Is Thanksgiving A Racist Holiday?

Most students who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation at American University believe Thanksgiving is a racist holiday, yet the majority of them still plan on celebrating it as a way to see their family and friends and to take a break from school.

One student called it a “genocidal holiday.”

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While another stood by it saying:

“No one goes into Thanksgiving dinner thinking ‘I’m going to establish white supremacy.’ No, it’s all about eating turkey and having a good time.”

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  1. The students nowadays are taught that everything is racist, and that all reality should be judged by skin color first & foremost…then by gender and perceived gender…the halls of academia are pumping out functional idiots and calling the indoctrination an education…this country is in serious trouble!

  2. These morons need to do is go back to the second grade and learn what the first thanksgiving meant . If memory serves me , and i’m 72 , it was a celebration of a bountiful harvest so the pilgrims could survive the winter. It would NOT have been so had it not been for the American Indians.

  3. Ha….sending them back to second grade would make little difference, the liberal retards have taken over the elementary schools and are pushing this ridiculous agenda of everyone and everything that is not liberal, democrat or minority as evil, oppressive, bad or racist.

    We’ve don e this to ourselves over the last 60-70 years, by allowing the teenage jackass, pot smoking, hippy, sh*theads of the past to become educators and political leaders through the years.
    Even now people will decry the liberal agendas in the colleges and universities, that they willingly pay tens of thousands to, in order to send their kids to…to be indoctrinated.

    The idiots that this article highlight now are the useful idiots of tomorrow. The soros dems and libs know what they are doing and how to run a subversive program behind the scenes. It will just get worse as time goes on. The conservative base will be outnumbered by brainwashed illegals, gays, women, blacks and millennials.

    Dark days ahead, at the hands of hypocrites like the ones in this article and congress who openly say…”This is a RACIST Holiday, BUT I’m going to celebrate it anyway to get time off work or school and stuff my idiot liberal face with turkey.”

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