Forget ‘Obamaphones’, Vote Andrew Yang In 2020 & Get $1000/Month For Free

As the horde of Democratic Presidential candidates continue to try to outdo one another in how much ‘free shit’ they can give away, one man in the crowd just turned up the idiocy to ’11’…

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Forget about small things like ‘Obamaphones’, Sara Carter reports that Andrew Yang, the Democratic presidential hopeful is promising to pay $1000 once a month to every American if he is elected in 2020.

A supporter of universal basic income, Yang already launched a pilot program for free cash payments known as the Freedom Dividend.

He selected a family in Goffstown, New Hampshire, who he says will be receiving $12,000 cash for the year.

In 2018, According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were about 127.59 million households in the United States. So if you do the math, and if Andrew Yang’s little project just target every household in America, this would cost $1.5 Trillion every year.

But that is a drop in the ocean, as Mr. Yang has quite the array of ‘free’ offerings for Americans in his platform…

via zerohedge

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  1. Considering the fact that we now have 50% of the population on some government program am sure he is just offering what that 50% think they deserve. It worked for Venezuela as he promised them all those government handouts and people just loved it. Problem is the promise verses what really happened is another story.

  2. What ever is given will be ate up with price increases. The military receives housing allowance to help defray costs due to multiple moves over a career. I received $110 per month. Rent in the area was $210. When we got an increase the rent went up equal or more. So if every one gets $1000 per month, they can expect costs to increase at the same rate. The same would happen with a $15 per hour wage. A gallon of milk will rise to $10 per gallon. What was accomplished?

  3. Yes the phones were suppose to be used to find a job, big joke as these people had no intention of looking for work. The problem was under Obama he gave them out like candy to anyone who wanted them and greatly increased the time. There is no reason to be giving out an I- phone if you were just looking for work.

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