Mexico Receives 10,000 Visa Requests From Migrant Caravan

More than 10,000 migrants in a caravan that began in Central America are seeking visas that will allow them to stay in Mexico for one year.

As the caravan slowly moves north toward the United States, the Mexican government offered the program — which one official called “super successful,” according to Mexico News Daily.

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Seventy-five percent of the migrants who requested the visas are from Honduras. The others hail from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Brazil, and Cuba.

“The objective on our part is for their entry to be regular, for all of them to have their legal situation in order and for them to consider Mexico as an alternative for employment,” Mexican immigration official Tonatiuh Guillen said, according to the report.

The Washington Post reported just 628 visas have been issued. Policy dictates the humanitarian visa requests be granted within five days.

Multiple caravans of migrants traveled from Central America to the U.S. border late last year. The Border Patrol did not allow them in, which created a humanitarian crisis on the Mexican side of the border.

via newsmax

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