Saudis Admit Khashoggi Killed At Consulate “In Fist-Fight”, King Salman Fires 5 Top Officials

Update: The White House has issue a statement:

And Democrat Congressman Schiff has piped in, claiming “the Saudi report of Khashoggi is not credible.”

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Saudi Arabia confirmed tonight that Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed at its consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.

In a statement put out on Saudi state television, citing an initial investigation by Saudi prosecutors, SPA said that:

“an argument erupted between him [Khashoggi] and others whom he met in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul leading to a fistfight which led to his death.”

Prosecutors said the investigation was still ongoing and that 18 people, all Saudi nationals, had so far been arrested, SPA reported.

“The Kingdom expresses its deep regret at the painful developments that have taken place and stresses the commitment of the authorities in the Kingdom to bring the facts to the public,” the statement said.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has removed a key royal adviser and a senior intelligence official..

King Salman issued an order to remove Saud al-Qahtani, an adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to the state-run Ikhbariya television.

The monarch also relieved deputy intelligence chief Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri.

This follows the narrative reported by The New York Times on Thursday that Riyadh is looking to blame Assiri for the purported murder of Khashoggi in an effort to shield Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from the blame.

Saudi King Salman has also ordered the formation of ministerial committee led by crown prince Mohammad bin Salman to restructure the general intelligence agency.

As Ali Shihabi, Founder, The Arabia Foundation, tweets:

“The removal of two top officials, a cabinet ranking, very powerful and close advisor of MBS and the Deputy Head of Foreign intelligence + 4 other Generals in foreign intelligence (virtually its whole top leadership) cannot be written off as a cover up. This is unprecedented.”

This is not saying “rogue killers” but implicating virtually the whole top leadership of foreign intelligence. They carried out a mission that went sour very quickly and tried to cover it up initially. Bad news travels slowly to the top.”

We await President Trump’s “very severe consequences.”


  1. I Would Advise On The Side Of Patience And Against Hastily Drawing Any Alternate Conclusions About The Unfortunate Death Of Jamal Khashoggi. I Am Willing To Give Saudi Arabian Crown Mohammed Bin Salman At This Time The Benefit Of An Doubt For The Sake Of Stability In The Middle East/Persian Gulf Region And It’s Security Against The Threats That Were Created And Perpetuated By Iran And The Russian Republic As Well As Radical Muslim Militias And Terrorism In That Historically Troubled Region Of The World. It Is Important That This Matter Is Handled Most Delicately By Professional Diplomats From Both The U.S,The Saudi Kingdom AS Well As Turkey Towards An Satisfactory Result.

  2. send him and all democrats there to investigate , maybe they will get into a fist fight , isnt that what they do to conservatives

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