AOC Mocks God: “What Good Are Your Prayers When They Don’t Keep Pews Safe?”

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

49 people were just ruthlessly gunned down at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using it as an opportunity to mock God. 

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As you will see below, in response to the mass shootings she posed this question on Twitter: “What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?”  Conservatives were obviously her intended target, but her statement implies that either God won’t listen to our prayers and stop these terror attacks or that He simply can’t do it because He lacks the power to do so.  Either way, her statement is a direct attack on God and believers all across America are deeply, deeply offended by her statement.

What just happened in New Zealand is yet another example that demonstrates that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is rapidly disappearing.  Shooter Brenton Tarrant is a horribly deranged man who decided that he would gain worldwide fame by shooting a whole bunch of innocent people in cold blood.  And it turns out that he wasn’t even from New Zealand

A 28-year-old Australian man who was charged with murder was remanded without plea until his next appearance in court on April 5, while two others remain in police custody. NBC’s Australian subsidiary, Channel 7, say police sources have named one of the suspects as Brenton Tarrant.

The charged individual “traveled sporadically to New Zealand and stayed for varied amount of time,” but was not a resident of Christchurch, Ardern said in a statement.

In this day and age, this sort of thing can literally happen anywhere.  No community is truly “safe”, and we all need to understand that our world has fundamentally changed.

When a great tragedy like this happens, it is not time to jump on social media and try to use it to score political points.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others on the left have been doing.  Here is her full statement about “thoughts & prayers” in context

At 1st I thought of saying, “Imagine being told your house of faith isn’t safe anymore.”

But I couldn’t say “imagine.”

Because of Charleston.
Sutherland Springs.

What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?

If she had simply mocked gun owners, conservatives or her political opponents, that would have been bad enough.

But she didn’t stop there.

She mocked almighty God by implying that our thoughts and prayers are worthless.

There is no room in Congress for someone that would make such a statement, and I am calling on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to immediately resign.

Others on the left are relentlessly pointing their fingers at conservatives in the aftermath of this attack, but Brenton Tarrant was not a conservative.  In fact, he made this explicitly clear in the manifesto that he left behind

The terrorist gunman who killed 49 Muslims at a mosque in New Zealand said in his own manifesto that he wanted “no part of” conservatism, describing himself as an “eco-fascist” and expressing admiration for Communist China.

Answering the question “Were/are you a conservative?”, Brenton Tarrant wrote, “No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, “I want no part of it.”

But you aren’t hearing that on the mainstream news, are you?

In his manifesto, Tarrant also expressed disdain for Donald Trump, and he openly admitted that the “nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.”

That would make him a far left communist more than anything else.  But the mainstream media just keeps using terms such as “right wing extremist” to describe him.

Tarrant also made it abundantly clear in his manifesto that he wants to see “a civil war in the United States”

At three points in his manifesto, the shooter also states his intention to spark a civil war in the United States by triggering crackdowns on the Second Amendment. In his laundry list of motivations, the shooter spends the most amount of time discussing this goal, which he believes will ultimately lead to a “fracturing” of the U.S. along “cultural and racial lines.”

As he describes it, his attack will “Create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political, and racial divide within the United States.”

Without a doubt, our nation is more divided today than we have ever seen in modern American history, and the stage is set for the mass societal chaos that I depicted in “The Beginning Of The End”.  I am stunned by all of the anger, frustration and hatred that I see throughout our society, and it is getting worse with each passing day.

If we don’t learn how to love one another, we simply are not going to make it as a society.

Loving others does not mean that you always have to agree with them.  We must always contend for the truth, but at the same time we have got to find a way to love those that are opposed to us.

Hatred never leads anywhere good, and Tarrant is a perfect example of that fact.  Sadly, our world is filled with more hate than ever before, and that is going to have very serious consequences for all of us.

