Mueller Finally Releases Heavily Redacted Key Flynn Memo On Eve Of Sentencing

Having initially snubbed Judge Emmet Sullivan’s order to release the original 302 report from the Michael Flynn interrogation in January 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally produced the heavily redacted document, just hours before sentencing is due to be handed down.

The memo  – in full below – details then-national security adviser Michael Flynn’s interview with FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka, and shows Flynn was repeatedly asked about his contacts with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and in each instance, Flynn denied (or did not recall) any such conversations.

The agents had transcripts of Flynn’s phone calls to Russian Ambassador Kislyak, thus showing Flynn to be lying.

Flynn pleaded guilty guilty last December to lying to the FBI agents about those conversations with Kislyak.

The redactions in the document seem oddly placed but otherwise, there is nothing remarkable about the content..

Aside from perhaps Flynn’s incredulity at the media attention…

Flynn is set to be sentenced in that federal court on Tuesday.

Of course, as Christina Laila notes, the real crime is that Flynn was unmasked during his phone calls to Kislyak and his calls were illegally leaked by a senior Obama official to the Washington Post.

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Full document below

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  1. Seriously??????????????? The American people and the court system and everyone else with a brain cell is suppose to suspend all commonsense and believe a document that no one can actually read because they blacked out the parts that would exonerate everyone involved? I’d say this document was created long after the original and is now being used as a “supposed” weapon against the President. Show us the REAL document. Coverup as usual from muley and company.

    1. Well that is mule-head for you………He is bound & determined to stay in the limelight…..SOROS must really be paying that empty headed mule a lot of bucks….

  2. These prosecuters should all be fired and a complete new group impaneled. These guys and many others have been in the government too long and they believe they do not haave to follow the law to justice but they follow it ignoring anything they find that does not fit their pre-judgement. THIS is the greatest danger to the freedom of the American PEOPLE.

    The Police and the Prosecutors are to determine the TRUTH in any police action otherwise, we’ll be like the rest of the world, not citizens, we’ll become “subjects” something our forefathers fought bravely to achieve and millions of out soldiers and patriots died to preserve.

  3. Why a “heavily redacted” document? Aren’t the American people entitled to the truth? Or, are we supposed to believe whatever Mueller and his associates want us to believe?

  4. The unmasking and leaking the unmasked Flynn to the press although a crime, will never be prosecuted it doesn’t fit the witch hunt and its criteria…right?

  5. here again is a “Criminal”, he is Mueller! I believe he has worked with “Russia” and does not have the citizens of the United States interest in mind. He knows his butt has be caught working against the USA citizens and his own interests which as most of us know, it is not for “We the People”, but for a Liberal Socialist Globalist side of the government that “We the People” don’t want!!

  6. This Just PROVES what a complete assnine dense dumb ignorant inbred piece of camel shit mueller really is. He needs to be tried and sentenced to life in prison as a rapist and terrorist. He has lied cheated removed documents illegals and needs to be taken out and tar and feathered then draw and quartet for the world to see

  7. Seriously?
    The General was doing his job, exactly what he was supposed to be doing in the Position he was assigned. Are we to believe one of our top Generals would suddenly turn Traitor? I call Total Bullshit and demand that the General be totally exonerated and returned to Government service with ALL of his expenses paid by the crooked FBI!

  8. Why is SP Mueller constantly allowed to hide important evidence from the accused, or if release, he and his cronies in the DOJ REDACT ALL THE IMPORTANT INFORMTION AMERICA IS ENTITLED TO KNOW… That is the equivalent of shown us, the Taxpayers, the Middle Finger, every sime he, and his minions, can.

    That must be unacceptable and Pres. Trump must order SP Mueller to SHOW THE ENTIRE TEXT, and stop covering up his wasteful investigation, for another 2 years.

    America is fed up of so much secrecy, and BS!


  9. When Flynn was asked to speak with the investigators, Flynn asked if he would need a lawyer present and the response was no he wouldn’t, as these would be general questions. When in fact they had recording of Flynn conversations. The real question to Flynn should have been, “why were you talking to Russians?” This is a clear entrapment case which I hope the Judge will see that and thrown this case out.

  10. When he comes out at the deadline with a STILL REDACTED document, it means nothing at all. The case needs to be thrown out, and Mueller thrown in jail for illegal and immoral “prosecution ” of an innocent man. He is a lying POS, as his entire history of prosecutions he has done shows.

  11. Why is Mueller trying so hard to make himself look like he is concealing information? Would it not be more convincing if he presented all evidence to all pertinent parties in a timely manner? That is what I would expect of an honest law abiding special counsel, wouldn’t you?

  12. It appears that the text of the memo was written with a typewriter instead of a computer. Strange for this day of technology. The typewriter would not leave any evidence of date and time so maybe if you were trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with phony evidence and illegal behavior, the FBI my use typewriters. I have no faith in the FBI at all, even with a new man at the top. I am certain the corruption went deeper than the top half dozen men in the organization or they would not have been able to get by with it for so long. Fire the top 100 people and start from there.

  13. I would like to see the whole 302 on all Progressive Liberal Democrat and every single Never Trumpster Republican, it would be like all of those above people seeing themselves in the mirror! Again, I would like, just like all Legal Americans would like to see the whole un-redacted 302 also!

  14. BOTTOM LINE: “Trump” is so RIGHT with just about 100% of his Words, Statements and Doings that it isn’t even funny!! The Crooked “BASTARDS” in Our Government and It’s Agencies is pathetic to say the Least!!!!!

    “Trump” says exactly what MOST Honest, Truthful, and Law Abiding Citizens would, too!!!!!!!!!
    He doesn’t “Pussy Foot” around he tell’s it how it is and some Assholes (Liberal/Democrats) can’t take it because they are the REAL PROBLEM in this Frigging Country, Period!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I pray to GOD and the HIGHER POWERS to help “Trump” ….clean up “All” these Lawbreaking Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Clapper, Brennan, Holder, – The “”DEEP STATE”” …. and the Rest of the Crooked DemocratS – POS, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “””””””””””””””””””””DRAIN THE SWAMP”””””””””””””””””””…………………. “”””TRUMP””””….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Remember Muller brought Uranium to Russia for the Clinton cabal he needs his Gitmo jump suit today
    He’s a crook always has been from his days working with the mob in Boston

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