As Another Migrant Caravan Approaches, Trump Revives Threat To Close Southern Border

A few months have passed since President Trump last threatened to close the southern border, but with another caravan of 2,500 Central American and Cuban migrants making its way through southern Mexico – where the group has reportedly received a cooler welcome than previous groups – the president has apparently decided that it’s time to revive those threats.

In a Thursday morning tweet, Trump lashed out at Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras for doing “NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal migrants”, adding that they are “all talk and no action.”

These countries have “taken our money for years”, but nothing has changed. So, with the number of migrants crossing the southern border surging to crisis levels – a fact that even the liberal press like the Washington Post and New York Times have acknowledged – Trump said he “may close the Southern Border.”

The situation has become so dire, that US detention facilities along the border have been forced to release some families from custody, effectively reversing the president’s cancellation of “catch and release”, due to overcrowding.

Though, to be sure, Trump has made this threat many times before. At this point, it will take more than a tweet to convince America’s neighbors that he is serious.

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      1. The South American invasion was discussed in the Cuban military in the sixties by Fidel Castro as the way the United States was going to be conquered with the total support of the FIFTH COLUMN(BOTH PARTIES) inside the U.S GOVERNMENT, CIRCUIT COURTS JUDGES, MEDIA AND BRAINWASHED CITIZENS.

  1. I have been saying CLOSE THE BOARDER ever since the DENRATS pulled their stunt NO MONEY FOR THE WALL. There is more than one way to SKIN A DENRAT ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL ( they the denrats have nothing to BITCH about) to prolong what POTUS wants to do, NO LEGAL ACTIONS or BLOCKADES as they have been doing

  2. Because of the democrats hate for Trump the world knows that they will do anything possible to go against any of his policies including keeping our country safe and monitoring just who wants to get in . The illegals are flocking to crash the border knowing that the democratic party is so in love with them and have such a hate for American citizens that support Trump that they will strain this countries ability to care for these people so money must be taken from the pockets of American taxpayers and more drugs and criminals are going to be released into the streets of our country without any way of fixing the problem because once they are in and released they are free to do whatever they want . Our country will soon be over run with bugs and diseases that were thought to be eradicated because of this huge flow of people . I think they need to look up the addresses of pelosi, Schumer and all of the Democrats and hollywood elite that are in favor of open borders and put up housing units to house these people that they love so much so that way they can share the love and experience just how good they can have it in this country if they succeed and the politicians and and actors should take down any walls they have around their property to really show them what open boarders look like . I have a feeling if democrats have their way it’s us American citizens that might be looking to hop the wall into Mexico in search of a better life

  3. President Trump:”Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country. They are all talk and no action. Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing.”

    The refusal by those countries to ignore the effects of the caravans amassed to head to our southern border — tantamount to turning a deaf ear to President Trump’s call for their assistance to stem the tide — will understandably effect heavy-handedness to solve the problem: cutting off any monetary aid to them and closing our southern border would be logical starters. As for the persistent non-cooperation from our Democrats in helping to solve the situation –and we all know the underhanded reasons — we the people must defeat the influence of their recalcitrant behavior at the polls. Wake up America to the danger posed to the very underpinnings of our unique culture.7mBM

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