Dems Border Proposal “Making This Entire Country A Sanctuary” For Illegals

Authored by Sara Carter,

Negotiations over securing and building a border wall have reached an impasse Sunday as bipartisan talks are failing and both sides are edging closer to a government shutdown this Friday. Further, Democrats are pushing to weaken Immigration and Customs Enforcement, proposing drastic limitations on beds and weakening the agencies effectiveness to  hold criminal illegal immigrants, said Tom Homan, former ICE Director.

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Border Patrol agents apprehend illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley sector, 2014.McAllen, Texas. (Photo: Sara Carter)

He told Sunday that the proposal is a serious security issue that is unacceptable.

“The Dems proposal will result in tens of thousands of criminal aliens and other illegal aliens that are currently detained pending a court hearing or removal to be released into our communities,” said Homan.

He noted the proposals are “making this entire country a sanctuary.”

It will result in “a rush to the border because incoming aliens will know there is no consequence for their actions,” Homan added.

 “As I have said all year, the Dems may not abolish ICE but they will cripple them and make them ineffective by severely harming their operational budget.”

Trump’s Sunday Tweets

President Trump is also showing his frustration. In a slew of Tweets Sunday, the president held Democrats responsible for failures over the past week to come to a resolution. He said the negotiations are failing because Democrats refuse to offer reasonable solutions to proposed legislation.

“Now, with the terrible offers being made by them to the Border Committee, I actually believe they want a Shutdown,” said Trump.


Moreover, the White House is demanding at least $5 billion in funding for a proposed barrier. Federal law enforcement officials have said the wall is necessary to manage resources and national security.

“I don’t think the Dems on the Border Committee are being allowed by their leaders to make a deal,” said Trump.

His sharp jab was at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, D-CA, who has stated emphatically that she refuses to negotiate any deal that includes a border wall.

“They are offering very little money for the desperately needed Border Wall and now, out of the blue, want a cap on convicted violent felons to he held in detention,” he added.


It was evident when Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard C. Shelby, R-Alabama. He told Fox News Sunday, “I think we are stalled right now…I’m not confident we’re going to get there.”

The Numbers

ICE officials noted that 90 percent of asylum seekers easily pass the first step entering the United States. Most illegal immigrants now claim asylum, “credible fear,” citing danger to their lives if they return home, according to reports. However, only 20 percent of the people are actually granted asylum. Unfortunately, by that time, they have disappeared into the fabric of America, never reporting to court.

After they claim credible fear they still need to go through the judicial system. The process is lengthy — longer than ICE can detain immigrants — taking 45 to 60 days to see a judge. By this time, they have already been released.


  • Fiscal Year 2018 is the highest number of family unit apprehensions on record. More than 40% higher than any previous year on record.
  • The number of family units along the southwest border increased 22% from August to September.
  •  Illegal alien minors or adults traveling with minors are rarely detained or removed but released.
  • Customs and Border Protection used to primarily apprehend single adults. Currently, CBP has an influx of minors and adults traveling with minors. It is a loophole they use to enter and stay in the country illegally.

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  1. I know the Pres. did not say it, but should have, Make America a Sanctuary for all American Citizens and immigrants who come legally can live a safe, sanctuary, and Security for all. Crimminals and illegals, out the door andhit the road jacks.


      1. Yes, I agree with you, the Democrats are socialist, they want President Trump to fail. They really don’t care about the people. They care for power, people have no rights, only the think tanks have the rights. When the Democratic party was set up in the 1800s. They were a bunch of criminals from the beginning. The other night I call them Demo-cracks.

      2. Also Agree. If you are Americans love your Country first before other countries. Worry
        about the hungry, begging Homeless Americans first before the Caravans Illegal Aliens.
        Tell their Presidents to take care of their Citizens Peoples so as to Avoid the danger risk
        of traveling and crossing the Border. Protect your Country first for SECURITY before
        other countries. Build the Wall is the best Technology. No Caravans No Crisis.

      3. Those Democrats want open Borders in America ?? They should check history and see what that has done to Nations in the past !! I think America is finished anyway with what is going on in this Country now.

    1. It is far more serious than just the disgusting, perverted democrats in the congress!
      President Trump, and ALL real American Citizens have the leftist, communist, democrat side of the judiciary against us. President Trump MUST let the leftist, anti-constitution, anti-American, leftist-liberal, so-called, “judges” KNOW that ALL of their Trump-hating, pro-democrat, obstructionist “rulings” MUST absolutely be publicly ignored and openly violated! ALL of those hateful, judicial activists must be TOLD that any and all of their totally unconstitutional “rulings” SHALL-NOT stop, hinder, or in any way, interfere with the Chief Executive’s constitutional authority concerning all matters of IMMIGRATION and NATIONAL SECURITY. The leftist faction of the judiciary must NOT going to be “allowed” the ultimate and final authority of our Republic!

