Rand Paul Rages “Officials Must Be Asked Under Oath What Obama Knew, And When?”

Authored by Kane via CitizenFreePress.com,

Citing a ‘high-level source,’ Rand Paul says former CIA Director John Brennan grew frustrated that no one was giving credence to the Clinton-funded dossier, so he attached it to an intelligence report, ensuring that it would be seen by President Obama and President-elect Trump.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday that President Donald Trump told senators at the weekly GOP luncheon that he backs his call for an investigation into the origins of the Russia scandal “hoax” that Trump has now been cleared of by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“The president was at lunch today and he voiced his support for investigating the people who concocted this hoax,” Paul told Breitbart News.

“He didn’t use the word hoax, those are my words, but I think we should get to the bottom of this and he believes we should get to the bottom of this because this should never happen to another president. He feels that it’s damaging to the country, damaging to the ability to lead the country, that we basically—somebody within the Obama administration, within the DOJ and the FBI, basically concocted an investigation, trumped it up to be something that it wasn’t and then we’ve gone through two years of the country being stalled because of this fake investigation.”

Rand exclaimed (at around 3: 02): “Officials must be asked under oath what Obama knew, and when…”

When asked specifically if former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice should be called to testify about their role in the matter – and be subpoenaed to force their testimony if they refuse to voluntarily comply.

Paul said:

“Absolutely. We have John Brennan, who lied to us, who spied on the Senate and tapped into Senate computers,” Paul said.

“We have James Clapper who came before the Intelligence Committee and said they weren’t collecting all of our phone data. So both Brennan and Clapper have been known to lie in official testimony. They should be brought forward and asked what was their part? What was their role in ginning up this dossier? Amazingly, most media outlets wouldn’t even print the dossier because they thought it was so unsubstantiated. And then all of a sudden, the FBI gives it credence. There’s one interesting story out today that says still no one would print it, so then Comey gives it to President Trump and that’s when it’s been leaked and then we have a news story saying that this dossier had been given to the president and that became the hook or the story.

“I think it’s a terrible tragedy,” Paul said of the investigation. “It cost us $30 million, two years to go through all of this, the media has been so consumed by all of this that they have barely had time to report on any of the real news of the day. I think we shouldn’t allow this to happen again to a Republican or a Democrat.”

For now, the full Mueller report is not yet public—and Paul said he intends to object to its full release until such time as all the documents regarding the Obama administration’s abuse of power to start this “hoax” investigation are also released.

“My plan is to object to the release of the Mueller report and/or all of the Mueller information until they also release the complete information from the White House, DOJ, FBI, on why they chose to credit the dossier,” Paul said.

“What were the discussions? And who was it who was promoting that the dossier was real? How did it come about? How were all these judgments made? So, the other side wants to read a million pages of Mueller report. We’re going to want to read a million pages of how this whole Russian hoax got started.”

This is the first part of a lengthy interview with Sen. Paul on Spygate in the wake of the Mueller probe clearing President Trump on all matters. More is forthcoming soon…

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  1. I’m not certain it would do any good. They’ve had two years to scrub everything. I wonder if they borrowed any of Hillary’s hammers?

  2. Why is it, when a republic talks with truth & common sense, it is said he is raging…? And when democrat’s rage on about things, it is called peaceful protest & civil…? Anyone?

  3. It’s another “do as I say , NOT as I do”.
    Part of the problem is, we don’t yell loud enough…most of the time.
    We need to bombard the one’s checking into all of this and let them know . How we feel. We don’t want More corrupt people getting by with this. Send e-mails and Faxes and Don’t Stop until they listen !!
    Send them ALL to GITMO on extended vacations and Pull their passports.


  4. It would definitely be wonderful if Rand Paul could actually get to the bottom of this whole thing, but we all know that isn’t going to happen and much of the documentation has been erased, destroyed, or hidden. We cannot have such a destructive waste of taxpayers’ money again nor can we afford to look like fools to the world…put us on the level of when Obama went from country to country apologizing for America. I agree that we need to push Republicans, Independents, and actual thinking Democrats to end this fiasco with the truth. We also need to take another look at how the extremely wealthy are able to donate so much money to campaigns via shell companies and personal funds. The way things are today, people like George Soros and his son seem to be able to donate thousands of dollars and to pay for things to go their way by devious means. If we are to continue to be a free nation under the terms of our Constitution, we have to find a way to end this nonsense.

  5. It is about time the Communist (Democrat) Party is investigated. This should be done with an eye toward Treason. Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen, which make him an Unconstitutional President. His expressed objective was to change America from the Inside-Out, a Communist phrase. Hillary sold-out the U.S. to Russia when she made the deal for raw materials from the U.S. Benghazi is an atrocity committed by Hillary. I could go on ad nauseam on Hillary’s treachery. Now the Communists are telling the Military to ignore the orders from the Commander-in-Chief. I am proud to say I am a Nancy Pelosi Terrorists (ex-Military) and volunteer to participate in the Firing Squad. Treason is the correct answer.

  6. It is more than a shame that so many individuals have decided to single-mindedly do all they could to discredit and remove our President. There has to be more to it than that they simply ‘hate’ him. They apparently ‘hate’ our country enough to go down that road. We have a President, duly elected by citizens of America, whether you like him as a person or not, who is trying to lead our country to make a stronger and better Nation. He is a street fighter from the Bronx and Washington is not used to people who tell it like it is. And maybe he should back off on some of his tweets and name calling but he is getting things done that are good for America. And if one doesn’t think he is doing enough, think about what it would be like if you were trying to do your job and someone who ‘hated’ you kept going to your boss and complaining that you were a bad person and not doing your job. Politics is a tough business but our current bunch seems to have forgotten that their first obligation is to America and our citizens, not to display their displeasure with our President.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find Obama’s filthy hands in this. He was not a lawful President. He and his entire administration should be under investigation for fraud, treason, and a host of felonies committed between 2007 – 2017.

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