Andrew Gillum Meets With Obama Amid Speculation of 2020 Bid

Democrat Andrew Gillum, who was defeated in his bid to become Florida governor, met with former President Barack Obama this week fueling speculation of a possible 2020 presidential bid, CNN is reporting.

The two met on Tuesday in Washington, the news network said. Obama had backed Gillum’s run for governor.

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Asked this week if he would make a run at the White House, Gillum said: “I plan on being married to my wife. That is all I am planning.

“What I am committed to doing between now and 2020 is doing everything I can to make the state of Florida available and winnable for the democratic nominee for president.”

Obama had met last month with Beto O’Rourke, who is deciding whether to run for president. The meeting was held Nov. 16 after O’Rourke’s loss to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Obama has also reportedly met with other possible 2020 candidates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. and Sen. Bernie Sander, I-Vt.

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  1. Andrew Gillum, why do you not just go away and disappear. You are a goofball failure in politics, your city is a mess, your campaign just did not jive, your attitude is like a loud mouth. Meeting with Obama is a way of saying, who listens to me and him.

    1. I guess he figures that if Hillary didn’t just go away and disappear, then why should he? BTW I had to laugh at the remark, your campaign just did not “jive”
      That is sort of like Desantis’ remark about “monkeying up the works.” Certainly not meant in a pejorative sense but, you know, those “dog whistle” folks will have heard it loud and clear!

      1. Gilum is a Marxist Communist and look who he goes to for advise, not. They are discussion is about how to FOOL us again. Not this time Obama, you is out!

    2. ANDREW GILLIUM IS A SOCIALIST!!! He believes in open borders and abortion, he is NOT an American but another nut case just like the young woman who was elected from the Bronx, a true, diehard Socialist!!!
      I am sick of these people running under the D, so those D’s of yesteryear, who don’t pay attention to politics, will vote for the party, not giving a second thought that our lives would change forever. Running on what they represent, the Democratic Socialist Party of America, and make no mistake, that’s what the Democrats are these days, card carrying members as a matter of fact, a Blue Dog Dem would think twice about voting for them! I am not worried at all about these lunatics running, they would never win, but what I do worry about is the voter fraud that the Dems do better than anything else, that’s how BO won, that’s how the House went to the Dems this time around, nation wide fraud, and trust me, the DSA Party, the Deep State, the Shadow Government want this country back, and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Hitler didn’t, Stalin didn’t, and now the evil leaders in the DSA Party won’t stop until President Trump finally takes matters into his hands, declassify that information that will be proof of every one of these corrupt and evil politicians in the BO REGIME committed treason against America ESPECIALLY KILLARY and BO! I thought it would come out by now, but maybe President Trump is waiting for the Fake News and the Deep State Mueller to point fingers at Trump for some little thing that the DSA Party will be so excited over they will try to start impeachment proceedings. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, President Trump will then declassify that information and even the Marxist Media won’t be able to lie their way out of it and blame Trump, those evil, demon possessed worthless American hating Socialist will finally be in orange jumpsuits and sitting in Gitmo, waiting to go before the military tribunals.

      1. From what the Secret Service has observed in their years in the BO WH, the man would literally throw tantrums, just like all infantile liberals, when anyone crossed him. The little hotheaded dictator, unlike Trump, cannot take any criticism at all. At least Trump, not being a corrupt politician making his millions off of being a career politician, the man is a N.Y. Street Fighter that defends what he believes in and will not be intimidated by the enemies of America who are HELL bent on destroying the free world. President Trump has rough language, well BOO HOO HOO! It works, he works, and he has proven to every red blooded American Christian and Patriot that his interest doesn’t lie in money, power and control, but in the great country our Founding Fathers gave their lives and their families lives so that future generations of Americans can live without the fear of tyranny, in a free Republic, under our Constitution, the greatest document ever written by the most brilliant men far beyond their time. President Trump gave up his wealth for our country, you tell me, would Killary and BO ever dream of doing this?

  2. Sexy Kamala, phoney Indian Senator , the bobsy twins(Oprah and Michelle), Billionaire Boys club(Mike and Bob), who else can you think of. Cat fight and Bad boys.

  3. Like it or not, fact is that Obamba’s legacy will preclude any African American from being elected president
    as everybody got burned with the Black Muslim’s “presidency”…..and since even politically,scalded cats run
    from cold water…..

    1. A Black Republican told me that it will be a long time before any Black Man runs for POTUS, BO destroyed all that was good about being a Black American who loves this Republic and is a Christian. American by birth, Christian by the grace of God! That is NOT BO!

  4. O’ BUTTHEAD and GILLUM are a cut from the same cloth !
    Gollum LIED his way all throughout the ELECTION CYCLE..
    And just like O’BUTTHEAD did when he was running as
    a ILLEGAL resident of the United States. They both need to be IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED.

  5. The real citizens of this country don’t want to slide into Socialism again like the Obama years of torment and treason! The difference may be that Gilliam is actually a citizen of this country and may not want to destroy us like BHO and his minions. Our country cant survive another bout with entitlements and Socialism/Communism like the Obama years of discontent…and btw nobody cares what Obama does now except his co-conspirators in the Media who are nothing but treasonous scum also. Very tired of hearing anything about the Clinton or Obama crime syndicates.

  6. I would NEVER vote for anyone that Obummer supports!!! That would be like putting the Muslim loving traitor back in the White House. 8 long year’s was enough, we almost lost America thanks to him.

  7. It’s amazing ! When blacks have a decent person with brains and common sense to vote for they turn on that person. Herman Cain was such person . Pastor E.V.Hill was far greater man of God that any of the morons they look up to . They threatened him and even tried to kill him . For years they have marketed blacks a gospel Christians . Where are they now and why do they not stand up for a black persons that lifts them up instead of wanting to keep them on the welfare roll ? This man is pure evil and so is anybody that still believes in the illegal man who nearly destroyed America ..

  8. Your socialist leaning tendencies, ignorance, and lying caused you to lose the Florida governors race. You now aspire for the presidency, have met with Barry Soetoro, and you’re now branded with the mark of the beast. Goodness gracious, when will you learn?!? Why not just pick Georgia Dumbascrap Stacey Abrams as your vice presidential running mate and give your campaign plans the mark of death???

  9. Obama is meeting with these possible candidates for one reason only, he wants to be the VP. This may or may not get a Democrat elected for POTUS. Obama still thinks he is more popular than sliced bread, so we’ll see.

  10. The way things are going Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – may at the very least be disgraced and at most in prison. Of course one criminal endorsing another is not unusual.

  11. Obama has most likely ruined the chances for another African American to become President for many years to come, too many people have adverse attitudes toward him , for what he did as President, and will not take another chance, especially on someone as failed as Gillum and his socialist rhetoric.

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