      1. I do not think that any other country tolerates a defenseless boarder such as our southern boarder. I suspect the Democrats hope all the illegals will vote democratic in return for a free pass across the boarder and the endless freebies the Democrats dole out to assure reelection. Absolutely shameless!!
        stephen leonhard

  3. Are your doors locked? Why
    Give me the keys to your car. Why? Where’s your valuables. Why
    You get where I’m going with this,don’t you? You don’t know me,you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked. You don’t know me,so you aren’t giving me the keys to your car. But you’re wanting complete strangers from another country into our country because you feel ?you think they have your best interests in mind? Ever heard of lambs leading themselves to slaughter? Stupid dumbocraps. You’re opening up the doors to the N.W.O





    1. I do not think that any other country tolerates a defenseless boarder such as our southern boarder. I suspect the Democrats hope all the illegals will vote democratic in return for a free pass across the boarder and the endless freebies the Democrats dole out to assure reelection. Absolutely shameless!!
      stephen leonhard

  5. Seems to me it’s time for are President to have a field trip to the border, take House and Senate representatives
    with him so they can all see it first hand.

    1. It won’t do any good. They already know what it is really like at the border and they just don’t care. It is all about their wanting to have complete power over us all.

    2. Let the President issue a national emergency proclamation. Start on the wall in a big way, sending the message that this is the way America is going. Let the Dems wail away, campaigning AGAINST the wall being constructed to protect U.S. citizens. See how THAT flies! Fine the hell out of employers who knowingly hire illegals, increasing the penalties with every offense. How we Americans deal with this pseudo-invasion at our southern border, we can be sure, is being watched by our adversaries. If we show weakness now, we will see an increasing number of immigrants storming our border, and they won’t only be from THIS hemisphere. We will see A WAR on our southern border.




    1. Yes thats what Im talking about cut off there pay and there staff lets see how they like not being paid and dont pay them back pay either . put there pay checks towards the WALL !

    2. they ,Congress , get paid even if the government shuts down. I agree stop their oay and see how long it takes to settle this issue bet not long

  7. As an American I’m so tired of this it’s embarrassing to all of us . Senators and congress men and women shouldn’t get paid anymore until all this is resolved. They are making us out to be jackasses, we need a good civil war and they are starting one and they know it. But becareful to start something that they can’t finish because they will lose.

    1. Yes, take away ALL PAY and benefits from ALL elected federal officials until they come to a resolution which includes securing our boarder. That will solve the “DO NOTHING OBSTRUCTIONIST TRAITORS ON THE FAR LEFT DEMOCRATS AND ANY RHINOS”. Watch how fast they solve the problem!

      Charge all security forces with the orders to shoot to kill after ONE warning shoot to anyone trying to breach our boarders illegally. I guarantee that will stop 99.99% of would be ILLEGAL CROSSINGS.

      The lack of PUNISHMENT for breaking our laws IS the major cause of the continued lawlessness in this and every other country. Don’t believe it, just look at other countries that meet out instant justice when their laws are ignored, ie. North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, MUSLIM communities/countries.

      Swift punishment is a great DETERRENT TO WOULD BE CRIMINAL ACTIONS.

      Signed a Vietnam era veteran.

    2. shut down the govt and include the Senators and congress men and women shouldn’t get paid anymore until all this is over, then watch this problem clear up.don’t pay them back pay either . put there pay checks towards the WALL !

  8. Trump should have written down all of his policies and given them to a reputable independent agency that would lock them in a safe until the proper time to release them and then said he is for open boarders , more crime higher taxes and giving away more manufacturing jobs and he wants sanctuary cities and all he would have to do would be to sit back and watch the democrats do his work for him because they would oppose all of his policies so in reality they would be passing everything that he wants right now,

  9. All you people out there that want open borders and gun control, please tell me how you are going to protect yourselves and your family when murders, rapists, gang members and disease are rampant and it walks into your house to do you harm? Your government isn’t going to protect you. Those in government who want open borders and gun control are not looking out for your safety or your rights as American Citizens, they are only destroying any power that you have over your own lives and want to be in power indefinitely at the cost of your freedoms and lives. We all will end up like Venezuela, living on the streets and going through garbage to eat and being murdered in the process. They want you to think that they are going to provide you health care, when if fact, in the end they will not be able to give everyone health care because we the people won’t have any money anymore for them to tax and they will throw us all to the wolves while they live high on the hog.. Why would any government want to let in those that want us dead or want to take control of our Country? I just don’t understand why any of you would want this. If you believe that the government will take better care of you and give you free stuff then you are blind.

