Here’s What Newly-Diagnosed Amnesiac James Comey “Did Not Recall” On Day 2 Of Testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared December 17th, 2018, for a second round of questions by a joint House committee oversight probe into the DOJ and FBI conduct during the 2016 presidential election and incoming Trump administration.

The Joint House Committee just released the transcript online.

Director Blue blog’s Doug Ross read through most of the septic backflow so you don’t need to. You’re welcome:

1. Double Standard: Obama vs. Trump

Trey Gowdy grilled Comey on his vastly different handling of comments by Trump and Obama. When Trump asked Comey whether he could see his way clear to easing up on Flynn, Comey memorialized the conversation in a memo and distributed it to his leadership team, including Andrew McCabe and James Baker.

However, when President Obama on 60 Minutes publicly exonerated Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information — setting the stage for true obstruction of justice — Comey did nothing. He never talked to the president about potential obstruction, he never memorialized his observations, and he didn’t leak anything to the press. These were all things he did with Trump.

He might call it a “higher loyalty”, but it looks to us peons like a true double-standard. Democrats get Wall Street Bankster treatment, while the rabble get tossed in the slammer.

2. According to Comey, Flynn had no right to counsel

This is interesting:

Mr. Gowdy. Did Mr. Flynn have the right to have counsel present during that interview?

Mr. Comey. No.


3. Comey confirmed McCabe called Flynn to initiate “entrapment”; contradicts himself on counsel


Mr. Gowdy. Why not advise General Flynn of the consequences of making false statements to the FBI?

Mr. Comey. …the Deputy Director [McCabe] called him, told him what the subject matter was, told him he was welcome to have a representative from White House Counsel there…

So Comey is saying that Flynn didn’t have the right to counsel (item 2), and then states that he does have the right to a White House counsel attending the meeting.

The lies are getting harder and harder to keep straight with this egregious individual.

4. Comey lied about McCabe’s conversation with Flynn

When asked whether McCabe was trying to set Flynn up by asserting no counsel was needed in the interview, Comey claimed he was unaware of that critical fact. But McCabe, in a written memo, asserted that he told Flynn, “[i]f you have a lawyer present, we’ll need to involve the Department of Justice”.

In other words, McCabe was trying to ensure Flynn had no counsel present during the interview.

5. Comey still falls back on the Logan Act scam to justify his actions

Yes, the Logan Act. When former secretary of state John Kerry meets with various Mullahs while President Trump is unwinding the disastrous Iran deal, there’s no crime there!

But let Flynn, a member of the Trump transition team, have a perfectly legitimate conversation with a Russian diplomat, we get:

Mr. Comey. And I hesitate only with “wrong.” I think a Department of Justice prosecutor might say, on its face, it was problematic under the Logan Act because of private citizens negotiating and all that business.

What a lying sack of gumbo. At the time, Flynn was not a private citizen. He was a member of the incoming administration, and had anyone bothered to prosecute prior transitions for similar “crimes”, the entire Obama and Clinton posses would be breaking rocks at Leavenworth.

6. Comey Throws James Clapper Under the Bus

When asked by Jim Jordan about his private meeting with the President to brief him on a very tiny portion of the “salacious and unverified” (Comey’s words under oath) dossier, Comey claimed ODNI James Clapper had orchestrated the entire fiasco.

Mr. Comey. …ultimately, it was Clapper’s call. I agreed — we agreed that it made sense for me to do it and to do it privately, separately. So I don’t want to make it sound like I was ordered to do it.

He wasn’t ordered to do it, but it was Clapper’s call.


7. Jordan Torches Comey Over His Dossier Comments

I’ll just leave this here. Comey may need to put some ice on that.

Mr. Jordan. So that’s what I’m not understanding, is you felt this was so important that it required a private session with you and the President-elect, you only spoke of the salacious part of the dossier, but yet you also say there’s no way any good reporter would print this. But you felt it was still critical that you had to talk to the President-elect about it. And I would argue you created the very news hook that you said you were concerned about…

…it’s so inflammatory that reporters would ‘get killed’ for reporting it, why was it so important to tell the President? Particularly when you weren’t going to tell him the rest of the dossier — about the rest of the dossier?

8. Comey Concealed Critical National Security Concerns About Flynn From the President

This is quite unbelievable: in a private dinner with the president, Comey neglected to mention that just three days earlier he had directed the interview of Trump’s ostensible National Security Advisor.

