Report: No Evidence of Any Foreign Tampering With Election Systems

There is no evidence that any foreign power is trying to interfere with U.S. voting systems as people head to the polls, intelligence officials tell NBC News.

“There’s a lot of noise — we see the typical scanning and probing — but we can’t attribute it to any bad actors,” said one official.

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And a secret assessment sent to the White House last week by an intelligence task forces found no evidence of foreign actors attempting to tamper with election infrastructure, the network news reported.

Intelligence officials have already communicated with known operative in Russia and elsewhere to warn them against trying anything.

One official described the communications with the suspected hackers as, “We know that you’re going to do this. Don’t do it!”

Intelligence officials have noted foreign influence campaigns on social media leading up to the midterm elections. However, they have not seen any foreign power attempting to hack the vote, NBC News said.

President Donald Trump said his administration has spent a lot of money and time to make certain the elections are “perfect and safe.”


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