a Judge they won’t be able to demonize.

  1. Can you say democratic plot to ruin Kavanaugh. Stall till the mid terms in hopes of retaking the legislature. How long are we going to play this game?

  2. This woman is so full of s–t and will come up with the most lame brain excuses not to complete the insulting and malicious accusations that it is obviously a complete set up by the Democrats to use this plant. There is no provable basis, it would have been a wishful dream on her part that she things is reality. ON a 1 to 0 scale where 0 to a total lie and fabrication to completely believable with proof, this fabricated story loses more point every day, and is already in the negative numbers. She should be held liable for the costs to both the citizens of the USA and to Kavanaugh for her unfounded and non-provable accusations from an event that might or might not have happened nearly 4 decades ago.
    Nest she has no right to make demands on who will cross examine her, when, how or where. To so only shows the desperation of trying to back peddle what were lies to begin with, the desperation of the Democratic party to even think this was right, and the idiotic way that Feinstein brought it out from under the rug at the 11th hour.
    The whole event is highly suspect, highly unbelieveable, and highly idiotic.

    1. I’m in total agreement with you!!! Anyone with a brain can see what a LIAR she is!!! And she has the damn nerve to demand conditions!!!

  3. I’m afraid of trains and buses. I get carsick but I do not want any one to interview me in my home. I fear for my safety. I’ve gotten death threats but do not want to share them with investigators.

    1. Right!? Can she come up with any other excuses? I don’t know what she’s getting out of this, but I hope it’s worth it. She’ll pay for it in the end though!

  4. She is doing just what Democrats are telling her to do. This is clear as the nose on your face. She will have big pay check coming her book deal etc. this has gone far enough tell her they are flying there get on plane get this wrapped up. From all SHE is doing she is showing here hand this is a made up story. I keep coming back to his wife and the children plus him. I never thought I would live to see so much Hate in this country. Democrats eedto let it go they LOST ow pull up your big boy pants get on with business you were elected to do

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    1. I’m sure she would rather take a boat as it would take longer – train is 3kr 4 days – car same – plane to fast – this whole thing is a fabrication – If I were the Judge – I would sue her for defamation of character and for the bs his wife and children are going thru. But I would wait till after I was confirmed As I’m sure the Democrates are praying he sues her now S they can hold him at bay until after the midterms. Hope he isn’t drawn into that trap. Once the blue wave evaperTes from the heat of the red wave – each of these morons Kamela, Spartacus, Feinstein and the one from Hawaii are brought up on conspiracy charges and Soros is remanded to the Hungarian courts to be tried for what he did .

  6. There are witnesses that said she’s lying any way. This leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a ploy so she can be better coached on her lies at the hearing. When are the republicans going to grow some balls and put an end to all this liberal BULLSHIT and put everyone involved in this scam IN PRISON.

  7. Blatant bullshit. Just another socialist tactic. Her lawyer is a “democratic” activist who has said on camera that she will do whatever it takes to obstruct and resist. What do ya know….?

  8. Really must we go there again? This is bull crap exploited! Gaining a name for her 15 minutes? You just ruined your entire career and taking someone down with you that happened 30 years ago? Your lawyer has gained a reputation for herself too. Thinking of it she used Ford to get there. Shame on you Ford. I don’t want a psycho as my Doctor.

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