Full List of 81 People, Entities Tied to Trump Being Probed

HuffPost on Monday released the full list of 81 people, agencies and individuals with ties to President Donald Trump that have received requests for documents from House Democrats.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee sent the requests Monday, building off the ongoing investigations being conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York.

The list of those who received document requests includes Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr., and his son-in-law, White House adviser Jared Kushner.

The full list is:

  1. Alan Garten.
  2. Alexander Nix.
  3. Allen Weisselberg.
  4. American Media, Inc.
  5. Anatoli Samochornov.
  6. Andrew Intrater.
  7. Annie Donaldson.
  8. Brad Parscale.
  9. Brittany Kaiser.
  10. Cambridge Analytica.
  11. Carter Page.
  12. Columbus Nova.
  13. Concord Management and Consulting.
  14. Corey Lewandowski.
  15. David Pecker.
  16. Department of Justice.
  17. Don McGahn.
  18. Donald J Trump Revocable Trust.
  19. Donald Trump, Jr.
  20. Dylan Howard.
  21. Eric Trump.
  22. Erik Prince.
  23. Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  24. Felix Sater.
  25. Flynn Intel Group.
  26. General Services Administration.
  27. George Nader.
  28. George Papadopoulos.
  29. Hope Hicks.
  30. Irakly Kaveladze.
  31. Jared Kushner.
  32. Jason Maloni.
  33. Jay Sekulow.
  34. Jeff Sessions.
  35. Jerome Corsi.
  36. John Szobocsan.
  37. Julian Assange.
  38. Julian David Wheatland.
  39. Keith Davidson.
  40. KT McFarland.
  41. Mark Corallo.
  42. Matt Tait.
  43. Matthew Calamari.
  44. Michael Caputo.
  45. Michael Cohen.
  46. Michael Flynn.
  47. Michael Flynn, Jr.
  48. Paul Erickson.
  49. Paul Manafort.
  50. Peter Smith (Estate).
  51. Randy Credico.
  52. Reince Priebus.
  53. Rhona Graff.
  54. Rinat Akhmetshin.
  55. Rob Goldstone.
  56. Roger Stone.
  57. Ronald Lieberman.
  58. Sam Nunberg.
  59. SCL Group Limited.
  60. Sean Spicer.
  61. Sheri Dillon.
  62. Stefan Passantino.
  63. Steve Bannon.
  64. Ted Malloch.
  65. The White House.
  66. Trump campaign.
  67. Trump Foundation.
  68. Trump Organization.
  69. Trump transition.
  70. Viktor Vekselberg.
  71. WikiLeaks.
  72. 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee.
  73. Christopher Bancroft Burnham.
  74. Frontier Services Group.
  75. J.D. Gordon.
  76. Kushner Companies.
  77. The National Rifle Association.
  78. Rick Gates.
  79. Tom Barrack.
  80. Tom Bossert.
  81. Tony Fabrizio.

via newsmax


  1. Half of the United States under investigation.Do to these weasels the same thing Crooked Hillary did.Destroy evidence under supena ,deny everything,refuse to testify,and stall their B.S to the maximum.It’s time for Republicans to employ their tactics against them.

  2. I am surprised they did not want a list all donors to President Trump’s campaign.
    The Republican should go after all the documents from Hillary emails, Obama, all individuals involved in Bengazi, Eric Holder, Lynch, records on Fast and Furious guns to Mexican Cartels, Comey documents, all FBI agents involved in wire tapping Donald Trump etc.

  3. My response
    TO: House Judiciary Committee
    ATTN: Jerrold Nadler
    Dear Sir;
    In response to your recent request for documentation; Not only NO, but hell no! Your current interest in fishing expeditions would be better served at a Marina, than rifleing through my paperwork! I would, in fact, recommend a very long walk on an extremely short pier, preferably with all pockets filled with rocks!
    Sincerely Yours
    Theodore M. Crawford

  4. I’m surprised that they didn’t issue a request for documents to the nurse who weighed DJT at the hospital when he was first born. Did he really have balls that big? And made of brass?

  5. Don’t forget Obama’s sealed records and all the records he removed from the White House before be left office that has been put under lock and key.

  6. I’m surprised Mickey and Minnie Mouse isn’t on this list.
    But they forgot the Hillary Clinton, Barry Soereto Obama gang.

    The fun part will be when the democrats end up convicting themselves
    with all their “investigations”>

  7. I have a great ideal. Why doesn’t everyone who supported President Trump send in a letter saying they support the President and know who was involved in collusion with Russia. Then when asked who say it with truth Hilary Clinton she receive about $146,000,000 from Russia. There is your answer.

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