Son Publicly Defends Parents Implicated In Admissions Scandal While Smoking Blunt

The son of Gregory and Marcia Abbott, two parents involved in the recent college admissions scandal, defended his parents to the New York Post outside of the family’s Fifth Avenue building this week – while smoking a blunt and promoting his latest rap CD.

“Rapper” Malcom Abbott said about the scandal:

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“They’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion. I believe everyone has a right to go to college, man.”

In the midst of smoking a moderately sized blunt, Malcolm continued: “I didn’t go to college”.

His father is the founder of food and beverage distributor International Dispensing Corporation and his sister was one of the college students in question. She allegedly had her ACT and SAT scores boosted as a result of bribes her parents paid.

After he got done defending his parents, the ponytailed Malcolm, who raps under the name “Billa”, then told the New York Post to check out his music. “Check out my CD, ‘Cheese and Crackers,’?” he said. Upon leaving the building later in the day with his brother, he said that his parents had “got roped into [this by] some guy who f–king cheated them.”

That defense should hold up in court.

More specifically, Abbott’s parents are being accused of paying $125,000 in bribes to help their daughter get into college. The man they allegedly paid the bribes to – scheme mastermind William Rick Singer – paid off a test proctor to inflate their daughter’s test scores to a perfect 800 on the SAT math and 710 on the SAT verbal. On the ACT test, her score of 23 out of 36 was changed to a near perfect 35, according to court documents. Both parents were out on $500,000 bail at the time.

Somewhere, in prison, Martin Shkreli is shaking his head. 

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