The House Just Passed A “Sweeping” Gun Control Bill. Tomorrow They Vote On Another

Authored by Dagny Taggart via The Organic Prepper blog,

Today, gun-grabbers in the House of Representatives held their first major vote on gun control legislation in years.

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They voted to pass H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which would require background checks for all firearm sales, including private transactions and purchases made online and at gun shows. Currently, only federally licensed firearms dealers, importers, and manufacturers are required to conduct background checks on customers under federal law. Twenty states and D.C. have already expanded background checks to include at least some private sales. The bill was described by NPRas “sweeping.”

H.R. 8 also prohibits firearms transfers by a person who is not a licensed dealer. However, it does exclude gifts to family members and transfers for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. A temporary transfer of a gun can also take place in situations where it’s “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm.”

This is just another proposed gun control measure that won’t do anything to stop crime.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) wrote that H.R. 8 would impose so-called “universal” background checks, but the legislation “doesn’t address how criminals actually acquire their firearms”. In addition, it “creates traps for law-abiding gun owners, and it’s been proven not to work,” the gun rights organization explains.

Some Republicans, including Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., argue that the universal background check bill wouldn’t have prevented the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last year, noting that the shooter passed a background check. It also wouldn’t have stopped the Texas church shooting because the military didn’t report the shooter when they should have.

The bill passed largely along party lines (240 to 190). Eight votes in favor came from Republicans.

H.R. 8 had 232 co-sponsors. Five are Republicans: Peter King, of New York, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Fred Upton of Michigan, Brian Mast of Florida, and Chris Smith of New Jersey.

Tomorrow, the House will vote on another gun control bill.

H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, will be voted on by the House tomorrow – the 25th anniversary of the day the Brady Act, which mandated federal background checks, went into effect.

H.R. 1112 has 15 co-sponsors, only one of which is a Republican – Rep. Peter King of New York.

That bill would extend the amount of time firearms dealers must wait for a response from the background check system before the sale can proceed to 20 days. Currently, they can make the sale if they haven’t received a response in three days.

According to the NRA, H.R. 8 is “bad”, but “H.R. 1112 is worse”:

Under that bill, gun sales from licensed dealers would be subject to the discretion of federal officials. Through either malice or incompetence, the legislation creates an unworkable system where gun buyers could be placed in an endless loop of background checks and would never actually receive the firearms they wish to purchase. (source)

Proponents say the bills would close loopholes in the background check system. “For example, the gunman who killed nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., in 2015, had drug charges that should have prevented him from buying his gun. But the dealer was able to proceed with the sale because the background check system had not sent a response within three days,” reports USA Today.

The White House will likely veto both bills if they make it through the Senate.

In a statement, the White House announced it opposed the bills for violating Second Amendment rights.

“The extensive regulation required by H.R. 8 is incompatible with the Second Amendment’s guarantee of an individual right to keep arms,” the statement reads. “By overly extending the minimum time that a licensed entity is required to wait for background check results, H.R. 1112 would unduly impose burdensome delays on individuals seeking to purchase a firearm.”

The two bills are expected to pass in the House, but would then need to be approved in the Senate, where Republicans hold a majority. In its statement, the White House suggested President Trump would veto both pieces of legislation if they pass the House and Senate.

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  1. I am an FFL dealer, I have a store and I also work Gun Shows. There are no loop holes in gun shows or anywhere else in my business. What i would like to know is how do you enforce this law? A person owns a firearm and his neighbor really likes this firearm and asks the owner if he will sell it to him and the owner says oK. How do you control that? I had a young man come in to purchase a firearm, he had a carry permit filled out the 4473 it was taking sometime to get the approval he paid for the firearm and said call me when you get the approval and left. A minute or so later four deputies come into my business looking for this guy. I told them to go hide my wife will call him and when he gets here we will call you and you can arrest him then. All worked well however though he had a warrent for his arrest. He received an approval

  2. I will vote against any person who voted for this bill and i hope everyone else does too. this is the first step to gun grabbing. I am not a gun person bu ti believe everyone should have one that wants one. The criminals and crazies will get one anyways. this will just stop teh law abiding citizen from having a gun to defend their homes and families.

  3. By what right does a state have to modify the Constitution and Federal Law?
    I am quickly becoming a major criminal and have done nothing wrong.
    I am beginning to envy clinton, obama, holder, et al……They got away with committing crime.
    In my opinion there will be many deaths from this by people who have nothing
    to lose, like the elderly and terminally ill, in confrontations with those who come for their firearms.

    Can’t these fools understand what they are doing, all they have to do I view Chicago, New York, San Fran…..
    But the real motive is to disarm and conquer the law abiding citizen, all in the name of socialism/communism.

  4. These POS Democrats refuse to build a wall to keep us safe, and now are taking steps to erode our second amendment rights. Do not let the camel get its nose under the tent, or you will end up on the outside looking into your tent with a camel in it. Their end game is for us to be invaded from the south and have no means of self defense.

