Adam Schiff Rejects Mueller Report, Says Special Counsel Should Testify

Rep. Adam Schiff, the Chairman of House Intelligence Committee, rejected reports that no more Mueller indictments are coming, and suggested he would call the special counsel before a House panel if necessary to learn what is in the report.

Here he is whining on Maddow’s show…

And in another interview on CNN, Schiff said…

If necessary, we will call Bob Mueller or others before our committee, I would imagine the judiciary committee may call the attorney general if necessary,”

“At the end of the day, the department is under a statutory obligation to provide our committee with any information regarding significant intelligence activities, including counterintelligence. And it’s hard to imagine anything more significant than what Bob Mueller has been investigating.”

We have a right to be informed, and we will demand to be informed about it.”

Schiff said that during the last Congress, the Justice Department turned over 880,000 pages of evidence from the Hillary Clinton email investigation, even though no one was ever indicted. Mueller’s special counsel investigation has already led to 37 indictments, though the final report reportedly does not recommend any additional ones.

“We need to point out to the department it would be establishing a horrendous double standard,” Schiff said.

If the department does not release the report and underlying evidence, Schiff said Democrats would use their authority as the majority party in the House of Representatives to compel the release of Mueller’s findings.

“It should cooperate willingly, but if it doesn’t, we will have to subpoena the evidence, subpoena Mueller or others,” Schiff told CNN.

Schiff did not answer host Wolf Blitzer’s question as to whether or not any potential testimony would be public or behind closed doors.

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  1. Looks like Schiff got his panties in a wad. The little creep just can’t handle it. Actually, funny, watching him make a total fool of himself along with other Democrats.

    1. This man is sickening to look at or hear him speak. How people like this is running our government is the crime. Also the underhanded things he has done. He is lucky not to be in jail.

    2. You are so right Dr!! The Dems protected and demanded Trump to let Mueller complete his investigation so sure Mueller would find collusion and Trump would be doomed!! Mueller completes his probe, states there was no collusion and the Dems can not handle it, “Shifty” Schiff is going “loco”, nuts!! He wants to investigate some more!!! Perhaps Schiff should investigate the FBI and the Clinton paid for false dossier which started the Mueller probe.!! A lot of wrongdoing there!

    3. What kind of psychotic drug is he on; or is that demons I see in his eyes. Needs an evaluation by a good GODLY counselor.

  2. Adam Is A Hack A Gonif & Shiester ..A Piece Of Kuppe Drek… He Should Be Bared From Government… He Comes From The School Of Harry Reid .. A Liar Cheat & A Thief… But We Won Didn’t We?? WTF?

  3. I wish our politicians would just do their job and govern instead of making issues from nothing. Do not waste any more money. Start working on our nations debt, immigration, reducing welfare, infrastructure repairs and improvements. Lets concentrate on real issues for a change. If I had my way I would have a special election and vote all of you out and replace you with people who believe in America.

    1. Well stated. Adam Bull Schiff is just a pile. I’d like to see any of the Demos undergo a two year witch hunt from 8 angry Repubs. Camel Harass or Mad Max along with Lizzie Liar would be in jail already.

  4. I figure it this way, hillary got away with a lot of manure and no charges against her or her cronies. There were 37 indictments against POTUS campaign and friends. So as far as I’m concerned what’s good for the goose(POTUS) is good for the gander(hillary). Schiff should investigate all of the mysterious deaths including the one that just incurred involving assange’s attorney which surprisingly enough was linked to clinton as information he had would have been detrimental to Hillary’s health.

  5. Schiff”s district in California is Burbank…the “Shit-Hole” of the San Fernando Valley. Without the money and involvement of George Soros, Schiff would already be a has been. His sister is married to the son of Soros…and that Son-of-a-Bitch is doing everything with his billions to undermine our nation and democracy. Soros, a former Nazi collaborator is helping Adam Schiff to lie, distort, manipulate and use ugly propaganda to keep this Trump “Collusion” story alive until 2020 is all part of the Soros agenda believing together they will defeat Trump…while I did not vote for Trump I am suddenly hoping he defeats these Democratic Assholes and that he destroys the Deep State and all of its hideous corruption. A pox on both of their houses…

    1. Maybe you should vote for Trump in 2020, with your help and many others he will win again and get the popular vote (that will get the cry babies to stop their tears)! How many besides Adam Schiff are in Soros’s pocket or in bed with him in the Democrat Party?

    2. thanks for clarifying “Schiff”s district in California is Burbank.” Now I think I understand why Schitt is so adamantly insisting on this facade. Soros is not “helping” him. He is demanding that Schitt ” lie, distort, manipulate and use ugly propaganda to keep this Trump “Collusion” story alive until 2020″

  6. When Adam Schiffty took over as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, its name SHOULD have been changed to the “UNINTELLIGENCE Committee.” We have had some truly STUPID committee chairs in the House and Senate over the years, but Schiffty may be the WORST (and I include Maxine Waters — notice how QUIET she’s been lately? — in that stupidity count!)

