Trump To Submit Written Replies To Mueller Probe Questions “In Coming Days”

It’s been nearly a year since Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors started negotiating with President Trump’s lawyers about the prospects for a presidential interview, a request that Trump once said he’d be happy – even eager – to oblige, until his lawyers explained that the downside risks (Trump falling into a perjury trap and possibly winding up in jail) far outweighed the upside (a minor PR victory).

Somewhere around July, Mueller began to realize that his only leverage to try and force an in-person interview, the possibility that he could subpoena the president, wasn’t all that threatening. Given the very flimsy legal precedent and the confirmation of another friendly conservative justice (Neil Gorsuch), subpoenaing a sitting president would be more trouble than it was worth, and far too unorthodox for a man who has built his career on respecting precedents. So, over the summer, Mueller finally conceded, and agreed to accept written answers to his team’s questions, while also agreeing to limit the scope of his inquiry to the probe’s original purpose: The Trump campaign’s ties to Russia (allegations of obstruction of justice would just have to wait).

Which brings us to Tuesday, when CNN reported that Trump’s finalized and, we imagine, thoroughly vetted answers would be submitted to Mueller “in the coming days,” just as his team is said to be busy working on another indictment, or string of indictments.

Trump reportedly met with his lawyers on Monday to give the answers one last review before submitting them.

The meeting was the latest as the responses are finalized, and the source said the answers could be submitted to the special counsel in the coming days. The questions focus on Russia collusion and not obstruction of justice and are part of an agreement reached with Mueller’s team to “move forward,” according to the source.

However, as CNN pointed out, there are still “issues that remain unresolved” – such as whether Trump will answer questions about whether he obstructed justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey, or whether an in-person interview might still be a possibility.

But there are other issues that have not been resolved, including answering questions about obstruction and whether the President will sit down for an interview with special counsel.

As CNN previously reported, Trump was meeting with lawyers about the questions before the midterms as he was preparing to remove Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

The move to replace Sessions with acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, who has been openly critical of the special counsel, comes as the White House braces for a return of public activity on the Russia investigation following a pre-election quiet period, according to people briefed on the matter.

Whitaker will now oversee the Mueller investigation, which had previously been under the purview of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

However, Trump’s appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general over Rod Rosenstein suggests that he has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that Mueller will wrap up his probe in a timely manner, as Whitaker has refused to recuse himself and Mitch McConnell has said that any legislation to protect Mueller would be dead in the water.

Drafts of what were said to be questions submitted by Mueller leaked back in May.  But questions about whether these were the final set, or represented just one round in the negotiations, remain.

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  1. Make sure that Robert Mueller & Roseinstein did not hide the original scope in the DOJ office. President Trump has nothing to do with Russia, because this is all their plan by themselves to have something to stop Trump from draining the swamp. These people are so powerful in covering their crimes. TOO BAD, because President Trump is smarter than they are, and he is the Greatest COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF for our Smart Military. Democrats hate our Military, but anyway they own ANTIFA & MOBS for themselves, and they may funded them instead of our Military. I got to think our government is so big, and also they have most agencies, Deep States, etc to joint them for their protection including the caravan. But, because they are well protected may be President Trump should have his Military to round them up, and destroy them. President Trump is the President of the United States of America, but everybody with their family dogs want to be president, and they want to make decision for the President. Today, the Conservative just want to leave them alone, but because we have to support our President to destroy these people who wants to control our lives, and our Beautiful America. Thank you President Trump for the good fight to save America, and its people. I LOVE MY PRESIDENT, because I LOVE MY FREEDOM. GOD bless President Trump, and to protect him from evils, and difficulties. From: I LOVE MY FREEDOM.

  2. Luisa Gregg DEMOCRATS & THE MEDIA—They want to change America to a one party socialist dictatorship. They want to make up the law as they go along so that they can always win. That is what they doing right now. JUST OUR TWO CENTS.

    1. Luisa: You are right on target – no one could say it any better in just a few words as you did. Why is it that so many Americans cannot see the situation for what it really is when it is thrown in their faces. This is quite troubling!

  3. This is rumor, and propaganda. I think they want so dearly White House to fall apart, and Trump to fail. That they willing to imagine, and make up things to support their desires, and delusions. JUST OUR TWO CENTS.

  4. The TWO MEN and a truck–OBAMA HUSEIN & MICHAEL HUSEIN–He was sponsored and made him president despite having no qualification of his own as an narcissist he came to enjoy the attention, and adoration of the media, and Democrats. He now finds it hard to let go of that, and retire quietly so he has broken with tradition and despite being perhaps the worst president ever, he has been commenting on President Trump both to defense his legacy. He did not help the Democrats he campaign for in the mid-term and was just embarrassing himself. He should take his long overdue retirement and avoid the public eye, and shut up. JUST OUR TWO CENTS

  5. Luisa Gregg, Here are the TWO MEN and a truck Obama Husein & Michael Husein. The book ghost written for him. Barack Husein needs the teleprompter in order to speak coherently, and she is no better. And, her interview the other day, despite last the only 45 second and edited, she hemmed and hawed and paused to think multiple times. Makes you wonder how genuine, and worth while her book is. Chances are, it was written to defend the Obama “legacy” and push the Democrats agenda. JUST OUR TWO CENTS.

  6. Why isn’t Mueller being ordered to recuse himself? His hiring of ONLY mega buck Clinton lawyers and his refusal to follow up on the IG report shows BLATANT bias. Same for Rosenstein for letting Mueller get away with this on top of his Trump “jokes”.

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