  5. Drunk Drivers kill sober drivers. So to keep Sober drivers safe, ban sober, law abiding drivers from driving. This is how gun laws work.

  6. Black Market Guns, Anti-Gun Laws Create Them & Drive Up Demand
    Second Amendment

    Black Market Guns, Anti-Gun Laws Create Them & Drive Up Demand

    If someone lies to you to get you to change your vote or your lifestyle, they are not lying for your benefit, but for their own. Lying can be done in many ways, and one of the most insidious is the lie by omission.
    These reasonable sounding lies and our ignorance prevents us gun owners from fighting the evils of gun control as one strong united block. We counsel the creation of firearms study groups [like a bible study group, but for gunnies], in your kitchens, your churches, your firing ranges and in your backyard at your next picnic.
    The more you know, the stronger we all are.
    Firearms Black Market
    Before we can even get into the debate on various laws being touted about, we need to break down the some of the ever-present spoilers, like the firearms black market. We need to be able to know and fully understand what the firearms black market is and how it works. That’s so we can bring it out of the closet with conviction.
    So let us divert from our intended column on common sense NICS checks and begin to fight back with a big unanswerable question for gun control advocates and many unthinking gun owners, “So, what about the black market for guns?”
    No gun control advocate ever says, “This [whatever it is] law will save lives and we need to do something or we’re not good moral people, but, oh, the black market will prevent it from working as promised.” They would never acknowledge that.
    How big is the market? The easy answer is as big as necessary. It’s an unfettered free market. The supply will suit the demand.
    A closer look suggests that in 1993, New York City was a city of about 7.3 million people. In 1993, according to the Department of Justice OJJDP estimate, there were up to two million illegal guns possed by city dwellers. Remeber NYC gave gun licenses to the rich and connected, and because of the bulldog work of journalist Jo Craven GcGinty, we have a figure of 37,000 legally possessed weapons.
    The more we try to limit people’s access to guns or anything else, the more money goes into the pockets of criminals…
    By adding 37,000 to 2 million, we come to an estimated total of 2,037,000 guns. Then, by dividing, we find that, if each licensee purchased two guns, only 3.7 % of New York City firearms were “legally owned.” Since only the very well connected are permitted to own more than two weapons, we can conservatively estimate that in 1993, only 5 % of the guns were considered legal in NYC.
    That means that the percentage of so-called black market guns, after a century of restrictive laws is a whopping 95%. So much for New York City’s 100+-year-old restrictive gun laws, known as the Sullivan Act of 1911.
    We cannot find any recent national number for black market estimates because the powers-that-be keep this information close to the vest and the truth is they can only guestimate.
    Side Read: The harder it is to buy a lawful pistol, the more New Yorkers want to get one.
    If we knew the actual number of so-called black market guns, we would also understand that the all-pervasive black market in weapons prevents poorly thought out anti-gun laws from working as promised. Today in New York City, anyone who wants an “illegal” firearm can quickly get one, through the black gun market.
    The actual effect of restrictive gun laws is, by practical definition, to transfer legal guns to the illegal market. Everyone who buys a gun on the black market is committing an unlawful act, according to gun banners.
    Many bodega owners who could not afford the time and money to apply to the city, knowing that eventually they would be denied their license, use the black market and therefore, commit a felony in order to stay alive and in business.
    In Hong Kong with strict firearms laws, Angel Shamaya reports, the penalties are so onerous that only police and criminals own weapons. That is, the illegal guns possessed by criminals are “black market guns.”
    Let’s use the term, “black market guns” because it gets very close to the actual truth of lawmaking. Every other name builds the deception that law can control criminals and it is people who need protection from it.
    “Proliferation of guns” or “easy availability” of guns is nonsense words! It’s black market guns, and they are here to stay. Here is the Gallant/Eisen expose of the fatal flaw in firearms legislation, “restrict legal channels, and all that will change is the pattern of their availability.”
    Dave Kopel et al., describe the global black market in weapons. In Jamaica, the Gun Court Act of 1974 led to a situation in which homemade and black market guns “largely replaced lawfully acquired guns.” In Jamaica today, crime rules.
    One cop firmly stated, in The Layman’s Guide to Black Market Firearms, “Ladies and Gentlemen of America, People are always going to have guns available to them, no matter what. Always. Without fail….And the more we try to limit people’s access to guns or anything else, the more money goes into the pockets of criminals…”
    We have only presented the tip of the iceberg of black market guns studies ideas. We hope we have broken the path for the curious as it is essential to understand all side of the arguments so we can conclusively prove our point and argue our cause. Firearms safety requires more than finding the intended target without incident. It means protecting the Second Amendment for our children, and beyond.
    Knowing about the elephant in the room goes a long way to being able to confront the howling masses. Spread the knowledge.

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