Shutdown? Dems Balk At GOP Budget Over $1 Billion Border Security “Slush Fund”

After the White House backed down on Trump’s $5 billion in wall funding, Democrats led by Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York rejected a GOP proposal which included $1.6 billion for border security and an additional $1 billion in flexible funding for Trump’s immigration policies.

Schumer said he that Democrats would not accept a billion-dollar “slush fund.”

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he’s “in consultation” with the White House about a path forward, and that the administration is “extremely flexible on this issue,” according to AP.

When asked if he’s confident that a partial shutdown during Christmas can be avoided, McConnell replied “Yeah, I am.”


Schumer says he will stick with his two offers to avoid a shutdown; a stopgap bill across the board, or a stopgap to fund the Department of Homeland Security with appropriate packages for the rest of the agencies subject to closure.

Earlier Tuesday White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that the Senate has “thrown out a number of ideas,” and that when something passes, the White House will evaluate it. On the topic of funding the wall, Sanders told Fox News We have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion,” adding “At the end of the day we don’t want to shut down the government, we want to shut down the border.” She then said that the White House was looking into other funding sources and believed that it could be accomplished legally.

There are certainly a number of different funding sources that we’ve identified that we can use, that we can couple with money that would be given through congressional appropriations that would help us get to that $5 billion that the president needs in order to protect our border,” said Sanders.

Schumer disagreed – saying “They need congressional approval – they’re not getting it for the wall, plain and simple.”


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  1. Shut down Congress. They’re proving themselves incapable and unwanting of doing the job we hired them for.
    If someone is hired on a contract with a company, and violates that contract, the company has every right to fire that person, regardless of conditions of said contract.
    We put these people in Washington to work for us. We voted them in on a contract. We’ll pay them a wage most American’s dream of getting. They have VIOLATED their contract with us by not adhering to the wants of their constituents, and should be removed. Pelosi with her talk of taking an oath to serve and protect, but all they want to do is serve and protect Criminal illegal aliens.
    But the reason behind all this has nothing to do with anything EXCEPT it’s for PRESIDENT Trump.

    A broke nation is invaded by MANY MORE 60+% on welfare slugs so ignore the fake biased activist media..

    There has NEVER BEEN A SHUTDOWN, there have been a few SLOWDOWNS UP TO 17%…

    this illegal alien invasion the past decade is ONLY to save the demo-socialist Party by adding more dependent voters down the road.

    GO FUND ME for the wall!!!
    25 billion is a drop in the 4 trillion dollar bucket….

    OzBama spent 10 trillion (trillion) we did not have……
    also can zero out some hateful nations’ billions we send…….
    There are no sanctuary cities THERE ARE OUTLAW CITIES.
    Liberals have no solutions and cannot run a hot dog stand or the big cities would be models instead of broke high tax crime-ridden ruins.


  3. The Democrats support open borders regardless of the destruction it will cause to our nation. There is no in-between when discussing open or secure borders. They have no argument. Cost of border security is not an issue because illegal immigration is costing us, the US taxpayer, tens of billions of dollars each year so the security is actually a good investment rather than a cost. We have needed a secure border for decades and it has been opposed by the Democrats for decades regardless of any lip service they have offered to the contrary. They have lied, repeatedly, and still are lying. On this issue at the very least, the Democrats are the enemies of our nation by not protecting some degree of national sovereignty.

  4. Can’t help but notice that Schumer is a fuc*ing moron—he sure keeps silent about the Congressional “SLUSH FUND” that paid off victims of sexual aggression by the men in Congress with a $17 million bank roll to hide their crimes…just like Stormy Daniels these Congressmen buy their silence…

  5. President Trump … Do NOT give in to Cryin’ Chuck Schumer! He is a lying P.O.S. and needs to be set straight! You are the President … not him. Chuck and Nancy seem to think they can tell you everything you can and cannot do! (We, the citizens of the USA) want the wall, border security, and some control on illegal immigration, and the flow of harmful flow of drugs from an unsecure southern border! Democrats … do not have these same values anymore. They are pushing Globalization, and open borders! I’m afraid there is an incredible time coming … the views socialism, communism, 2nd amendment rights. A major conflict is coming … it either needs to be settled in the White House, or citizens will revolt using violence and force if necessary. It could be the next Civil War … I myself will not stand idle, while I watch in front of my eyes more of the Obama days, ruining our country and freedoms, hating on Americans … so many fought and died for this so we would have our freedoms! Find a way to shut down the Mueller special counsel. It was started under false pretenses, and us taxpayers should not have to pay his stupid ass $25-30 million dollars. Enough is enough … you need an Attorney General that can put an end to this!

  6. But they accepted a multi-billion dollar slush fund in the healthcare funding just a few short years ago…. Yep just another DEM tactic that if they don’t get their way they throw temper tantrums and deny, deny, deny… Someday the ‘AMERICAN CITIZENS’ will wake up and see all this, hopefully before the US gets ruined by the these ‘traitors’……. *sigh* But the ‘Media’ will only tell you what meets their narrative, bits and pieces designed to further advance their narrative but not the whole truth, nothing but the truth, lest they be damned so help us God……. But as we see the other ‘Citizens of their own nations’ are rising up and protesting the left narrative in those countries. Someday that is going to happen here as well and it won’t be pretty once it starts…. Sadly

  7. It’s time Chucky Schumer, #1 globalist anti-american citizen in the country today, comes down off of his ivory tower. We did not and never will elect him President, which is secretly in his heart, to become.

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