Bernie Sanders Hit Head on Shower Door, Needed Stitches

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., one of the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination for president, required stitches Friday morning after hitting his head on the side of a shower door, the New York Post reports.

Sanders, who is 77, visited a walk-in clinic “out of precaution,” in South Carolina after falling and injuring himself on the glass door of a shower, according to campaign spokesperson Arianna Jones. 

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Jones also said that Sanders was given seven stitches and a “clean bill of health,” according to, and added that Sanders “proceeded with all of his scheduled events,” that day.

“The senator has proceeded with all of his scheduled events — joining a group of approximately 20 local clergy for breakfast this morning — and looks forward to joining a roundtable with South Carolinians this afternoon to discuss how we can provide high quality affordable health care for all,” Jones said, according to Politico.

Sanders is set to appear in Henderson, Nevada on Saturday for a campaign rally at 2:30 p.m. in Morrell Park.

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  1. As a true dedicated Socialist did he offer to give some of his stitches to an undeserving person who needed but could not get stitches?

    1. yeah, and meeting with clergy is against his beliefs as a socialist/communist member.
      he only wants to soften the blows he will recieve from our American religious leaders when he starts pushing his ideals.
      what i still have a hard time with is, knowing of course, that the socialist/communist factions have always been here, that people would buy into that crap.
      all we have to do is look around and see we are still the best place to be in the world.
      why would folks want to give up freedoms for dominating and restrictive living conditions?
      i think our parents and grandparents got complacent along the way and took these things for granted and stopped teaching them to their children.
      most folks between 40 and 60 do not know our constitution, bill of rights or how our rule of law applies to us.
      i am worried by this because the politicians use our ignorance against us to take from us our rights as American citizens. 🇺🇸i love America !

      1. The trouble is so many believe all the crap the socialist are putting out..we all knowe it isn’t possible to fund these stupid ideas.the photo od bernie???Do we want someone that looks like a mad man to be our leader???

  2. Burn, ya need to go home and retire, your getting feeble and feeble minded, in your case 77 isn’t the new 65, just go home you look like a wild man, and think like a wild man.

  3. I wonder which clergy? Certainly not conservative Christians? Not that they would not meet with him, but he would not want to hear what they have to say, if in fact they were to tell him the truth of what God thinks of all the left’s agenda.

  4. did it knock some brains into him? nah, didn’t think so.
    PS: LOVING the first reply, from Robert: “As a true dedicated Socialist did he offer to give some of his stitches to an undeserving person who needed but could not get stitches?”
    MAGA †

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