    1. The POTUS can us Title 10 code 284 and will not have to get the ok from anyone to build the wall. Look it up and read it. Please pass this on to everyone you can but look it up first and read it. MAGA.

  10. Thats right build the wall !
    My Ford truck was stolen out of a holiday inn express Motel in Oakdale California , burned 3 hours later 1 mile south of town , thats what these crazy people do ! and the cops in that crazy town just sit and watch !!!

    1. Mr. Steve, sir, The Progressive Liberal Democraptic Party Of Today, Don’t Give A Bloody Darn About We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA Anymore, They Just Want To Keep Getting Richer And More Power Hungry And Use The US Constitution And The US Declaration Of Independence and The 1997 US Immigration And Naturalization Act Like Toilet Paper!

  11. Mr. President,

    1 Timothy 6:12, Paul exhorts us to “fight the good fight.”

    Listen, you’re going to get knocked down a time or two, But you’ve got a Cornerman who once went three rounds with death itself. He got knocked down at the cross, and the devil thought it was a knockout. But Jesus got up three days later! He walked out of the tomb, winning the fight against sin and death. Where is He now? He’s at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you. In other words, Christ is in your corner!

    Christ himself is pleading your case!
    Christ is in your corner, on your side!
    That makes every “what if” possible!

    America needs you! Keep up the “good fight!”

  12. Too many politicians are on the cartels pay roll getting “political contributions” under the able for being against the wall and other border security measures that will protect Americans.

  13. This is a multi-planned attack on America designed by leftists a proposal for destroying America no border more drugs no border more criminals. I’m not sure what to right can do they are the ones that allowed this to happen.They gave the leftists the house ignoring the massive illegal voting in Texas alone 58,000 illegals are allowed to vote. Leftists in charge of the polling Stations Gave Way, Arizona and other states. The same Republicans will giveaway 2020 if given the chance

  14. I would like to hear this on the news: The Democrats have decided to give the President not only the 5.7B but the whole 25B. We realize that before we can consider how to help other countries to protect their sovereignty we need to secure ours. It’s not about you (Republicans) and us (Democrats) but the American citizens. Not only would the President fulfill a major promise to the people, the Democrats would also be seen in a better light. The next election would be about who did the better job and will continue to do the better job instead of the hate and lying rhetoric we hear so often. Lastly, the only “I” that should be in their address to the people is, “I turned to God for guidance because scripture tells us that as long as we do according to the will of God He will heal our land.” Our land does need healing. Healing in Tax reform, Immigration reform, Trade reform, Health Care reform, and Economic reform. Who could give a better plan than God? Not to mention the border protection He provided. God put the fear of Israel in the hearts of their enemies and a hedge around their land and peace and prosperity was abundant. The call to God has to start with our leaders followed by our citizens. Without repentance there will be no peace from the foolishness we witness every day in our government. May God have mercy on our country. A good example is the story of Jonah in scripture.

  15. Dummycrats and RINO’s are globalists ready to cede the Country to the world and continue to require the LITTLE PEOPLE to expend blood, limbs, and lives to keep the global dream alive. In other words illegals are needed but Americans are not.

  16. It is certainly hard to understand how our great country, the United States of America, has come to be so unimaginably “divided”. We’re not a “team” anymore. Why? I think because we’ve allowed people from other cultures to come into our country and “make their home here”. We didn’t require anything from them, we just thought this is where they want to live and we’re proud of that. They want to live in the USA. Ha! They want to take over the USA. It’s plain as day to some, and closed circuit to others. They love us; NO THEY DON”T. They want our land, our resources, our homes, our businesses, etc. They want to KILL all of us. Wake up people. Stop thinking that God, our police, our Churches, our fellow Americans are going to be able to SAVE all of us. They will not be able to. IT’S VITAL AT THIS TIME FOR EVERY AMERICAN TO SEEK REALITY. WE WILL NOT HAVE A COUNTRY TO CALL USA. Stop, letting illegals in. Start understanding we need to fight for our country. The immigrants coming in want everything you and I have built and put our hearts and souls into. They have nothing in their countries. Their leaders don’t care about them other than telling them to get out. There will NOT be a “WHITE” race anymore, it will be the minority in time. Our leaders, here in the USA, are following into the same traps. They think they’re doing good by allowing so many immigrants to come into the USA. BUT they are NOT. We need that wall that Trump wants to put up. NO, that might not be enough in the end either, but it’s a start. Democrats you better start taking a “serious” look at what is really happening, because you as well will be losing everything you have here in the USA, all thanks to the illegal immigrants that YOU let into our country. It won’t be OUR country much longer, UNLESS WE FIGHT FOR IT.

