The Battle Begins: Democrats Formally Request Trump’s Tax Returns

The battle for President Trump’s tax returns has officially begun.

NBC News reports that Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal said Wednesday evening that he had filed a formal request with the Treasury to obtain six years’ worth of the president’s tax returns, initiating what is expected to be a protracted legal battle over Congress’s efforts to take possession of the documents as they investigate Trump’s business and personal finances.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said during a Ways and Means hearing last month that he would intervene to protect Trump’s privacy if Congress tried to request the returns.

“I have discussed with the legal department in the Treasury that we will most likely receive this request. As I have said, based upon the request we’ll examine it and we will follow the law,” Mnuchin said then. “And we will protect the President as we would protect any individual taxpayer under their rights.”

Since he was a candidate, Trump has maintained that he can’t release his returns because he was being audited by the IRS. Still, some of his ’95 filing leaked to the NYT late in the campaign, and revealed that by claiming a massive paper loss, Trump might have avoided paying federal taxes for up to two decades.

Only three Congressional committees have the authority to request Trump’s tax returns: Ways and Means, the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation. And it was reported last month that Neal had asked the committee’s lawyers to prepare the documents to request Trump’s return. If Treasury denies the request, House Dems will need to decide whether to contest that decision and wage a legal battle to have them overturned. Even if they do receive them, the Committee would be required by law to protect them. Of course, the odds that they would leak almost immediately – as every reporter in Washington would be racing to obtain them – would be very, very high.

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    1. All the Democrats want to do is make a spectacle of the president, make him look bad, that is the karma they do and that is the karma they will receive back… they wants impeachment so bad, its twirling in their heads, and when the democrats get in there, noone should respect them either, what goes around, comes around, President Trump 2020 you are more for the American people,

    2. Do you DEMOCRATS realize that for over 2 years all you have done is complain, whine and try to demean the President. Correct me if I wrong but aren’t you suppose help run the country. I guess you have forgotten but we do have a two party system.

  1. I think that something needs to be done about the Democrats.They are constantly finding things to attack Trump with. We the people put them in Washington. They are supposed to work for us not for themselves. What have they done to help the American people?Nothing.They are obsessed with going after Trump.I hope everyone of them does not get re-elected.I hope the people are tired of them doingwhat They want .They have way too much power.It needs to be taken away to show them they are not above the law.

  2. There is no legal or moral requirement to distribute President Trumps tax returns to rabid Democrats on a perverted fishing expedition. Especially, his tax returns as a private citizen.

    Now there is justification to see the tax returns and net worth of every congressman and senator who has been in Washington D.C. for more than 2 terms. So many of them begin their government career with meager net worth and 3 or 4 terms later they are multi-millionaires, and their children and other relatives are magically millionaires. How do you suppose that is possible?

    1. I want to see NANCY PELOSIES taxes. The last president never showed his school records. What proof do we have he EVER graduated from anything except the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Also Hawaii has birth records before after his certificate under lock and key.

  3. The Democrat party is typically refusing to acknowledge the President in any way. They continually do everything possible to discredit President Trump acting as 8 year old bullies. Flash – The President himself is the only one who can give anyone permission to see his tax returns. No one has the right to see anyone’s tax returns without the owner’s permission.

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