41% Of New York Residents Say They Can No Longer Afford To Live There

More than a third of New York residents  complaint that they “can’t afford to live there” anymore (and yet they do). On top of that, many believe that economic hardships are going to force them to leave the city in five years or less, according to a Quinnipiac poll published Wednesday. The poll surveyed 1,216 voters between March 13 and 18. 

In total, 41% of New York residents say they can’t cope with the city’s high cost of living. They believe they will be forced to go somewhere where the “economic climate is more welcoming”, according to the report.

Ari Buitron, a 49-year-old paralegal from Queens said: “They are making this city a city for the wealthy, and they are really choking out the middle class. A lot of my friends have had to move to Florida, Texas, Oregon. You go to your local shop, and it’s $5 for a gallon of milk and $13 for shampoo. Do you know how much a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is? $1700! What’s wrong with this picture?”

In response to a similar poll in May 2018, only 31% of respondents said they felt as though they would be forced to move, indicating that the outlook among residents is getting much worse – very quickly. 

New York native Dexter Benjamin said: “I am definitely not going to be here five years from now. I will probably move to Florida or Texas where most of my family has moved.”

Many of those who have moved, prompted by New York’s tax burden and new Federal law that punishes high tax states, aren’t looking back. Robert Carpenter, 50, who moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey told the Post: “Moving to New Jersey has only added 15 minutes to my commute! And I am still working in Downtown Brooklyn. I save about $300 extra a month, which in the long run it matters.”

He continued: “Because of the city tax and the non-deductibility of your real estate taxes, we’re seeing a lot more people with piqued interest.”

The poll also found that minorities have an even more pessimistic outlook on things. Non-whites disproportionately ranked their situations as “poor” and “not good” according to the poll.

Clifton Oliver, 43, who is black and lives in Washington Heights, said: “When I moved here there was no H&M, no Shake Shack — it was authentically African-American New York Harlem. Now Neil Patrick Harris lives down the block. People are going down south to Florida, Alabama, Baltimore.”

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  1. What did NY Ny expect?

    You fools put Blomberg in for not the 2 term limit but for 3 terms after he helped bust you rent control program . . .
    I recall that you called Rush L. a fool for moving Florida some 12 years ago. He since then has been charged every year since he moved for his NY state tax & his NY city Tax on property he does not own.
    G. Beeck too moved. He too tells of NY NY over the top TAX, & Living cost. Then the other BS of NY NY that is the other cost do to unions that overall you can’t even change a light bulb, you have to call the union who will send some out in no less than 25 days.
    He has told the world that when FOX News rebuilt his studio it had been 27 months & yet it was not finished & cost was 3.75 times more than the contract was. He too has told people that NY state & NY city keep sending him tax payment orders.

    Then you put in a self-called COMMIE as your mayor now.
    You did not help with your other new 4Th ward rookie Con~U~In~To~Griefs who is a COMMIE too. Who made sure you lost 55,000 new jobs & 3,755 other jobs to rebuild for a new office. As well as a loss in spending money, & income tax, property tax, business tax in all $85,887,000,000.oo per year . . .

    Your problem is you don’t look into who you vote for, or what tax you vote for, or what new worthless law you vote for, or what new government office you vote for . . .

    Now you remind me of Puerto Rico. You don’t do what your to do when given backing, or bailout, or any other help then you hit the fan & the brown stuff drips down you think you should get more $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.$$ from other taxpayers. We, other taxpayers, have had more than our fill . . .

    When you do move DO NOT bring wads of cash to buy your next house like the CALIFORNITES did here in COLORADO. Our small homes that where $250,000.00 are now $555,000.oo. Our $375,500 condos are now $775,000.oo. Our $375,000.oo Town Homes are now $977,500.oo. Do not vote for your former RULES, REGULATIONS, & LAWS because WE don’t want them. DO NOT VOTE for more B~S Government Programs or offices that DO NOT WORK after all they did not work in NY NY why would you think they would work here? When you do come here to GET OUT OF THE JACK ASS PARTY THEN GET OUT OF THE JACK ASS PARTY . . .

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