  17. AMEN! LOL Wow it’s unbelievable how fast and far the left of left they have swung! It’s very alarming to say the least! And the Green New Deal? ROFLMAO Wow is that ever the entitlement mentalists dream, getting everything, and doing and paying nothing. Crazy part is how the Democrats aren’t even bothering to shame away from the fact that they’re robotic mindless zealots bent on letting the country burn to the ground simply to spite Trump. They’ve all lost their freakn minds! So ya… second amendment becoming very clear.

  18. Many thanks to the men and women at the border for doing their jobs, keeping out the illegals and the drugs… even when they were furloughed. We the American people thank you. Especially since our Democrat Socialist leaders refuse to acknowledge you, or even visit the border, the spineless worms that they are.

    And holy crap, who ever heard of open borders, until they proposed them?! That is the most ludicrous, insane, and stupidest idea ever, besides the anchor baby loophole (that really isn’t a loophole) they all refuse to shut down / fix for some reason. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue? America would cease to be America. It’s already on the brink of no longer being America. I certainly don’t recognize it much anymore. And the Democrats are no longer trying to hide anything about who they really are, and their endeavors to turn this country into another socialist failure. They’re nothing but a bunch of self serving, entitled children full of hate. They didn’t get their way, The Donald beat them at their own game, so they’ve been throwing temper tantrums ever since, constantly harder and louder, and willing to let this country and we the citizens, burn to the ground, simply to spite Trump, in their effort to kick him out of office, and gain control. This is nothing more than a power struggle, plain and simple, and we the people are caught in the crossfire of their greed and stupidity, and pay the price. When do we the people finally matter to Democrats? It shouldn’t be that hard of an equation for them, but apparently it is. Hopefully the sheeple on the left can see and recognize this before it’s too late.

  19. When we run out of cots and detainment center space, this next time, BP should take two loads of illegal immigrants and “forcefully” dump one load off, right in nutty nan’s own house, there in San Fran and take the other load to mixed-up maxie’s mansion and put them up there. Leave security guards behind, with the immigrants and forbid the owners “re-entry” into their own homes. That the way the dimwit commies want to run this show, let’s give them ALL the “chit” that goes with it.

  20. Hahaha, really, lets build a wall just like the communist did years ago. finally they tore them down. Now, you want American to build a wall. For those to say – go ahead and furlough them, you either must be rich, your mama takes care of you or you are on food stamps.

    We have shitheads who suppose to represent the American people in Washington. Those are the shitheads that should be put on furlough. Chump the Trump, which suppose to be a really big business man, ain’t done anything but pout like a snoring pig. How embarrassing that America can’t get their shit together. I wonder what would happen if we were attacked on our homeland.

    Then everyone is back stabbing each other. It is an un-organized government of nuts. Its just sickening how they dirty each other, bunch of liars, no one is honest in that realm of screwups. Chump the Trump got to where he is, by doing almost everything illegal, because he has his powerful layers to make things happen and didn’t give a dame what he did to the people he fired or screwup their lives. He trashed people wherever and whenever he could. Do I trust Him, Hell no……

    STAY YOUR COURSE, DO NOT GIVE ANY CONCESSIONS ! We MUST show our strength at the border and get Mexico to shore up both of their borders. These caravans can not be successful. We can not allow any more illegals into our country regardless of age or what adult they are traveling with.

    The Dems are, obviously, not concerned about U.S. Citizen’s safety . It is THE PRESIDENT’S responsibility, ultimately. It is also the responsibility of every U.S. Citizen to become vocal and support OUR PRESIDENT.
    YOU make it very clear to MS. Pelosi , in the presences of many others, on Wednesday that YOU WILL SHUT
    THE GOVERNMENT DOWN as scheduled. Also inform her that you are / have started the declaration of emergency process and are prepared to send our troops to the border to form a wall. You have the support
    of ” WE, THE PEOPLE “, the military, Republicans, Independents and possibly Mexico and Canada. You also will wake up a few Dems. and they will jump ship, abandon Tyrant Pelios AND split the Democrats.
    My prayers go out to you and your family. There are millions of us behind you.

  22. If illegal aliens and fake asylum seekers can “legally” ignore our laws then we can too! We can take out the Trash in DC and stop the sewage from flowing over our borders! If they can use any means necessary then we can too!

  23. When the government shuts down, the federal employees don’t get paid. My solution is: when the government shuts down, the politicians don’t get paid and they stay in Washington until it is resolved.

  24. We will fight you if you try making America a sanctuary country. Trump build that damn wall. Call an emergency. Do whatever just build the wall. F— you Shummer and Pelosi. You two are enemies of Our country. This is not your country it is the American peoples country. We will fight you to Our deaths on this. DO YOU UNDERSTAND DEMS.???

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