“You Are A Rude, Terrible Person”: Trump Unloads On CNN’s Jim Acosta During Tense Press Briefing

Update: CNN in a statement said that Presidnet Turmp’s attacks “have gone too far,” and “are not only dangerous, they are disturbingly un-American.”

“A free press is vital to democracy, and we stand behind Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere,” added the network.

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President Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta got into a verbal altercation during a contentious press briefing Wednesday.

While asking Trump about a northbound migrant caravan making its way to the southern US border, Acosta challenged Trump’s characterization of the group as an “invasion.”

Acosta asked “Why did you characterize it as such?” to which Trump replied “because I consider it an invasion. You and I have a difference of opinion.”

Do you think that you demonized immigrants?” Acosta shot back.

“Not at all, no – not at all,” Trump replied. “I want them to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. You know, they have to come in Jim through a process. And I want people to come in, and we need the people.”

Acosta then questioned Trump on an midterm advertisement showing “migrants climbing over walls and so-on,” to which Trump fired back: “They weren’t actors.”

After more barbs were exchanged between the two, Trump said: “Honestly, I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN, and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better.” 

Acosta then refused to sit down, leading to a standoff in which a White House aide tried to take his microphone.

Trump then dressed down Acosta:

“You know, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN,” adding “The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible.

After NBC’s Peter Alexander came to Acosta’s defense, Trump added: “well I’m not a big fan of yours either, to be honest. You aren’t the best.

The exchange has Twitter buzzing:

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  1. I think Jim Acosta should no longer be allowed in these press conferences. He just wastethe presidents and Sarah’s time with ridiculous questions, innuendos and accusations. PLEASE get him out of there!!

    1. Acosta is an embarrassment to the entire press corps. His behavior and offensive Insolence cannot and should not be left without Consequence. He is fortunate he is not being charged with Battery on a person, after pushing the aides arm away from him. If you disagree this is the definition of battery

      “the crime or tort of unconsented physical contact with another person, even where the contact is not violent but merely menacing or offensive”

  2. Mr. Acosta, sir, you Liberal Democrats need to Respect The Legally Elected US President Mr. DJ Trump, because he is Above Mr. Pompeo The US SOS, this means Mr. DJ Trump is the top = Chief= The USA’s Ambassador and Diplomat, because “We The Legal Citizens And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA Voted for him, and NOT that Lying piece of human flesh, whose name is Mrs. HR Clinton!

  3. This guy is being so disorderly I believe he is trying out for one of those Communist Trump-hating Late Nite Brain-dead TV shows. He should never be allowed in the White Housea again and if CNN sends another one like him to a White House Press Conference CNN should be banned as well. Enough of this Bullsh*t and wasting the POTUS time to have talk talk to one of these A-hole Non-Reporters like they are retarded children.

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