Mr. Comey. …at no time during the dinner was there a reference, allusion, mention by either of
us about the FBI having contact with General Flynn or being interested in General Flynn investigatively.

Mr. Jordan. That was what I wanted to know. So this is not just referring to the President didn’t bring it up. You didn’t bring it up either.

Mr. Comey. Correct, neither of us brought it up or alluded to it.

Mr. Jordan. Why not? He’s talking about General Flynn. You had just interviewed him 3 days earlier and discovered that he was lying to the Vice President, knew he was lying to the Vice President, and, based on what we’ve heard of late, that he lied tyour agents. Why not tell his boss, why not tell the head of the executive branch, why not tell the President of the United States, “Hey, your National Security Advisor just lied to us 3 days ago”?

Mr. Comey. Because we had an open investigation, and there would be no reason or a need to tell the President about it.

Mr. Jordan. Really?

Mr. Comey. Really.

Mr. Jordan. You wouldn’t tell the President of the United States that his National Security Advisor wasn’t being square with the FBI? … I mean, but this is not just any investigation, it seems to me, Director. This is a top advisor to the Commander in Chief. And you guys, based on what we’ve heard, felt that he wasn’t being honest with the Vice President and wasn’t honest with two of your agents. And just 3 days later, you’re meeting with the President, and, oh, by the way, the conversation is about General Flynn. And you don’t tell the President anything?

Mr. Comey. I did not.

Mr. Meadows. So, Director Comey, let me make sure I understand this. You were so concerned that Michael Flynn may have lied or did lie to the Vice President of the United States, but that once you got that confirmed, that he had told a falsehood, you didn’t believe that it was appropriate to tell the President of the United States that there was no national security risk where you would actually convey that to the President of the United States? Is that your testimony?

Mr. Comey. That is correct. We had an —

The more we learn, the dirtier a cop Comey ends up appearing.

9. Gowdy Destroys the Double Standard of Clinton vs. Flynn

Check this out:

Mr. Gowdy. …we are going to contrast the decision to not allow Michael Flynn to have an attorney, or discourage him from having one, with allowing some other folks the Bureau interviewed to have multiple attorneys in the room, including fact witnesses. Can you see the dichotomy there, or is that an unreasonable comparison?

Mr. Comey. I’m not going to comment on that. I remember you asking me questions about that last week. I’m happy to answer them again.

Mr. Gowdy. You will not say whether or not it is an unreasonable comparison to compare allowing multiple attorneys, who are also fact witnesses, to be present during an interview but discouraging another person from having counsel present?

Mr. Comey. I’m not going to answer that in a vacuum…

10. Comey May Have Been Involved With the Infamous Tarmac Meeting

Another interesting vignette, this time from John Ratcliffe:

Mr. Ratcliffe. Okay. So it would appear from this that there had been some type of briefing the day before, with reference to yesterday, June 27, 2016, where you had requested a copy of emails between President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Comey. I see that it says that.

Mr. Ratcliffe. …The significance of that is, as we talked about last time, June 27th of 2016 was also the date that Attorney General Lynch and former President Bill Clinton met on a tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona. Do you recall whether or not this briefing was held at the FBI because of that tarmac meeting, or was it just happened to be a coincidence that it was held on that day? Mr. Comey. It would have to have been a coincidence. I don’t remember a meeting in response to the tarmac meeting.

Muh don’t know!

11. Comey confirms Obama knew Hillary Clinton was using a compromised, insecure email server

Well, spank me on the fanny and call me Nancy!

Mr. Ratcliffe. …Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama were communicating via email through an unsecure, unclassified server?

Mr. Comey. Yes, they were between her Clinton account and his — I don’t know where his account, his unclassified account, was maintained. So I’m sorry. So, yes, here were communications unclassified between two accounts, hers and then his cover account.

Mr. Ratcliffe. …Did your review of these emails or the content of these emails impact your decision to edit out a reference to President Obama in your July 5th, 2016, press conference remarks?

If Trump had done 1/1,000,000th of this crap, he’d be — yes — breaking rocks in Leavenworth right now.

But there’s no double-standard, rabble! Just keep buying iPhones and playing Call of Duty!

…Aaaaaaaaand I’m spent.

Okay, done for now.

