Blue wave fizzles… Republicans keep the Senate; celebrity Democrat candidates in near-universal failure

(Natural News) Huge points from the mid-term elections that took place tonight:

  • Republicans not only defended their majority in the U.S. Senate; they flipped several seats to the GOP and expanded their Senate majority.
  • This matters because the U.S. Senate confirms all judicial and Supreme Court appointments.
  • Democrats have seized control of the House of Representatives, buoyed by two years of extreme censorship by the tech giants and a never-ending wave of fake news from the left-wing media.
  • This matters because it gives Democrats subpoena power to investigate the Trump administration and initiate impeachment proceedings. However, as the deep state has proven over the last two years, subpoenas from the House can simply be ignored by everyone because the House has no power to make arrests or initiate DOJ prosecutions.
  • All the Democrat “superstar” candidates such as Beto and Gillum went down in flames, burning through $100+ million in Democrat cash that had poured into local elections from across the country.
  • Other big losers tonight are the Hollywood celebrities who resorted to stripping naked to beg for Democrat votes. The ploy was widely rejected, for good reason.
  • There were widespread reports of fraudulent voting from Democrats, with non-citizens being openly encouraged to vote across Texas, as revealed in a late-dropping Project Veritas video that should spur Texas Attorney General investigations.

Bottom line? Democrats will run the House for two years, beginning January of 2019. This will actually prime the American people to come out in droves and vote against the left-wing lunacy in 2020, when President Trump will be back on the ticket. Events are lining up right now for a sweeping GOP victory in 2020.

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Bottom line? No blue wave. More like blue hallucinations and propaganda.


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  1. For over 50 years leftist teaching in schools and media lies has put America on the verge of Socialism! The citizens have no idea what they are signing up for. The left and the Islamic have united to destroy America. Is this the end of the experiment that is and was America?

  2. The blue wave is more like “the blue hair dye weave”
    look at the dinosaur leftist socialists- many long in the tooth and some appear to have Alzheimer’s.

  3. It is actually frightening the socialists have been able to get their illegals voting for them. You have the kids coming out of schools as hard core socialists, illegals being imported by the THOUSANDS. Dead people voting. Pre filled out voter registrations with CITIZEN box checked….All the medias censoring republicans and omitting the corruption of the democrats. How can we possibly take control of our country away from the socialists?

  4. Every Democrat that Obama and Oprah campaigned for lost…………..They didn’t the message for the last 8 years………..they still don’t.

  5. I am hoping that the fact that non citizens were allowed to vote in Texas, and most likely California as well, probably Illinois, which has been notorious for ballots being cast in the name of deceased and under aged persons will not keep legitimate voters from the polls. Texas needs to revamp its registration system, its balloting and counting and verification of citizenship. Illegal voting is a Federal offense, I think-if not it certainly should be and a felony at that. Texas has two years to clean up its act before the 2020. Those poll workers who allowed and in fact encouraged non citizens to vote need to be prosecuted and jailed. I worked the polls in Appleton WI for a time, and it was emphatically shown us how important it is to get it right. It does not surprise me that these people vote for democrats, but it is rather interesting that Dems don’t seem to care that they are illegitimate rulers of this country-especially since they make such a hew and cry about Trump not being “their” president. So, by that measure, the Congress is not “my” legislature, so I do not have to obey any laws they come up with….interesting. Oh, and if it turns out that Walker loses as governor of WI, then the new Democrat governor is not my governor. Also interesting.

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