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  1. Liberal don’t believe in god, their agenda will not allow it, a Christian would neve push for abortion, full term abortion, or post term abortion, a christian would never mock God, a Christian would never question God’s way, God allows things to happen for many reasons, I will never pretend I know why he allows terrible things to happen but if we look at how God has been taken out of the world it may help us to understand, if we look at AOC and her response we may understand a little more

    1. AOC has lost her marbles……OOPS, she never had any……..

      MOSQUES do not believe in our GOD/CHRIST but worship the QURAN and Mohammad, who believed in having many wives and marrying 2 yr. olds….ALSO they could kill their wives or children that did not mind them……

  2. Any person or groups who kill innocents are evil beyond imagination, again, evil beyond imagination. Regarding the murders in New Zealand, Muslims kill each other all the time in shootings and bombings. It is usually the Shiites versus the Sunnis and primarily involves who (a descendent of Mohammed versus the most capable Muslim leader) should lead those who believe in the political/religious Islam whose goal is world domination. Muslims believe in Shirai law (that means male dominance and often horrible treatment of women, including Muslim women) and personal honor before truth, that is they can lie to promote a world domination of Islam. If you are a non-Muslim, you are an infidel and can be lied to and subjected to harassment, be made to make large $ payments to exist in a Muslim dominated culture, or have your head cut off. Most infidels are ignorant about extreme Islam and should educate themselves. Start by reading the Koran, and Nabeel Qureshi’s books.

  3. This MORON needs to be tested!!! I do NOT want to disparage the people that voted for her but SHE SHOULD BE RECALLED for costing NY billions in income thousands of jobs while COMMIE light has put NY over 2 billion in debt and starting an EXODUS from the state!!! All are welcome to come legally to TEXAS just please do NOT keep voting the same way over and over and expect DIFFERENT RESULTS!! The would be INSANE to continue the spiral!!

  4. I guess EVIL TRASH like aoc wouldn’t know anything about prayers….she is thi front BIG MOUTH for soros and his cronies…….she has the biggest and stupidest mouth. a shill.

  5. AOC, what good does it do NOT TO PRAY TO GOD? Either you look up to God or you dont. Take your pick. We are all born with that will. God did not make robots out of us. So, “YES” do as we wish, but no one is guaranteed Salvation. You certainly will NEVER, EVER, find Salvation in Politics. For you, I guess, there is no use praying that there is no hell. But when eternity faces you, heaven and hell will be there for you anyway. You vant Congress or pretty yourself there, because This time you dont get to pick. Your eternal destination would’ve already been determined…and it wont be because of your prayers, but because that is what your chose. God does not send anyone to hell. You simply Will to go there and you could easily be Skipping and Dancing your Political Merry way there. Fool.

  6. yet it is Christians who shoot up schools, churches and Mosques. True Christians would not, but most Christians today are false, just claiming to be christian to be accepted into society. Christians have been using their religion as an excuse to kill since the Crusades. Hypocrites all- Evangelicals are false christians, hating color and the “other”. jailing innocent children and praising the hitler loving president- and Hitler himself was a devout Christian. All religions are evil in my mind. There is no such thing as full term abortion- there is such things as unviable fetuses that cannot survive beyond birth. You are a radical idiot to think any woman would want an abortion willy-nilly -stupid man.

  7. Actually some of the LEAST SAFEST Pews are in the Islamic world. i.e. Coptic Christians in Egypt. Funny how these never get mentioned.

  8. they call this a form of religion?A Muslim women was on a show?? and said she had a dream.It was all the Muslims who died were going to hell!!She dreamed they were falling off a high bank and fallng to the fires of Hell!!

  9. AOC mocks God???He will stand so much and then she better repent or be ready for the worst thing in her life will happen.God is real,I have had to many things to happen in my life to prove there is a GOd and I am A God Fearing man.Climate change????or is it God giving us warnings to get the world in order???God will only stand so much then Wham!!!!!Floods ,tornados,blizzards,etc..Wake up world your time may be sooner then you think!!!!

  10. Maybe her god listens to hers. Our GOD listens to prayers, however as muslims full well know that our GOD did not produce puppets. We have a free will and the shooter or shooters in any unlawful violent acts is acting on their free will. Where better to die than in the house of GOD… No 100 virgins or anything promised to the muslims, we have a greater reward. Our reward from our GOD is to live eternally with him in total peace, no pain and no more aoc’s to deal with. That right there is reason enough for me to die at the hands of the violent people. Hand guns, rifles, shot guns, nor automatics kill people. Only people kill people with the weapons they pick up. Gun laws will do one thing, allow the thugs and those who will never obey the law to attain them…

  11. You are one ignorant person. Mosques do not have pews. The Koran is polar opposite from the Bible. Muslimes are the evil that the Christian GOD wills destruction. What benefit to society is the muslime religion?

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