Video: Project Veritas Interviews Victims of Voter Fraud

Newly released undercover footage from Project Veritas shows Florida voters bewildered upon learning their names were used to vote in multiple elections the state of New York.

All of the victims in the video moved to Florida from New York state years ago.

The first man interviewed, Kevin Michael Robinson, says he moved from New York to Florida five years ago and hasn’t voted there since.

“Yeah, someone’s voting with my name in New York… I haven’t voted in New York, I mean let’s face it, I was what, 25, 26 when I moved out here…” Robinson said.

Robinson is concerned that voter rolls show he voted in person in New York in 2018 and 2013, saying, “I care. I care… I mean, of course I have concerns if it’s showing that I’m voting in New York, [be]cause I know I don’t vote in New York.”

A second Floridian, Michael Bornhorst, says, “It wouldn’t surprise me if I’m still registered to vote in New York, but I haven’t voted in New York for 13 years.”

After learning his name and address appeared on recent voting records in New York, Bornhorst declared, “It wasn’t me. It was voter fraud apparently.”

A New York elections official claims records show Bornhorst, “voted in the general election 2004, and then he voted in the general election 2018,” adding, “They both would have been at the polls because he doesn’t have an absentee on file ever.”

Dwight Mumper, the third Florida voter Project Veritas approached, was also surprised to learn records have him voting in person in both New York and Florida.

“No, that was not me. I haven’t been there in many years,” Mumper said, responding to the news.

Despite this claim, somebody voted under Mumper’s name and former address in the 2018 midterm election while he says he hasn’t lived in the state since 2007.

This report is part two of an ongoing Project Veritas investigation titled “Faces Of Voter Fraud” which aims to expose voter fraud in America.

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  1. Well, the Democrat Party Election Fraud team had to find a way. Their previous system was to use phony voter names and fictitious addresses. Online databases have ruined that system for the Democrats. Plan B: Use real persons and real addresses for people who no longer live at those addresses.

    The Democrats are still using Plan A in California. Some municipalities are so short staffed, they routinely process absentee voter requests from “James T. Kirk” (Captain Kirk from Star Trek), “Josef Goebbels” (Hitler’s right hand man during WWII) and “Nathan Bedford Forrest” (first Grand Wizard of the KKK), and other heroes of the Democrat Party.

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