It all falls apart: Kavanaugh accusers recant and are exposed for history of lies and “psycho” behavior

(Natural News) It’s a full-in circus at the United States Senate as truly desperate Democrats throw every accusation they can come up with at Brett Kavanaugh in a last-ditch attempt to halt his Supreme Court confirmation.

In an operation that should probably be called Fast and Furious, Democrat operatives are grasping at any allegation, no matter how despicable or disreputable the source. They’ve even resorted to third-hand anonymous “eyewitnesses” who say they know someone who saw something involving someone who might have been with Kavanaugh some years ago, but they’re not completely sure.

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But the stories are all collapsing, and some of the allegations now being desperately catapulted in the direction of Kavanaugh appear to have been made by truly “psycho” individuals. Other allegations are rapidly being recanted. Here’s a taste of what’s breaking on all this just today:

From The Gateway Pundit: Ex-Boyfriend [of Julie Swetnick] Filed Restraining Order: ‘Julie Threatened to do Harm to My New Wife and Baby’

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti revealed Brett Kavanaugh’s 3rd accuser Wednesday morning–A woman named Julie Swetnick who has brought forth allegations of gang rape.

Julie Swetnick’s ex-boyfriend says he had to file a restraining order against Swetnick after they broke up–she continued to harass him after he got married to another woman.

Swetnick’s former boyfriend told Politico she threatened to harm his new wife and baby!

From PJ Media: “Woman Who Partied with Georgetown Prep Football Team Disputes Gang Rape Allegations

Lisa Miller, who graduated in 1981 from Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, a private Roman Catholic college-preparatory school for girls, spoke to PJ Media about the new allegations from Julie Swetnick. According to Miller, such activity described by Swetnick did not happen. She said such activities would have been widely known.

From All News Pipeline: Liberals Scrape The Bottom Of The Barrel With New Kavanaugh Accuser -Less Credible Than The Others And Might Have Admitted To Her Own Crimes

Swetnick claims she witnessed the two drink excessively, engage in high inappropriate conduct and fondling and grabbing girls without consent. She also claims that during 1981 – 1982 she witnessed both men cause girls to become inebriated so they could be gang-raped in a side bedroom.

Swetnick, again according to her own declaration, attended more than 10 house parties between 1981-1983, when she was 18, 19 and 20 years old respectively, stating that she was aware, as an adult attending these parties, that men at these parties, which she specifically names Kavanaugh and Judge were “spiking” the punch at house parties with drugs and grain alcohol to cause the girls to lose their inhibitions. She also claims that as an adult, since we have already established her age, she witnessed those girls being taken to rooms to be “gang” or “train” raped.

From Lindsey Graham Just Took The Latest Kavanaugh Accusation To The Woodshed

…so, do we have any witnesses? Uh, apparently we do not. Like the two other allegations hurled at Kavanaugh, there’s no further evidence to corroborate that Kavanaugh was a master ring leader in this alleged debauchery.  Should we be shocked? Probably not, what else would you expect from a grandstanding, opportunistic porn lawyer? Also, she kept going to these parties where rape was occurring? Yes, it’s all suspect.


A Rhode Island man who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting his friend apologized on Wednesday and said he “made a mistake.”

The man called Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s office and claimed that Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, a high school friend of Kavanaugh, drunkenly sexually assaulted one of his friends, according to interview transcripts released by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

After Catalan started getting attention on Twitter, he publicly stated that he had recanted the accusation.

From Third-hand anonymous eyewitness accounts show desperation of Democrats

6:49 PM — NBC News reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating a fourth accusation — that Kavanaugh “physically assaulted a woman he socialized with in the Washington, D.C. area in 1998 while he was inebriated.”

The letter, sent to Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), is anonymous. The author is not the alleged victim but claims to be the parent of a woman who claims to have witnessed Kavanaugh “[shove] her friend up against the wall very aggressively and sexually.”

So wait… it’s the anonymous parent of a woman who says she saw someone with Kavanaugh in 1998? Now we’re engrossed over third-hand anonymous accounts?

From The Gateway Pundit: Judiciary Committee Asks for Audio-Video of Christine Ford’s Polygraph – Her Atty’s Refuse, Saying “It’s Not Important”

Wilkinson told CBS the lawyers for Dr. Ford have not turned over the results of her lie detector test or her therapist’s notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee asked for audio-visual from Ford’s lie detector test. Ford’s team responded that “it wasn’t important.”


Ford’s claim that there were “4 boys and a couple of girls” at the party contradicts Ford and her lawyer’s other accounts of how many people were present.

In her letter to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford claimed that there were “four others” present. She also told The Washington Post that there were “four boys at the party” and two — Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge — in the room where the assault allegedly occurred.

Since Ford’s allegations were first made public, there have been three different accounts of how many people were at the party she claims to have been assaulted at: four boys, four boys and one girl, and four boys and a couple of girls.



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  1. My boy pekingese told me that Kavanaugh scratched his belly in a suggestive way,. stimulating him. And this took place just a few years ago. Well there you have it. A better defined more believable story than all the others sure to convict. CNN is now reporting that the Judge is a petophile. If my pup recants, I’ll let you know, sometime, maybe.

  2. Thank you Sir. For you are indeed a true gentleman. I look forward to know that Judge Kavanaugh will indeed swore in as the next Justice of The United States Supreme Court. To the total group of evil democrats I hope that you ALL burn in hell for what you have attempted to do to this fine gentleman. We the people of this great country do not have the time or need for such evil, shameful people. Just remember you will have to answer to GOD the Father at the time of your death and explain why you attempted to ruin this gentleman life. GOD have mercer on your soul.

  3. Apparently all the liberals think they have to do is make any statement about someone then they say that they MISPOKE no that would be an OUTRIGHT LIE!!! They all need to be held accountable for what they say as any other people would!!!!

  4. Gardner sticking his nose in surprises me not at all. I’m from Colorado, and that Asshat is a RINO to the core. He’s despised by the majority of conservatives in the State.

  5. In all my years, I have never seen any political division like this one. I voted for Trump and no RUSSIANS OR CHINESE MADE ME DO SO IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. In the past I have voted for Democrats and republicans. I voted for the man…and the woman. But after witnessing what the democrats are doing with the likes of Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Shumer, Loretta Lynch, Liz Warren, Maxine Watters, Sorros, Bloomberg, Strozk , Comey and the rest of his minions along with other a holes from the department of justice, I will never vote for another democrat in the years I have left.

  6. It’s easy to pass a lie detector test when the questions asked were presented by Fords own attorney’s…that’s why they won’t release the audio tapes wherein they asked the right questions to get the right answers…Hence Ms. Ford passed the lie detector test with flying colors…Is there still anyone out there who wants to buy that ocean front property for sale in Arizona…If so please contact Michael Avenatti…he has the complete scoop on that property.

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