But let’s recap the activities of Dr. “Higher Loyalty” Comey:

  • Did not investigate the felony leak to the press of the conversation between the Russian Ambassador and Flynn.
  • Did not advise Congress of the “investigation” into Trump-Russia collusion as required by statute.
  • Lied to the FISA court — another felony — about Carter Page being “an agent of a foreign power”.
  • Wrote an exoneration memo for Hillary Clinton before more than a dozen witnesses, including Clinton herself, had been interviewed.

But, no, there’s no double-standard for the aggressiveness of law enforcement when it comes to Democrats like Clinton and Obama.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.

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  1. Comey has been a lifelong criminal and agent of the Russian Mob since working in the DAs office in NYC! he blamed consumers for being dumb for being duped by russian stock fraud cases! Never made good on Judge awarded Judgments made to victims of many crimes! He is the reason we have no faith that justice NOT been forthcoming for members of the SWAMP! Hopefully those people will be indicted and convicted because Justice will be cleaned of the criminals currently serving there from the past Administration which was the most heinous criminal enterprise our country has ever seen!

  2. Why aren’t the Obama Administration criminals in jail, including Comey? Why do many of them continue to be part of Trump Administration?

  3. If Mr. Comey is representative of government employees, with no memory of anything have done, then perhaps it is time to get rid of ALL FBI, CIA and federal enforcement agents. If these employees “can’t remember” what they have done, then how can we be assured they will remember what their job entails.

  4. Comey, is a STOOGE ! He knows everything and anything
    that has been going on for a very long time.. He’s trying
    to act dumb to keep his Sorry Ass out of PRISON ! But the thing is he will END UP in PRISON really really soon..

  5. I keep hoping and I keep hearing about all the arrests, but losing hope.
    He sits there and blatantly lies with his Memory Malfunctions. Absolutely amazing how he can remember conversations word for word and write them down. He can remember a lot of details to put in his book, but he can’t remember details when asked by Congress. It’s already been documented that he lied to Congress in the past. Let’s just cut to the chase. Formally accuse every one of them for Lying under oath and put them on Trial. This is just more wasted Taxpayer Money being spent to make us feel like there’s hope, but they walk out and “With Perfect Recall” can tell the Press everything, Yet Gen. Flynn has been ordered to “Get Permission” to travel more than 50 miles from DC, and to surrender his Passport.
    Double Standard??? WHERE??

  6. I have a cure for the, Hillary I don’t recall, defense, put person in solitary confinement, memory will be coming back real soon.

  7. Needs to sit in a prison cell until recovers his memory. This big a$$ hole talks abut President Trump telling lies. Next to Killary Clinton comey is the champ. Says democraps have to win 2020 election. I guess so to protect his sorry a$$. Hope he is in prison before then. Go Trump 2020. Our one chance to drain the swamp now or never. Wise up folks. Our country is at stake.

  8. Comey said he wrote a memo going either way for Hillary. One if she was guilty, one if she was innocent. I would like to see BOTH memos, please. You could probably get him on one more lie. If he only wrote an exoneration letter, hang ‘im high!

  9. This seems to be all for show. Nothing comes of it, certainly no justice, no one is indicted, no one is tried, and no one is even ashamed! Why are we wasting money on this stuff? Why not just admit to the people who elected you bozos in Congress that you have no intention of doing the job we elected you to, nor do you plan on meting out justice on any level, and continue the non-justice system we have? No one believes you anyway, so why bother? Obviously the majority of people in this country really do not mind being made fools of, as long as they get their free stuff, and they don’t care that illegals come across our borders with impunity, commit crimes, and then are portrayed as victims of ICE! Such nonsense. The results of the last election show that this country is simply not the bastion of freedom it once was, and just give them their bread and entertainment and they will follow like sheep to their slaughter. Egad! I give up.

  10. Did anyone else notice that Comey said that BOTH CLINTON AND OBAMA WERE USING UNSECURED EMAIL ACCOUNTS!?!?!?! I mean, am I crazy or did he not say that? Go back and re-read it carefully because he clearly stated that both the SOS and the President had UNSECURED email accounts!

  11. This guy is the Biggest Liar in the country. Federal Prison should be his new address and quickly. All you Dems/Libs read this crap and you think Comey is a great guy. That is honest! Then you are all idiots and liars.

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