House Democrats propose OPEN BORDERS in 2019 homeland security budget

Even as Leftists Democrats continue to insist that providing proper funding for a border wall between the United States and Mexico would somehow be “wasteful” and “immoral,” they’re simultaneously pushing for open borders – which costs the U.S. around $155 billion annually, or 31 times the cost of the wall – as part of the 2019 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget.

According to new reports, the draft budget being proposed by House Democrats offers a measly $1.75 billion to President Trump for “extra border spending,” while provisioning absolutely nothing for the border wall. However, these same House Democrats made sure to provision for hundreds of millions of dollars in funding in their proposal to help more “migrants” illegally cross the border, as well as find jobs once they are in the U.S.

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“The Democrats want to limit the government’s ability to keep people out of the country,” stated Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, about the ridiculous proposal. “Enforcement would be weakened and people abroad would very quickly learn of that, and then illegal immigration would dramatically increase, especially of people with children.”

Illegal aliens in the U.S. drive down wages for law-abiding Americans

In addition to draining taxpayer coffers, the illegal aliens that House Democrats are calling “migrants” end up putting enormous strain on our country’s job pool. Since they’re willing to work for far less than the average American, wages drop significantly for everyone, driving more people – both illegal and legal – towards welfare programs that put even more strain on the system.

Back in 2017, some 400,000 illegal aliens were given work permits to compete against law-abiding Americans for work – all thanks to provisions previously put in place by Obama that favored illegal aliens over taxpaying Americans.

Not only does the new budget proposal by House Democrats seek to further these anti-American loopholes for illegal aliens put in place by Obama, but they further seek to expand them by blocking President Trump’s efforts to both deny asylum for more illegal aliens and end the disastrous “catch-and-release” program that puts more illegal aliens on the streets of America.

House Democrats want to reopen Obama “pipeline” for bringing more Central American illegals into the U.S.

And remember all those buses that Obama set up to bring illegal Central American “youth” to cities all across the country? House Democrats want to reopen this “pipeline” of illegals as well, allowing cartel “coyotes” to traffic children, drugs, and who knows what else into American communities under the cover of darkness.

The proposed budget would also reauthorize the EB-5 law, allowing wealthy Chinese and Indian families to purchase green cards – effectively cutting to the front of the immigration line – if they agree to lend cash to American real estate developers. This so-called “citizenship-for-sale” program is strongly supported by both New York Senator and Democrat Chuck Schumer, as well as Texas Senator and Republican John Cornyn.

And finally, instead of apportioning money for proper border security, the Democrats’ proposal seeks to divert this funding towards “pork-barrel” spending projects in Democratic districts, allowing corrupt Democrats to purchase aircraft, invest in various construction projects, and fund other “pet” projects at their discretion.

“It is becoming increasingly mainstream on the left to reject the concept of immigration controls,” Krikorian adds. “Not that criminals should be let in, or terrorists, but the principle [they support] that everyone has the right to move here – unless there is some specific reason to keep them out – is now at the center of the Democratic Party.”

“Our elites are increasingly dangerous – they are a danger to the health of their society,” he contends.

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  1. Well, I surely hate to say it … but seems to me that the only reason the democrats HATE MR. TRUMP, is because they are RACIST, RADICAL, AND HAVE BECOME TRAITORS, TERRORIST, TO AMERICA AND PEOPLE!!
    Mr. Trump is RIGHT about the border security … and is trying to prepare for what is coming, which no one else is looking at … or paying attention to. Just a small HINT!! FOLLOWS.
    ’‘Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders.
    In gun-controlled Mexico, the murder rate is nearly 500% HIGHER than in the USA
    As U.S. border agents crack down on organized crime, drugs, and human trafficking at the southern border, the Mexican government has no choice but to deal with and pay for the crime that their country fosters. Mexico’s homicide figure for 2018was 33,341 — far surpassing the 2017 tally of 29,168. Violence is rising in Mexico as the country absorbs their own crime problem, deflected back to them due to assertive border policies enforced by ICE and U.S. President Donald Trump.
    The major cartel groups that once ran drugs into the U.S. are rapidly being broken up into smaller factions. The splintering of the cartels has given rise to smaller, competing factions. This has made gun violence more prevalent in Mexico as a greater number of cartels fight for control over their region. Experts predict that cartel struggles will continue on into 2019 as they fight over territory. Because Mexico has strict gun control laws, many are unable to defend themselves from cartel violence.
    Mexico’s gun control laws encourage organized crime that the U.S. must address at the border
    The Mexican government feeds the homicide problem because they have strict gun control laws, prohibiting law abiding citizens from adequately protecting themselves. The cartels grow and become more violent because they know they can get away with organized crime. There is no challenge from the citizenry. There is no armed republic poised to hold them accountable.
    As defined by Mexico’s Article 11 of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives, firearms are “for exclusive use of the military and strictly forbidden for civilian possession.” Civilians are granted a license to lawfully carry a firearm outside their homes under limited circumstances. Civilians are only allowed to have firearms within their home dwelling, and they are limited in caliber and capacity. Additionally, to own more than two weapons, a civilian must “justify the need.”
    The Mexican government sponsors drug cartels and their violence because of the country’s strict gun control laws. The murder rate in Mexico is 500 percent higher than in the USA. In 2018, Mexico’s homicide rate was approximately 27 per 100,000 people. Conversely, America’s homicide rate was more than five times lower (5 per 100,000 people.) Because Americans are free to protect themselves and their property, the homicide rate is kept in check. The U.S. homicide rate is 11 times lower than Honduras (about 56 per 100,000) and 15 times lower than El Salvador (about 82 per 100,000).
    Granted, there are certain places in America where the murder rate is high. Not surprisingly, these murder hubs share many of the same gun control laws that Mexico has. Liberal utopias such as Chicago are homicide hot spots because gun control fanatics run the city. Just like Mexico, organized crime and human trafficking runs rampant in this U.S. city. The founders of the U.S. were right, and they didn’t even have modern data to prove it: A well-armed and well-trained militia is necessary to the freedom and security of the state.
    Gun control laws help give rise to drug cartel dominance
    Over the past half decade, the Mexican drug cartels have rapidly changed the way they do business. Instead of relying on producers to traffic cocaine, many have begun making methamphetamine themselves so they can reap the most profit. Instead of raising poppies and processing opium gum into heroin, the cartels are producing more synthetic opioids. Opioids such as fentanyl are more profitable than heroin and are often concealed as heroin. The low cost of fentanyl has also collapsed the price of opium gum, making it cheaper to obtain.
    As the cartels are fractured, with no lethal force to hold them accountable, criminal gang activity increases. Abductions, extortion, and theft are all on the rise. Today, the gangs target cargo and fuel supplies, stealing massive amounts of resources. Helpless, unarmed and under-armed Mexican citizens have no choice but to surrender or be shot dead.
    The U.S. should not only build a wall to defend its own country from criminal enterprises emanating from Mexico, but the U.S. should also pressure the Mexican government to stop crime at the source. Mexico should help pay for the damage that drug addiction and drug-related violence does to families. Mexico should own up to their crime-sponsoring gun laws, which create victims out of law-abiding citizens, while spreading organized crime and its violence into the great United States of America, where armed citizens must be more vigilant and on watch.

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