Elizabeth Warren Says She Has “Zero” Sympathy For Parents Involved In College Cheating Scandal (After She Also Cheated To Get Into College)

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently took a DNA test to “prove” her Native American ancestry following attacks by President Trump, says she has “zero” sympathy when it comes to the celebrity parents involved in bribing administration and testing officials in an effort to get their children into top universities.

What’s most notable about Warren’s zero sympathy claim about cheating to get ahead is that her DNA test revealed she was about 1/1024th Native American, which is lower Native American ancestry than most Americans.

Warren reportedly benefited from her claims of ancestry to get ahead at Harvard and even identified herself as a “Native American” on a Texas Bar registration form.

As Dan Bongino points out, Warren appears to completely lack any self awareness with respect to her quick response when asked about the college cheating scandal:

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  1. And, I , Senator Warren, have zero sympathy for the lack of credibility you have through your own cheating and lying. It would be interesting to see how many really qualified applicants to Harvard you cheated out of their opportunity. I do believe you need to make some sort of restitution in the form of some hefty donation to a scholarship fund for these students-no tax deduction as a result. please. If you make no effort, then you are simply another hypocrite politician who would not know the truth if it slammed you in the head. I, for one would never vote for you for jail janitor, much less president of the US.

  2. Please ignore Pocahontas she is not to be trusted. She and her husband are multi-millionaires with no history of helping anyone but themselves hypocrites as most democrats. Did anyone try her cookbook”Pow Wow recipes?” She is as phony as Obama and FAKE NEWS.

  3. Elizabeth Warren is an excellent example of an extreme hypocrite. She got into colleges by claiming that she was an American Indian. The results of her DNA test, taken later on, was that she was less an American Indian than most of the population of the US. She may very well have prohibited a more qualified student from gaining admission. How is that any different from paying money to get your child admitted, as in the current admission scandal? Where does Elizabeth Warren earn the right to say she has no sympathy for them when she’s done essentially the same thing! This isn’t the only occasion that Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated her hypocrisy either. She demonstrably feels that she is far better than anyone else. She definitely is not Presidential material!

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