MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe

The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6, has been scrambling to prevent President Trump from publishing classified materials linked to the Russian election meddling investigation, according to The Telegraph, stating that any disclosure would “undermine intelligence gathering if he releases pages of an FBI application to wiretap one of his former campaign advisers.”

Trump’s allies, however, are fighting back – demanding transparency and suggesting that the UK wouldn’t want the documents withheld unless it had something to hide.

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The Telegraph has talked to more than a dozen UK and US officials, including in American intelligence, who have revealed details about the row.

British spy chiefs have “genuine concern” about sources being exposed if classified parts of the wiretap request were made public, according to figures familiar with discussions.

It boils down to the exposure of people”, said one US intelligence official, adding: “We don’t want to reveal sources and methods.” US intelligence shares the concerns of the UK.

Another said Britain feared setting a dangerous “precedent” which could make people less likely to share information, knowing that it could one day become public. –The Telegraph

The Telegraph adds that the UK’s dispute with the Trump administration is so politically sensitive that staff within the British Embassy in D.C. haver been barred from discussing it with journalists. Theresa May has also “been kept at arms-length and is understood to have not raised the issue directly with the US president.”

In September, we reported that the British government “expressed grave concerns” over the material in question after President Trump issued an order to the DOJ to release a wide swath of materials, “immediately” and “without redaction.”

Trump walked that order back days later after the UK begged him not to release them.

Mr Trump wants to declassify 21 pages from one of the applications. He announced the move in September, then backtracked, then this month said he was “very seriously” considering it again. Both Britain and Australia are understood to be opposing the move.

Memos detailing alleged ties between Mr Trump and Russia compiled by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, were cited in the application, which could explain some of the British concern. –The Telegraph


The New York Times reported at the time that the UK’s concern was over material which includes direct references to conversations between American law enforcement officials and Christopher Steele,” the former MI6 agent who compiled the infamous “Steele Dossier.” The UK’s objection, according to former US and British officials, was over revealing Steele’s identity in an official document, “regardless of whether he had been named in press reports.”

We noted in September, however, that Steele’s name was contained within the Nunes Memo – the House Intelligence Committee’s majority opinion in the Trump-Russia case.

Steele also had extensive contacts with DOJ official Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, who – along with Steele – was paid by opposition research firm Fusion GPS in the anti-Trump campaign. Trump called for the declassification of FBI notes of interviews with Ohr, which would ostensibly reveal more about his relationship with Steele. Ohr was demoted twice within the Department of Justice for lying about his contacts with Fusion GPS.

Perhaps the Brits are also concerned since much of the espionage performed on the Trump campaign was conducted on UK soil throughout 2016. Recall that Trump aid George Papadopoulos was lured to London in March, 2016, where Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud fed him the rumor that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton. It was later at a London bar that Papadopoulos would drunkenly pass the rumor to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer (who Strzok flew to London to meet with).

Also recall that CIA/FBI “informant” (spy) Stefan Halper met with both Carter Page and Papadopoulos in London.

Halper, a veteran of four Republican administrations, reached out to Trump aide George Papadopoulos in September 2016 with an offer to fly to London to write an academic paper on energy exploration in the Mediterranean Sea.

Papadopoulos accepted a flight to London and a $3,000 honorarium. He claims that during a meeting in London, Halper asked him whether he knew anything about Russian hacking of Democrats’ emails.

Papadopoulos had other contacts on British soil that he now believes were part of a government-sanctioned surveillance operation. –Daily Caller

In total, Halper received over $1 million from the Obama Pentagon for “research,” over $400,000 of which was granted before and during the 2016 election season.

Papadopoulos, who was sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying about his conversations with a shadowy Maltese professor and self-professed member of the Clinton Foundation, has publicly claimed he was targeted by UK spies, and told The Telegraph that he demands transparency. Trump’s allies in Washington, meanwhile, have suggested that the facts laid out before us mean that the ongoing Russia investigation was invalid from the start.

In short, it’s understandable that the UK would prefer to hide their involvement in the “witch hunt” of Donald Trump since much of the counterintelligence investigation was conducted on UK soil. And if the Brits had knowledge of the operation, it will bolster claims that they meddled in the 2016 US election by assisting what appears to have been a set-up from the start.

Steele’s ham-handed dossier is a mere embarrassment, as virtually none of the claims asserted by the former MI6 agent have been proven true.

Steele, a former MI6 agent, is the author of the infamous and unverified anti-Trump dossier. He worked as a confidential human source for the FBI for years before the relationship was severed just before the election because of Steele’s unauthorized contacts with the press.

He shared results of his investigation into Trump’s links to Russia with the FBI beginning in early July 2016.

The FBI relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier to fill out applications for four FISA warrants against Page. Page has denied the dossier’s claims, which include that he was the Trump campaign’s back channel to the Kremlin. –Daily Caller

That said, Steele hasn’t worked for the British government since 2009, so for their excuse focusing on the former MI6 agent while ignoring the multitude of events which occurred on UK soil, is curious.

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  1. Just publish 100% of this material, unredacted, names, dates, places! No exceptions – and publish 100% of whatever Meuller has in his files that relates, in any way, to the “Russians” and/or Donald Trump (and family)! Just put it all out there and let the voters decide who is right and who is wrong! NO MORE SECRETS! Just be honest and tell the truth.

