Ginsburg Misses First Session Following Hospital Discharge

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed the court’s first session since leaving the hospital, but her situation is improving, a spokeswoman told The Washington Post.

Ginsburg, 85, fractured multiple ribs after falling in her office last week, but was discharged from George Washington University Hospital the next day.

“She continues to improve and is working from home this morning,” the court’s public information officer, Kathy Arberg, told the Post.

The newspaper notes that Ginsburg missed a short non-argument session, and that justices frequently skip these.

This isn’t the first time Ginsburg has broken ribs while serving on the court. In 2012, she told a reporter that she kept working despite cracking two ribs. She’s also persevered on the court despite contracting colon and pancreatic cancer, as well as having a heart procedure.

via newsmax

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