    Adam: see if you can follow this.. Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his report and, AS THE LAW REQUIRES, sent it on to the chairs of the appropriate committees of the House AND Senate. By now you should HAVE your copy (or are you having trouble READING all those BIG WORDS?). The committee chairs (presumably YOU included) received it LATE SATURDAY AFTERNOON — less than 2 days ago. Congress is in recess (bet you KNEW that!) and the Mueller Report has to be scrubbed for sensitive material or references to people WHO WERE NOT INDICTED (we KNOW you’d like to damage THEIR reputations too, but that’s NOT in the cards). It’s only MONDAY MORNING NOW. When the report has been scrubbed for publication, it WILL be published. To assume THAT won’t happen you must assume the Attorney General — just appointed with strong bipartisan support — is ALSO a liar, because HE said it would be released as soon as possible. SO GIVE THE MAN MAYBE 48 HOURS to get it read, scrubbed, printed, and released. Hardly too much to ask for a lengthy and major report, even if YOU want it instantaneously. Now GROW UP and stop acting like an ANGRY THREE-YEAR-OLD. We waited for YOU; now YOU can wait for the Attorney General!

  7. This guy should be removed from office. He’s a laughing stock. I can’t believe even the Democrats will allow this fool to be in the office. Every time he opens up his mouth shows his ignorance.Now they won’t even except their own legal crap shoot for the last two years because it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to.

    1. What do you expect?
      Their only plan, is to disrespect Trump and get their own lackey in place.
      The party of hate and slavery

    2. Well, there is no shortage of laughing stocks in the Democrat party. A O-C, Pelosi, Schumer, Mad Maxine, Booker, ad nauseum. Pretty ignorant and petty hateful people, all of them.

  8. NOW, he wants Mueller to testify?
    When the Republicans, wanted him to testify, last year.
    Shiftless said, that he was honest, up front and could be trusted.
    This a$$hole, spends most of his time, manufacturing the 2016 election.
    Perhaps, we should demand that he testify and be investigated.
    But, then again.
    He is from the party of hate, slavery and murder.

  9. Adam Schiff is full of shitt. He couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. That’s why he’s in Washington. He can’t make it in the private sector. The American People have a duty to get this moron out of office and save the taxpayers some money.

  10. 27 of those “indictments” were to Russians living in Russia. Several were for “lying to the FBI”, the lie under oath trap, and a couple for tax problems way back in 2006, before the culprits even knew President Trump. No charges were related to the President.

  11. Not sure, but, I believe the special council, or whatever he is called,
    can refuse to testify, legally, under present law.

  12. For Adam Schiff to be chairman of the Intelligence Committee is like an Oxymoron. He rejects the Mueller report because he believes it doesn’t result in the same beliefs that he has. There is really no intelligence in that kind of thinking, just another shithead so full of himself that he doesn’t want to be bothered by any “facts” that don’t support his views.

  13. Little Adam Schitt like all Dems can’t handle the truth. I urge AG William Barr to do a internal investigation on Schitt(Schiff), Feinstein, Pelosi, Stonewell(Swalwell), Mad Max, Cummings as well as the FBI,DOJ, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Jarrett, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Steele, Brennan, Clapper.

  14. They are socialists/communists posing as democrats. There are very few actual liberal (dictionary definition) democrats left. They would be what is often referred to as Kennedy democrats.

    A good many actual Kennedy democrats “will” vote for President Trump in 2020 count on it! It is very obvious the so called democrats could not care less about America it is the party (which is communist) that they care about if that were not true they would be anxious to close that southern border.

    We all know President Trump has done more for the USA then any president in modern times or perhaps forever with the exception of two (Washington and Lincoln). Even with all the harassment by the communist democrats going on. Most republicans could not have stood up under such harassment. Who thinks Jeb Bush could have? He is just one example. It does not make any difference who beat Hillary the same treatment would have happened because she lost! What is happening to President Trump is because she lost. She was supposed to win and it was all set up for that they thought. They were wrong.

  15. This is the piece of Adam Schitt… err.. Schiff.. who said “We dont know what he (Mueller) knows” regarding Russiagate. He will not give up lying because that is all he as to back up his stupid contemptuous innuendos and accusations and outright lies.

  16. Adam Schiff like ALL OTHER DEMOCRATS should read the report supplied by The D.O.J., they are failing to do so because it doesn’t fit their agenda. They want to complain, cry, whine and obstruct all that needs attention/addressing. We The People are witnessing politics at its WORST. Democrats don’t want America to be great, instead they wish for The People of The United States to be beholding to them. We The People must decide how we wish our country to be. If you want your government handing you what they believe you to need, have, digest then you should find another country. This is the land of the brave for those who wish to be free. Support those the have given so much for that freedom and vote to keep what is great about this country.

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