    1. So not only was our own government trying to throw the election to Hilldabeast, but so was the United Kingdom government and the Australian government as well. I sound more like a WORLDWIDE conspiracy, not just our own “honest” government. It’s beginning to look like our own government is more corrupt than the Russians ever were. I think we are on the verge of a civil war, it started when the left refused to accept the outcome of elections. They just want to dictate what the rest of us think. Talk about Communists!

  2. Of course the UK & Aussie don’t want it released. It prolly directly implicates them in this whole “Witch-Hunt”. He should Declassify the ENTIRE FISA App, not just 21 pages. Let the American People see just EXACTLY how our “Justice Dept” spies on America. THAT is transparency. Tired of hearing how “Sources & Methods” will be exposed. I say GOOD! Show us how these Law-Abiding Federal Officials do their job.

    1. I think if all the information is released it will open a can of worms the democrats, the other countries involved, and the FBI don’t want to be opened. Everything that was hacked into during the campaigns only exposed the democrats wrong doing. It exposed them sticking a knife in Bernie Sanders’ back and yet he still supported them. That showed the public what he was all about, anti Republican. It don’t matter how crooked and underhanded the democrats are, he will still support them. Poor ignorant independent Bernie. Put it all out there and let it fall where it may. Two years into it and still nothing on Trump. It’s time to stop wasting our hard earned money. If you have proof, present it. If you don’t have proof, shut it down. What a circus this has turned into. Pure politics at it’s best.

  3. Interesting, if true. However, I don’t see how they could interfere with the release if President Trump did not threaten to release them ahead of time possibly triggering a lawsuit but just released them to the media without warning. You can’t put an exposed secret back in the box once exposed. The entire issue should be exposed, so just do it. Now. Quickly!

  4. We have been hearing they were going to release the documents for months now. RELEASE the Doc’s NOW. The government has been keeping to many things classified for to long. It is time for that end.

  5. Too bad. This is about what OUR country did that IS AGAINST OUR LAWS. We, the People, have EVERY right to see what our deep state intelligence (oxymoron) officers did to a man running for President in OUR country! If they didn’t want stuff to come out, maybe they should have stayed on their side of the pond and OUT OF OUR BUSINESS in the first place!


  6. It was clear from the very beginning that British were against Trump’s election and his nomination. They penetrated the campaign with several MI6 agents,Steel was only one of them. Also there is not such a thing the “previous or x ” MI6 agent,once you are one,you are for life. David Cameron,Prime Minister of England at the time,was the first one who slammed Trump during 2016 campaign. This is why Theresa May begged Trump not to declassify the documents,it would clearly show who was really interfering in 2016 campaign.

  7. Now it becomes clear-it was actually CLINTON and OBAMA collusion with Russia-which is why the FBI will not disc;lose this. Mueller should be indicted for treason and conspiracy witha foreign power.

  8. Release the damn documents!!! These people screwed with an election because they didn’t want the people to pick the president! The Globalists wanted Clinton so screw them all and release the papers!!

  9. Steele was the principal progenator of the nasty, bogus “Dossier” that served as the excuse for the Mueller investigation, and Steele is connected with MI6. The Brits attacked Trump and now want Trump to save them? No way!

  10. Why is it that one party can destroy a person of another party using foreign false intelligence? NOT LEGAL. And why would a foreign intelligence agency with any kind of integrity want to destroy someone who has not done anything. OPEN THE DOORS to all the INFO. This country’s “left” feels they are the only ones that are important. Enough already.

  11. If the papers that England and Australia don’t want released is an embarrassment to them too bad too sad, release them and let America see what our supposed allies have to hide because they conspired to stop Trump from being president, what have they got to hide lets find out

  12. Release everything…We the American people have been subjected to “fake” news for so long we are sick and tired of hearing one deceptive story after another by the MSM…especially CNN and MSNBC…We deserve transparency and the right to make our own decisions as to who is telling the truth and who is not…This can only be done by allowing transcripts of known communications which would expose the real facts to be known…Trump is on the right track…Screw the British…They hate us and they enjoyed it when Christopher Steel (an ex-M16 operative) came out with his bogus story about Donald Trump, the multiple Russian prostitutes, topped off by the “yellow shower” expose…and the Russians meddling in our elections paving the way for Donald Trump to become the next POTUS…and everything else Steele could attach to Donald Trump implying Trumps collusion with the Russians…That being said…M16 knew exactly what Christopher Steel was doing and they further allowed him to rant on and slander our President…For all this the Brits can kiss my a$$…Its time for Trump to expose the whole rotten lot of corrupted M16 official…to include the corrupted elitist of the FBI…the CIA…the NSA…and all the other “globalist” who hate Trump for being a “nationalist”…
    whereas no president before Donald Trump has shown any inclination to stop the carnage these NWO elitist have wrought upon our US economy and the general welfare of the American public…We the American Public deserve to know the truth and not the BS we are constantly being bombarded with…Go Trump 2020…Pi$$ on the Brits.

  13. If the President does not make these documents public, he will likely face Impeachment proceedings. I think the President needs to put himself and the USA ahead of MI6-who are trash for allowing Steele to perpetrate this farce in the first place.

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