Racist Note Left On Kansas Student’s Door… Was Written By Himself

Kansas State University students were horrified after a student posted a picture of a racist note on the door frame of his home at Jardine Apartments. The note read, “Beware n***ers live here! Knock at your own risk.”

Immediately the calls went out (metaphorically speaking) to track down any Trump-supporters, MAGA-hat-wearers, or generally right-leaning members of the student community who MUST have been guilty of this horrible act.

WIBW reports that campus police began investigating the note, presumably with an open mind, and investigators say the student has admitted making the sign and hanging it.

Prior to the police determining the note was a hoax, Jeff Morris, K-State’s Vice President of Communication and Marketing, said acts like this are unacceptable and not tolerated at the University.

“We’re rallying behind the students to make sure they know their supported and apart of the K-State family,” Morris said.

“At this time we don’t know who did this, or why, or what their motivations were, and we don’t want to speculate until we finish the investigation.”

The school says they will handle the situation “in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures.”

As WIBW noted, officials did not define what that entailed, but we are sure it will involve group hugs, safe-spaces, and “it’s-the-environment-that-did-it” excuses.

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  1. Of course it was written by him! Then did he plan to sue for millions because of discrimination? He needs to go to a class, required, as a small part of his punishment. That class should start with the conception of this great country, the Founding Fathers, move on down the line to the Constitution as the only LAW that AMERICA follows, and he should be tested frequently on the truth, and the true history of this country. He would learn that our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin and John Q Adams warned us about ISLAM and its brutality and barbaric practices that hadn’t had a reformation since Mohammad founded it. He should learn that if you are living in our country, the only law that is followed is our Constitution, a brilliant document that has weathered the ages when no other document in the world can boast such success. He needs to know why Muslims cannot be good Americans or be Westernized unless they are willing to proclaim the Constitution, above Sharia Law and stop practicing Sharia before the Constitution, the Constitution and Sharia Law are complete opposites. You can’t practice both, Sharia condones child brides, pedophilia, female mutilation, women and little girls beaten to a pulp where many don’t survive their injuries, and if they do, they get it from the Muslim man all over again. This has happened in the countries that Muslim refugees, mainly Syrians, have taken asylum. HOWEVER, they have taken over, and in Sweden alone, the P.D. is filled with women on a daily basis who have been beaten, gang raped, and have either been able to get to the Police Station, or died on the spot where they were tormented by gangs of Muslim men who treated them like they do their women in their countries.
    Thank GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! I will never understand radical leftist who insult Christians and put Islam on a pedestal, the very ideologist feminist despise, yet, the same ideology feminist and radicals try to protect.

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