Gillum Takes Back Concession in Florida Gov Race, Recount Proceeds

Democrat Andrew Gillum has withdrawn his concession in the Florida gubernatorial race following a recount.

“I am replacing my words of concession with an uncompromised and unapologetic call that we count every single vote,” Gillum announced Saturday.

Unofficial election results showed former GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis ahead of Gillum by less than 0.5 points — triggering a Florida state law-mandated machine recount of ballots.

“We’ve learned in various parts of this state that there are still votes that are outstanding,” Gillum said. “There’s even still in parts of this state some uncertainty around the total number of votes that are remaining to be cast,” CNN quoted the Democrat.

A lawyer for Gillum, however, said the campaign wasn’t alleging any wrongdoing and had no immediate plans to pursue legal action, the news outlet reported.

In a video statement, DeSantis declared the results “clear and unambiguous.”

“With the election behind us, it’s now time to come together as a state as we prepare to serve all Floridians,” DeSantis said, CNN reported. “Since Tuesday night, that is what I have been doing and that is what I will continue to do in the days and weeks ahead.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

via newsmax


  1. This is crazy. What happened to the election laws they were supposed to follow? Do laws mean nothing to the Democrats anymore?

  2. Any state that has this much trouble counting and tracking ballots should never be allowed in the Union. It speaks to total corruption and obvious intent to fraudulently elect representatives. And whenever fraud is found, several Demonicraps are right there.

  3. Here is yet another concession becoming another unconcessionairen (another new word for oxford dictionary). I am not apologetic for calling these people typical demorats. They will get the “C” back in the word demorat when they understand (can {C} see) that when you lose you lose. If they win it was a fair election. If they lose they want to reach into their crooked pocket and pull out all stops to insure a win. When they still can’t get a win then they blame it on the system and shall ask for the billionaires money to twist the election in their direction. We must never let down our guard as the demorats are trying ever so hard to give our country away…

  4. What Gillum is really saying is “we need more time to sneak in more illegal democrat votes so I am the winner” This is now the democrat playbook and the title is “HOW TO LIE, CHEAT AND STEAL TO WIN”. If I was a moderate democrat I would find everything the democrat’s have done since 2016 rather hard to swallow and it would be an embarrassment to admit that I was a democrat.

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